The Perfect Luna Chapter 50

The silence was deadly. Gideon stood up, leaning over a car beside him. Surveying the parameter, he tried to comprehend what had just occurred. Realisation soon dawned that he was the only person standing. Next to him, Reid and Maya lay prostrate on the floor. Confusion corrupted their actions as they struggled to get up.

Gradually, he heard the sounds of the car alarms, which had all been triggered by the explosion.

Explosion! He skipped a breath, looking at the shattered hotel and seeing pieces of glass which were once a beautiful interior feature, now littered across the exterior of the hotel.

Riannon! Gideon ran as fast as he could to where he had last seen her. His mate, his Riannon.

The woman who was now his whole life. The woman he had just announced as his and then so carelessly left alone.

He was back at the entrance in no time, scanning the debris and chaos for Ria. He couldn’t see her amidst the clouds of dust and smoke. Fear seized him for the first time in his life. Primitive animalistic fear.

He couldn’t lose her like this. Not when all the obstacles for their union were finally gone.

Just then, next to the entrance, he saw a scrap of white on the ground and recognised the platinum blonde hair beside it. Relief washed over him.

Riannon’s head was pounding from the fall, and the noise made her temporarily deaf. The first thing she recognised was Brayden’s scent. He lay on top of her, breathing heavily.

The hearing was coming back slowly as he rolled off her and then tried to help her get up.

“Are you okay?” she heard her ex-husband ask through muffled noises. She could only nod.

“Ria!” Gideon appeared out of nowhere and lifted her into his arms in less than a second, “oh, goddess! Thank goddess that you- I-“

“I know,” she wrapped her arms around his neck, allowing herself a few moments of weakness.

A few moments of being cuddled against his chest to breathe in his scent and calm down. A few moments to feel safe and secure.

“You are welcome, you know,” Brayden said through clenched teeth. Gideon glared at him for daring to speak to them until he noticed the Alpha was bleeding heavily. Brayden had actually covered his mate during the explosion with his body. Gideon stilled.

“Put me down,” Riannon muttered, tapping his shoulder. Gratefully turning to face her unexpected saviour, she offered up a “Thank you.”

The words sounded awkward, considering everything that just happened between them, but he smiled painfully.

“Whatever happens, I will always protect you, Ri” he affirmed, stepping towards her. His actions and words elicited a growl from Gideon. Alas, the growl escaped Brayden as he let out a little gr0an from the sharp pain radiating off his body. Slowly turning his back to them, he presented several large pieces of glass stuck in his flesh. His suit jacket was soaking from the blood and dripping onto the floor.

The Lycan King had to maintain his self-control. He hated that man, but he would have hated it more if one of those glass shards had found itself lodged in Riannon’s face instead.

He had responsibilities before his people. He had to go inside and check on them, to see who was injured and who survived.

Reid and Maya were running their way, the girl throwing herself in Ria’s arms. His Beta and the King exchanged glances. They both knew what they had to do.

“Go,” Riannón told him, and he was relieved she understood everything as well, “I will help Brayden remove the glass and join you.”

“No,” the K ing protested, “Stay here.”

“Yeah, sure!” Maya snorted, rolling her eyes.

“We’ll be there helping the survivors as soon as we are done here,” his mate countered calmly,”

There are people who need our help, and we are not sitting this one out.”

“Ria,” Gideon began, clearly wanting to disagree, but seeing the determination in her eyes, he gave up. The Moon Goddess sent him a Luna who wouldn’t hide in a situation like this. Ria would want to help their people. He had to learn to accept it, even if his instinct was to hide her from the cruel world around them. “See you there,” he said and rushed inside. They couldn’t waste any more time.

Riannon traced him with her gaze and then returned her attention to her ex-husband’s back.

Brayden had been waiting patiently. She took off her belt and started using it to soak up the copious amount of blood as she removed piece after piece of sharp jagged glass. Luckily, he was an Alpha, and she noticed he had begun his healing.

“He doesn’t know you the way I do,” Brayden hissed as she pulled a big shard out of him, “No one does.”

“That’s questionable,” she stated plainly.

Keeping up her work, “Sometimes I wonder if you knew me at all.”

“Of course, I did” he sighed, “It’s just- The mate bond, Ri. It’s stronger than anything.”

“I can agree with that.” His ex-wife seemed preoccupied with what she was doing, “I can now understand how one can’t reject their mate. I would never reject Gideon.”

His whole body shuddered at the mention of the lycan king.

“I would have handled the matter differently” Ria confessed, “I wouldn’t expect you two to live together, share me, and be happy about it.”

“I was only thinking of you,” Brayden murmured, trying to turn his head to look at his now ex-Luna, but Maya stepped in closer with a menacing expression on her face.

“Oh, look! I see one!” she declared and grabbed one of the bigger shards, twisting it in his flesh before pulling it out, “There. We are wasting a lot of time here!”

The Alpha winced from pain but said nothing.

“There is only one thing that bothers me, Bray, ” Riannon said when she was done with him, “You talk so much about your mate and this bond of yours, yet right now, there was an explosion in the hotel we were all in, and you are here, talking to me and not out there looking for her. How does that work?”

His mouth parted slightly. As if he had remembered something important.

“I”ll see you later,” he muttered and ran into the hotel.

Maya and Ria looked at each other and followed him.

Inside the foyer, which moments before was sparkling and shining, a dark mess covered every corner and empty space. All of the lights were down. They could still see properly thanks to their werewolf vision. Riannon did not like what she was seeing.

Disoriented people walking here and there, a familiar Alpha clenching his Luna in his arms while the woman did not seem to respond. A few dead bodies-

It was a disaster. Someone planned this.

From the corner of her eye, she noticed a woman dragging a lifeless woman from where the restaurant was located. She recognised the Alpha of the werecats, Ramina, and went to help her.

“How are you?” she asked.

“What will happen to me? l am a cat” the woman snorted, “I have nine lives. Well, eight now.

Six, if l am honest. But I was lucky that your ex caused a scene, and I went to check on my Luna. I didn’t return in time for the second explosion.”

The second explosion?” Ria looked at the werecat in shock.

“Yes,” Ramina gritted through her teeth,”

Whoever did this arranged one attack for the Alphas and one for the Lunas.”

“Luckily, most Alphas went out for a break,” the woman continued, ” Unfortunately, that can’t be said about the Lunas.”

Riannon and Maya looked at each other and returned to the restaurant where, less than an hour ago, she had met with her friends. They both gasped at the sight before their eyes.

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