The Perfect Luna Chapter 45

This battle was lost, and the phone was gone.

Riannon had to calm down. There were other ways to reach out to Gideon and she would find one as soon as possible.

Right now, however, she had a bigger problem. Her possessive Alpha husband was getting out of hand. This wasn’t the state she needed him in for her plan.

“Well, congratulations, Brayden,” she offered, folding her hands across her chest after she took a deep breath, ” I can’t call Maya!”

“It’s not her you were wanting to talk to, and we both know it,”he growled, not a hint of remorse on his face.

“I was going to talk to many people. Tomorrow.”

She replied calmly. “But, thanks to your little tantrum, that’s no longer possible! However, today, I wanted to talk to my best friend, whom my husband banished from our pack. I think I deserve at least that after everything that has happened!”

He tightly clenched his lips before letting out an exasperated sigh.

“Ri, I-” he took a step in her direction, but she quickly motioned for him to stop, “l didn’t actually banish her”

“I think I’ve had enough,” she said, “You know, I never thought I would see you that scared in my lifetime!

His facial expression changed rapidly, and he was next to her in less than a second.

“What do you mean?” he snarled at her.

“Just the mention of the Lycan King drives you to the point of madness,” she pointed out, “But like it or not, we are going to see him again. And very soon. As I have mentioned several times before, he needs that project, and he is determined to see it through even if it doesn’t get approved on its first try. So, potentially, we are looking at months of me working side by side with him, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

You’d better face those facts now.”

She could see his nostrils flare up and his chest heaving up and down.

“l am more determined than he and will personally see to this project being accepted at the next Alpha Summit,” he gritted out through his teeth, “Even if it’s the last thing I do!”

She held back a smirk that was trying to desperately form on her lips. She couldn’t let him see this was exactly what she wanted and needed for him to do.

“Do what you want,” she countered. Shrugging her shoulders, she prepared to leave, but he stopped her when she was almost at the door.

“Ri, you are breaking my heart,” Braiden whispered,

“We are supposed to be a team, remember? The way we always were.”

She froze at those words. There was so much she really wanted to tell him. However, telling him could potentially ruin everything she was endeavoring to build.

“l just need time,” Riannon said. Without turning to look at him, she carefully selected her words. She did not want to lie even though she was deceiving him. “I am too tired from all that’s happened today.”

Brayden unclenched his fingers and let go of her.

She used this to leave him as soon as she could. She didn’t want to spend a minute longer in his room than  she had to. There would have been a few new unneeded phones downstairs in her office or in Brayden’s office. All she wanted was to get her hands on one.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t so lucky, for when she descended to the middle of the stairs, she saw Roxy coming up. Their eyes met, and this time the omega decided not to pretend to be the ignorant crying fool.

When they reached each other, both of them stopped.

“Careful there,” Riannon warned, raising her brow.

She decided to initiate the attack this time, “We don’t want your self-harming habits to hit you in the middle of the stairs.”

“Are you threatening me, Luna?” Roxy immediately covered her mouth with her hand but then took it away to reveal a smirk on her face.

“Threatening?” Ria beamed at her. “What are you talking about, Roxanne? I am genuinely concerned by your mental state. I was just discussing it with my husband.”

“You were done rather quickly,” the omega sneered,

“When we-talk, it takes much longer.”

“No doubt,” Riannon snorted, “You are very talented at-talking. Not bad for a virgin omega who spent her whole life as a slave.”

“Some talents are just natural!” Roxy retorted, flipping back her red hair, “Not to mention the mate bond makes us want each other all the time. It’s hard for mates to tear off each other, you know.”

“Yet here you are. Not with him,” Ria pointed out, “

Speaking of which, as far as I remember, you were told to stay in your room.”

“Oh, that!” Roxanne rolled her eyes and touched the necklace on her neck playfully, “I was so worried after I heard about that prisoner escaping that I came out to seek if I could help.”

“Because an omega without any kind of training would be of help in à situation like that,” Ria smirked. “

What’s more interesting is how you found out he escaped in the first place?”

“l heard the commotion outside,” Roxy sald. Then I latér met up with Dean and he told me everything. I have been with him this whole time. He was worried about his sister, and I felt like he needed someone to talk to.”

“How sweet of you to take care of him after you pushed his sister under the bus.” Ria was losing her patience. Roxy was too much even for her.

“He doesn’t see it that way,'” the girl retorted, giggling. The sound echoed painfully through the Luna’s mind. It was practically identical to the time Ria had struggled for her life. She remembered how Roxanne grabbed her hair and laughed in her face. The urge to push her down the stairs and be done with her was immensely intense.

She knew she could do it. Bray would probably cover for her since he now wanted to keep her at all costs. She could get away with it.

Clenching the bannister tightly, she paused, knowing she had to stop herself.

It wasn’t that easy. Especially tonight after ‘Everett’ paid her a visit. She knew nothing was as simple as it seemed, and all her suspicions returned to her mind. It could be that Roxy wasn’t even the real problem here.

She decided to test her theory instead of lowering herself to violence. Roxy was almost at the top of the stairs when she turned to look back at her so as not to miss her reaction.

“Oh, by the way, tell your friend to use the door next time,” she stated calmly, “And not my balcony. It’s creepy and not r0mantiç at all.”

The omega froze, and Ria noticed her claws elongated at once for a split second.. For the first time ever, Roxy had problems hiding her emotions. This only confirmed what Riannion had suspected all along.

Roxy wasn’t just Brayden’s mate. Or was she his mate at all? Was she an omega? There were too many things about her that did not add up.

However, the girl quickly gathered herself and threw one menacing look at Ria.

“I don’t know what you mean,” she said through clenched teeth.

“Oh, you don’t?” the Luna smirked, “Too bad. I thought of asking you whether I should call him Axel or Everett. But never mind, he said he’ll visit me again soon.

I’ll ask him then.”

Roxanne’s eyes shone red. Red! None of the omegas had this colour in their wolf’s energy. They usually had something simpler, like green or white. The  girl in front of her suppressed it quickly, though.

“Oh, Goddess, Luna! Have you seen this prisoner?

Are you confessing?” she gasped.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head about it,” Riannon chuckled and continued on away from the stairs, not interested in more interaction with her enemy.

It was a long day, and she was tired. All she wanted was to find a new phone and to try calling the lycans. She was sure that Gideon was trying to reach her too and could only hope Brayden hadn’t pulled any tricks while in possession of her phone.

She found Dean when she was passing through the kitchen on the way to her office and stopped, sighing heavily. One more stop was necessary before calling her mate. She realised it when his lips curled into a tiny smile as he stared into his cup while sitting alone at the table.

His sister was just exiled, and he was smiling. Was it too late to get him back to the Light?

“You do know she is guilty of what happened to your sister today,” Riannon prompted, leaning over the door frame.

The look of surprise was evident on his face.

“Ria,” he cleared his throat, “What–Who are you talking about?”

“Roxy,” she replied, deciding not to kick around the bush. When his mouth parted slightly, she knew she was right.

“No, Ria,” he disagreed, shaking his head, “You are wrong about this. I talked about it with her, and she apólogised. She mentioned telling Brayden Maya had your bracelet, and he got mad. She thinks he was angry at you for leaving and wanted you to come back. You’ve never been separated like this before.”

“Oh, really?” she smiled, “So, you are telling me she says it’s my fault? Open your eyes, Dean, you weren’t there. She stood and accused Maya again and again.

Without any kind of mercy! And that phone in her ròom?

Do you really think that Maya is a traitor?”

“Of course not!” he exclaimed, his brows now knitted.

“Then think of what a fine coincidence it was that right after Roxy accused her of stealing of all things, that they then found evidence of her betraying our pack right there in her room! She was set up, Dean. If she hadn’t met her mate today, it could have ended badly.”

“She said Brayden only wanted to get her to the border” he gazed at her hopefully. He was still a child even in spite of being twenty.

The guy in front of her gazed at her hopefully. He was still a child even in spite of being twenty.

“Things happen at the border, Dean.” Riannon was too exhausted to explain herself, “Not to mention how they tried to humiliate her.”

“But if it hadn’t happened, then she wouldn’t have met her mate.” He strained to find at least one positive outcome and Ria frustratedly ran her hand over her face.

“It was her destiny to meet Reid,” she said, “Today he was here thanks to me. It could have been very different-“

Dean did not look convinced and she felt disappointed.

“Anyway, it’s too late.” She turned away since she no longer had the time nor energy to spend on any of this any longer. “Just consider this. Use logic when you do. Maya always locks her door. It’s her thing. How did this phone get inside when you and I are the only ones who have a copy of her keys for emergencies and I was not here. I am sure you did not unlock her door for anyone. Knowingly at least.”

She decided not to stay anymore and left for her office. It was on Dean now. She couldn’t help him see things if he did not want to see them. It was his choice.

Gideon was sitting in his bedroom alone with the lights off. It was too painful to think of what Brayden Thorn told him.

“Those are lies,” Mars grunted, “You know far too well that if someone was touching Riannon, we would have felt it.”

“Are you sure? She isn’t marked by us yet.” It hurt him to say those words. He should have marked her when he had her here. He really wanted to help her with her pack and her revenge, but this was more important.

He shouldn’t have been a gentleman; he should have let his Alpha side control this. Then she would be here right now. Then she would be safe.

“I am sure,” Mars said with confidence, “Our souls are connected. Mark or no mark.”

He ignored the knock on the door, and when it opened anyway, his head snapped in the direction of the intruder.

Reid gave him an apologetic half-smile.

“Now you are asking for me to beat the crap out of you,” Gideon growled.

“Actually, I have Maya’s phone here.” He stretched his arm, offering the device to his King. “Someone special wants to talk to you-“

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