The Perfect Luna Chapter 48

Desperately, Brayden strived to get into her mind. This time she let him.

“Riannon,” he growled, grasping her hand again, “What have you done?”

“A lot of things. For example, I helped to create a very good law,” she retorted, trying to call Onyx as well. Her sharp claws would have been of great use in helping her frée herself from Brayden right about now.

“Ri, what is going on?” He sounded as if he was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

“You will find this out soon enough,” she coldly replied, “Let me go. People are watching us.

You’ve already made a spectacle of yourself when you voted against the law you, according to your own words “personally wrote” yourself. That was stupid.”

“Ri,” he began, clearly wanting to say something else. Fortunately, Gideon started speaking again, and Ria shut Brayden off, finally retracting her wrist as he unclenched his fingers.

“The next issue to deal with today is a divorce between a Luna and an Alpha,” the Lycan King announced. A wave of whispers went through the room. Some were not surprised, of course, some were shocked, and some were openly displeased.

Zack Morgan gave Riannon a reassuring smile, and the werecat looked at her with amusement on her face.

“For real?” she snorted quietly, “You are something, Riannon Thorn!”

“What is the reason for the divorce?” an Alpha, who was unfamiliar to Ria, asked.

“Breach of their marital contract,” Gideon lazily responded as he tilted his head to look at the  one who spoke, “The Alpha in question and his Luna were chosen mates. They marked each other.

However, the Alpha met his true mate and did not reject her. He brought his mate to their house and made them live together.”

“This is not how it happened!” Brayden gritted through his teeth as everyone in the conference room had focused their attention on him. The rumours of his story had spread like wildfire, and the law project only increased their curiosity.

“Right,” the Lycan chuckled, “Since Alpha Thorn spoke up first, let’s have him explain the events leading to this situation and how it really happened. Especially as I don’t have the right information at my disposal. We are all ears, Alpha Brayden.”

“Roxanne was abused in her old pack. She would have died if I had left her there.” Bray said, carefully choosing his words. He realised the extent of the trouble he was in, and beads of sweat trickled down his spine.

“That’s an honourable thing to do,” affirmed one of his buddies who tried to support him.

“Indeed,” Brayden agreed. “

You could have rejected her, though, sent her home, instead of taking her to your home. You have the largest pack out of all the werewolves. I am sure there was another place for her to live. You chose this place to be your home. The one you share with your Luna. What did you expect to happen?”

“It was necessary at that moment in time,” Brayden grunted, and Riannon wisely chose not to participate in their exchange of words. Her mate was handling it well.

“How so?” Gideon pushed as he played with the pen in his hands.

“Does it matter?” The werewolf in question almost growled at the Lycan King. The room suddenly became quiet.

“Of course not,” the King agreed, nodding sympathetically, “If you agree to the divorce, then it doesn’t matter.”

“I do not agree!” Brayden protested, slamming his fist over the table.

“Then, I am afraid you will have to elaborate what the need was that kept your true mate in the same house with your Luna and not reject her in the first place. It went beyond simply helping a poor omega, didn’t it?” Gideon gave him a cold stare that boarded on menacing.

“lt was required for the sake of my wolf.”

Riannon became embarrassed for her soon-to -be-ex-husband the second he sounded his pathetic excuse. What was he counting on? If they were still together, this would have been the moment when she would have to take charge and Smooth this situation over. But they weren’t together. Not anymore. He had lost her back in her previous life. This time she was fighting for herself.

“Your wolf agreed to accept a chosen mate, and you both placed a mark on her neck,” the Lycan King bellowed. His words barely made it out through clenched teeth, as it was physically hard for him not to tear that pathetic excuse of a man to pieces.”This was a union of two souls. You chose to break it. You are not the only one in the world with a chosen mate. You are also not the only one who met his true mate after marking another woman. Moreover, you are not the only one who has faced something like that in this room today.”

Ria looked at Gideon in shock, as this was the first time she had heard about this.

“Alpha Dominic,” the Lycan nodded at one of the oldest Alphas in the room, “Twenty-five years ago, you were in a similar situation. What did you do?”

“My King, I apologised to my true mate, but I still chose to reject her. I made sure she was well taken care of. I had made my choice years before I met her, and her appearing in my life did not change anything. I loved my wife and Luna until the day she was taken from me in a battle,” the Alpha recanted his solemn story. Riannon’s heart skipped a beat when she glimpsed deep sadness and sorrow evident in his eyes from the loss of his late wife. This was the way it was supposed to be. She could see this now more than ever.

“What about your wolf?” Gideon sneered, looking at Brayden. Alpha Dominic looked at him apologetically too but replied honestly.

“My wolf was the one to recognize her. There was a pull. But the chosen mate marks me and my wife had placed on each other’s necks were stronger. She was the love of my life, without a doubt. She gave me wonderful kids and heirs. She was my perfect Luna, and even after her death, I wasn’t tempted to go and look for my true mate “

“Well, I hope that testimony answers all the questions we may still have,” Gideon summed up,


We don’t have kids yet!” Brayden claimed all of a sudden, “Pups make the connection stronger.

Everybody knows that.”

“True,” the Lycan King nodded, “That’s why the divorce will be easier for you two.”

I will not agree to this,” the werewolf firmly objected, crumpling the documents before him.

“You don’t need to agree to this,” Riannon spoke up, “l have a right to divorce you. I don’t need permission from you. This is over. Just accept it and stop embarrassing us both.”

“Kids,” he suddenly announced. She sighed from the exhaustion of this subject. Brayden felt the need to go on, “You may be with my pup this very moment. According to our laws, you cannot be divorced before it is confirmed that you are not pregnant. If you are–“

“l am not” she confirmed, opening her leather folder. Handing him a piece of paper, Ria disclosed,

“I visited the pack doctor yesterday for the required check-up necessary for us to move forward. There are no babies in my womb if that’s what you are worried about.”

He took the medical report from her, unable to read it. He knew she thought this through. She always did perform every task thoroughly.. She was always one step ahead. He fr*cked everything up.

Big time. He hadn’t noticed earlier how displeased she was. He had to do something about this.

He was sure he had a handle on Ria and had been tackling this matter for the past two days. He assumed he was helping her by giving her what he thought she wanted. He was so sure he was pleasing her, but he was mistaken. She played him and she played him well.

Brayden sat back in his seat, still holding the doctor’s note.

He couldn’t lose her. Not like this. Riannon was always his. He was not giving her up, not without a fight.

He saw how everyone stared at him. He had never been humiliated in this way before in his Iife.

“After carefully reviewing all the facts, I approve the divorce,” Gideon proclaimed, interrupting his train of thought, “Effective immediately. I have the signed divorce papers from Riannon Thorn. The signature of Brayden Thorn is not required anywhere except for the delivery of the decision slip.”

“Riannon Michaels,” the newly single woman, who stole everyone’s attention today, corrected the King, “I will be using my maiden name from now on.

“Very well,” Gideon agreed, allowing himself to smile at her for the first time siņce he saw her,” Riannon Michaels, you are a free woman. Congratulations.”

She smiled at him too. It probably wasn’t the end of their troubles, but it was a victory nonetheless.

“Since we just approved the new law, which was effective immediately,” her lycan smirked,

“Riannon now has legal rights to all the property, lands, and funds, which belonged to her and her family members prior to the marriage, and which Brayden Thorn received access to through their union”

“l object,” the Alpha almost shouted, “We merged our packs. We cannot separate them after six years of blending our people. The people wouldn’t want that!”

“Then we will ask them which pack they want to live in,” Ria offered calmly, “After you move out of my land. I will gladly give our people a choice.”

“They have homes on that land!” Bray breathed out sharply through his nostrils. His handsome face no longer looked handsome, with the mask of anger layered over his charming features.

“And that is exactly why they would have a choice,” his now ex-Luna responded politely.

“Who would be the Alpha of your new pack?”

He looked at her with a bitter smirk.

“The Pearl Moon is not a new pack. We have existed decades prior to the Silver crescent.”

Riannon was slowly yet surely getting annoyed by his outburst. “And as for your question, I would be ..

Another wave of commotion rippled through the room.

“You must be kidding!” Brayden shook his head in disbelief.

The werecat beside her snorted and mumbled words which were barely loud enough to decipher.

“Oh, no, l am dead serious,” Riannon responded one last time before turning away.

“All right,” Reid coughed a few times since the room had become uncomfortably silent for too long, “We have a few smaller matters to discuss.

The budget for-“

“Excuse us!” Brayden stood up in one abrupt movement and yanked Riannon by one of her arms towards himself, pulling her to the doors. “My ex-wife and I need to speak privately.”

A loud menacing growl shattered the walls preventing them all from what they were doing.

Even Brayden stood still, turning his head to glare at the Lycan King, who looked as if he was ready to transform and tear his head off.

“Take your hands off MY MATE!” Gideon snarled, standing up.

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