The Perfect Luna Chapter 40

They froze. Watching Reid heave heavily as he stood at the entrance of the barn, they were stunned into silence. He wasn’t supposed to be here, and he did not look his usual self with his messy hair and rabid eyes that now glowed blue. Eyes that were focused on Maya only.

“Who the hell are you?” Brayden growled, his head snapping in his wife’s direction. However, he quickly realised, to his own relief, that the intruder wasn’t looking at Ria. He placed Maya back on her feet. Riannon hugged her friend at once. Relieved yet shocked, Maya wasn’t her usual self.

“Mate,” she whispered, and for the first time ever, Riannon witnessed a tear run down her cheek.

Maya had never cried before. At least, she hadn’t had any memories of her doing so. Maya was tough, although her mate managed to bring her emotions out of her within just a mere second.

“Mate” Reid affirmed, smiling at her as he stepped into the building which previously imprisoned her.

“l am going to askjust one more time,” Brayden threatened as he clicked his fingers to make his warriors spread out evenly through the room, “Who are you?”

“Brayden,” Ria snapped at him, “This is Beta Reid Frazer. He is King Gideon’s second in command. A lycan!

Did you not see him at the Alpha BalI?”

The warriors were visibly perplexed, but none of them budged. They stood ready to defend their Alpha and Luna if necessary, and Riannon felt proud of them.

Even though they were personally trained by her husband and not by her. While she handled inner matters and politics, Brayden was the one who took care of their army and their training, a task he was very good at.

Still, she did not want their people to fight a lycan.

Definitely not Reid of all the people in the world.

“There is no need for this.” She stepped in between them, hoping to negotiate.

“Of course, there isn’t,” her husband retorted through his clenched teeth, “Just leave our territory and

“Not without my mate,” the Lycan snapped, balling his fists, his muscles flexed on his arms and chest.

“You mean Maya?” the Alpha asked, looking at the girl who stood next to his wife. An idea struck him at once, and he offered, “Well, you need to know that from this day on, our pack considers her a traitor.”

“Brayden!” Riannon exclaimed, wanting desperately to slap him even more than when he was sleeping with Roxy in the next room to hers. She glanced at her friend and noticed how she clenched her lips. This wasn’t how anyone wanted their first meeting with their mate to be.

“Maya is a beautiful name,” was all that Reid could manage to say to them as he took anothér step.

“Maya will have to leave for the border immediately as her punishment,” Brayden stated coldly, “You can make a formal request and-“

“She will be leaving,” Reid confirmed, his brow raised at the Alpha, acknowledging him for the first time,

“To the border to the Lycan Kingdom. Then she will cross it to go and live with me. Today.”

“This is not how these things work!” Brayden said with a smirk, “There are procedures that have to be done and-

“F***k procedures!” Reid snarled, and the warriors became tense, “I am not leaving her! She is mine! And unless you want to offend a Beta of the Lycan Kingdom-

“l can’t!” Maya interrupted, and they all looked at her. The pain was evident on her mate’s face, but he stayed strong. “l cannot leave Riannon here alone.”

Ria bit her lip. She didn’t yet tell Maya she had found her mate. She did not want to do that over the phone. She couldn’t do that now. However, she was sure that it was an extremely good idea to get her out of this pack. Maya would be safer with the lycans, and they would reunite after her inevitable divorce.

“As I have mentioned,” Brayden interrupted, “Right now, you will go to the border, and we will go from there.”

“No,” Riannon loudly disagreed, “She will not go to the border. She will go with Reid, her mate!”

“Ria!” Maya looked at her pleadingly. She knew for a fact that her friend would now be in danger. She tasted it just a few minutes ago when she was easily framed, and no one could do anything about it.

“Maya, it’s okay,” the Luna reassured her friend, “

We’ll take you to the Lycan Kingdom, and I will explain everything you need to know on the way there, but-

“About that,” Brayden interjected, and they looked at him warily, “Considering everything that has happened lately, I think it would be best if you stayed here, Ri.”

She froze, not knowing how to react to his request.

She knew she had to come back to her pack at the end of the week, but she sure as hell did not want to stay here longer than she needed to. Gideon would be back soon, and she counted on spending the little time they had left together until her big game plan was unrolled.

“But I am not done with my work in the Lycan Kingdom,” she calmly stated, concealing all emotions the best she could.

“l am sure your work was very productive,” Brayden countered as he looked at her with veiled anger in his eyes, “| felt it even when you were far away from me.

She knew what he meant. She also knew she had been defeated in that argument. He wouldn’t let her go, and she had to find a way to deal with this change of plan.

“Very well,” Riannon nodded curtly in agreement, “

But Maya goes with Reid.”

“She is a part of our pack for now,” Brayden sneered, even though he actually wanted the Beta girl gone. He knew he had to make Riannon struggle with this one so she would be forced to think less of herself.

“Well, I am the Luna!” she snapped, “l choose to give her leave to go and live her life with her mate!”

“Ria,” Maya sighed and pleaded with regret in her eyes. Reid shifted next to her in a split second, pulling her in his arms and taking a deep breath, inhaling her scent so that it would fill his lungs for the first time.

“No, worries, Little One,” he said to her, “Everything is going to be okay.”

“He is right,” Riannon confirmed as she smiled at the two of them, “Go, M. I will pack your things, and Dean will bring them to you.”

“But,” Maya objected, still unsure of what to do. For her, Ria was not just her best friend and Luna, she was her Alpha.

“It is better for me if you go now,” mind-linked her, “Just trust me on this one, okay?


Maya nodded, and Reid pushed her towards the door. He knew he would be in huge trouble with his king.

Right now, to get his own mate out, he had lost the one who belonged to Gideon.

At the door, he turned to look at Ria, and she gave him a reassuring nod, letting him know she would be fine.

“Go,” she mouthed to him, and he received it as an order. Maya looked at her with worry written all over her face. The girl panicked, but her mate hugged her tight as he led her out.

The doors behind them closed, and Ria felt both sad and happy simultaneously.

“So, this is done,” Brayden expressed and exhaled as if he was relieved. Ria hated him at that moment. He was very happy with himself, even though everything in the pack was a mess. “Roxy,” he called, turning to his mate, “Leave now. I will see you tomorrow.”

The omega pouted her lips but said nothing and left the room quietly.

Riannon wanted to follow after her, but, at the last moment, she turned and immediately met the gaze of their prisoner.

“Ash,” she commanded their Beta, Take him to the underground prison. Use chains and whatever else we’ve got there to keep him locked and secured. Use guards that you personally trained. No one else.”

“You pay him way too much attention,” Brayden chuckled as he laced his hand around her wa!st.

“He just framed my best friend.” She tried to shake his hand off her, but he held her in place, almost forcefully. “He did not speak a word of truth, and I am sure he knows a lot of useful information. I want him imprisoned until I am done with him.”

“I love it when you are feisty,” her husband growled and commanded their warriors, “You all heard your Luna.

Ash, do as she said.”

She looked at their prisoner again, and for a mere moment, she could swear she saw a smirk. She did not like it one bit, but at the moment, a much bigger problem was brewing that drew her attention elsewhere.

They slowly walked towards the mansion and met quite a few people as it wasn’t that late yet. The pack members smiled at them and greeted them, probably thinking the happy couple had finally reunited as Brayden had his hands wrapped around his wife.

Ria was thinking hectically of what she could do or say in the situation she was in. She wasn’t surprised when he led her straight to her bedroom. She really did not like it when he locked the door behind them.

“Was all that really necessary?” she asked, walking deeper into the room and going behind her desk so that there were more obstructions between the two of them,

“Did you believe even for a second that Maya was a traitor? Or was this all just to get back at me?”

“It was both,” he admitted without any hesitation,

“My main goal was to get my wife back home.”

“What for?” she asked, looking at him, unimpressed,

“Did you get bored with your sweet little mate?”

“I missed you.” He moved in closer toward her, and then sighed, “Look, I know that I hurt you. It was wrong of me. I had to obey my wolf’s needs! What you did with the lycan-“

“Was obeying my wolf’s needs,” she chuckled, “You are not the only one with a wolf, you know.”

The Alpha slammed his fist on the desk between them so hard that a crack formed in the wood.

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