The Perfect Luna Chapter 52

Riannon wanted to smack him She knew too well the kind of game her ex played right now She also knew he was very good at it He knew the right manipulative words to whisper or tell the other alphas to make them concerned and to make them doubt Gideon. After all. Brayden was one of them Gideon wasn’t….

This was his chance to get back into the game, and he wanted to use it. However, this situation they were in now was bigger than him and his need to bounce back.

She couldn’t let him have his way this time.

“To throw accusations like that, Alpha Brayden, you need hard proof,” she challenged firmly, “1 suppose you have something to confirm your words. Otherwise, this is slander, and you will lose the last bits of respect that still remain.”

Their eyes met, and Bray knew better than to continue. It was different now that she was no longer on his side. He counted on her support in matters like this, knowing she would find the right words. But not  anymore. Now she was defending another. It hurt.

“Let’s not drag this on. I think we got lucky today.”

Ramina, the Alpha of the werecats, said, sighing “Let’s be thankful for that. Right now, we need to gather our strength and mourn the ones that we have lost.”

“This doesn’t change the fact that it was probably just one part of the plan,” Gideon said calmly.

Surprisingly, he seemed absolutely unaffected by the accusations of his mate’s ex, “My guess would be that phase one was to decapitate packs by killing the alphas, and in case this did not work, make alphas weaker by killing their Lunas. This means phase two is about to begin and we need to be ready.”

“I agree,” Zack Morgan nodded, “We need to make sure our warriors are always ready to answer the call of our neighbours if there is such a need in the future. We united for a reason and right now it is time to prove that our alliance is worth something.”

“I will dispatch lycans to each pack that borders the foxes and the werebears just in case,” Gideon announced, “They will help you train your wolves and also help you defend your territories in case of an attack.

“That would be greatly appreciated,” an Alpha of one of the packs in question nodded and others agreed with him as well.

“As for the deceased Alphas,” the King continued, “

Their Betas will have to step in as leaders in the interim unless they have heirs of appropriate age. New alphas should be appointed within this week. I am afraid it can’t take any longer than that.”

Again, everyone had to agree.

“Then, this is it for today,” Gideon announced.

Everyone was drained after the trauma they had just experienced. “We’ll be in contact,” he said, and the leaders started to say their goodbyes. Brayden was among the first ones to leave and Riannon was able to breathe a little easier when he was gone from her sight.

She knew that his pride would always stand in the way of accepting the new order of things. She didn’t have the emotional strength to fight him today. She was too exhausted.

Her mate was still talking to a few alphas so she  decided to go outside to get some fresh air while she waited for him to be done. No one asked for her opinion on anything, since her pack was still in the making. Not that she wanted to share her thoughts before she discussed everything that was on her mind with Gideon.

Outside, she saw her ex leading Roxy out of one of the ambulances. The omega stumbled on the way out and fell helplessly into her mate’s arms.

Riannon rolled her eyes as she turned away from that sight and almost bumped into Ash’s chest. For a few seconds, she and the Beta stared at each other.

“Is this true?” he asked, placing his palms into the pockets of his trousers.

“Depends on what you mean,” she replied, unable to read his facial expression and thus did not know what to expect from him.

“You have, a mate,” Ash choked out in a broken voice, “A real one this time.”

“It’s the truth,” she nodded. There was no point in denying the truth. Neither did she want to.

“The Lycan King, huh?” the Beta snorted.

“Trust me, I was as surprised as everybody else,” she gave him a weak smile.

“You are not coming back-“

“Oh, Ash,” she smirked, “I am definitely coming back for what is mine. Just not today.”

She noticed a faint smile on his lips as he gave her a nod.

“I’Il be waiting,” he offered, and for a second, there was silence between them.

“Ash, can I ask you something?” Ria decided to try her luck one more time.

“Of course,” the man seemed to be relieved for some reason. As if he didn’t know how to talk to her anymore and was happy for her to initiate the conversation.

“Were you with Roxy during the explosions?” she asked, and he furrowed his eyebrows, getting at once why she was asking.

“Yeah,” he confirmed, “Brayden asked me to stay with her for protection. I was with her literally everywhere she went.”

“What was she doing right before the explosion?”

Riannon did not give up.

“Shopping.” he replied honestly, “She-liked that lingerie shop they had in there. Then, when everything happened, she was right next to the glass window, and it was broken from the impact. Roxy was thrown over the wall. I spent most of the time trying to bring her back to consciousness until Brayden came looking for her.”

“l see,” Riannon nodded. This wasn’t much and didn’t help her in her suspicions at all. Then again, it was more important what Roxanne was doing prior to the

Summit. When no one knew that she was there.

“Come on, Ash!” Brayden growled through the open window of his car, “We need to get back to our pack.

For a second, her eyes met Brayden’s, and she knew he was about to say more to her. Probably something hurtful this time since he was obviously angry with how today went for him. So, she turned away before he had a chance to do so. She did not owe him anything.

“‘See you around, Ash,” she said and walked away.

Gideon, Ria, Maya, and Reid drove home together.

The Lycan King had his hands wrapped around his mate while she rested her head on his chest. They were Şupposed to have their triumphant homecoming, but the recent events did not allow them to indulge in their happiness. Too many people died today, ànd they both felt guilty for the happiness they felt.

It also did not escape Ria’s gaze that her best friend and her mate were not touching each other. Maya sat with one of her legs on top of another and her hands folded on her chest, looking everywhere but at Reid. At the same time, the lycan Beta was throwing glances at her from time to time, obviously eager for more contact.

He did not push her, though, giving her the space she needed.

Riannon told them everything that happened with Roxy, starting from the very beginning, and they all listened carefully to her.

“I know it’s not much,” she said when she was done, “But I do feel that she is not that simple.

Considering everything that she did in my previous life”

“Wow” Reid suddenly straightened his back, ” Previous life? Did I miss something?”

“Apparently, a lot,” Maya snorted. Ria wondered what was going on between her and her mate, making a mental note that she would have to address this later.

I”Il explain it to you later,” Gideon chuckled, pulling his Luna closer, He couldn’t get enough of her. “It’s worth checking, my love,” he k!ssed her temple, “Luckily.

the video footage was saved in the cloud’ We will be able to check everything that happened before the Summit.”

“Really?” Ria looked at her mate, “Then we will be able to find that Everett guy as well!”

Every muscle in Gideon’s body tensed.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he growled.

“l saw him again today.” she confessed, “Just a glimpse, but I saw him. Right after the explosions, when we were getting people out. I am sure that the two are connected. Now more than ever.”

“Then it’s good that he appeared,” the Lycan King’s grip on her became tighter, “It’s best to know our enemies in the face”

When they arrived back at the Lycan Kingdom, it was dark. Gideon and Reid had a few matters to attend had to, so the Girls went to their rooms. Riannon decided not to bother Maya tonight since her friend looked exhausted after the long, eventful and traumatic day they had.

She was also tired, but after a long and relaxing shower, her strength replenished. She looked about the large room and was disappointed not to see Gideon in her bedroom. She was even more disappointed not to find him in his bedroom either since it was the middle of the night.

However, she had a pretty good idea of where she could find him.

She threw on a black silk robe on top of the matching slip and went downstairs. She traipsed all the way to the Lycan King’s office, where she found him staring at his laptop. Luckily, Reid was nowhere in sight.

“ls this how it is going to be, Your Majesty?” she mocked him with a soft smile on her lips as she closed the door behind her. He lifted his eyes to look at her, and his mouth parted slightly. He could look at her forever and still be stricken with her beauty every time.

“I am sorry.” He tilted his head to have a better look at her and liked what he saw, “I just wanted to make sure that the footage was checked as soon as possible.”

“And?” She moved in closer to his desk, and his eyes lingered on her slender frame.

“Unfortunately, there is nothing to incriminate that omega,” he sighed, “As for that Everett guy, the cameras did not film that side of the car park. This is probably why he was so bold and let you see him. It’s another dead end.”

“Disappointing.” She sighed and circled the desk, placing one hand on his shoulder and another on the laptop, closing it “But this also means that you may be done for tonight. Your Luna doesn’t have to feel lonely in bed-“

His eyes flashed golden as he took the laptop and threw it into one of the drawers of his desk. He immediately pulled her closer by her wa!st, tight against his hard body.

“The things you do to me,” he smirked and pulled the belt of her silky robe.

“Maybe it’s time for you to do things to me?”

Riannon shrugged her shoulders, and the robe fell to her feet, making her mate growl. She bent down to him, lacing her fingers in his hair and k!ssed him greedily.

Gideon’s hands roamed up her th!ghs, and as his fingers reached her sensitive part, a snarl of approval rumbled through his chest when he discovered she didn’t have any underwear on.

Using his palms, he grasped her bottom, placed her on the desk before him, and spread her legs open for him. Riannon watched his every movement as he stood up, towering over her. He covered her body with k!sses, making her slip and fall down to her wa!st.

“l am definitely the Moon Goddess’ favourite,” Gideon chuckled, kneading her breasts in his hands,

How else can one explain me having you as my mate.

The perfect woman.”

“Gideon!” she cried, arching her back, needing more action from him now than he was giving her. He happily obliged, svcking on one of her n***les and simultaneously inserting two digits into her.

A m0an tore off her lips as the pleasure built up inside of her. In the meantime, the Lycan’s lips travelled lower and lower down her body until she felt his hot breath on her bundle of nerves, his canines grazing over it softly. As soon as he started working on her with his tongue, she lost it, digging her nails into his shoulders and m0aning his rame. He curled his fingers inside masterfully, quickly bringing her over the edge.

She panted as he stood up again to watch her as if she were a work of art. But Riannon was not done. She tugged on his belt, unbuckling it clumsily. Her mind fogged from the pleasure she was still coming back to her senses from after her rel**se. His hardness sprung out of his p*nts, and she stroked him a few times, teasing and making his eyes go darker with need and want.

He grasped her th!ghs and yanked her closer towards him, pressing his head at her entrance and, at the same time, lifting her legs higher.

“You are playing dangerous games, Little Mate,” he taunted, and a nervous laugh escaped her lips.

“l am feeling brave tonight.” Riannon smirked at him, and Gideon lowered himself to capture her lips, entering her in one rough move, which she enjoyed to the Core.

 I”love you so much,” he breathed into her mouth as he thrust into her, and she scratched his back, tearing off his shirt in the process.

“I love you-too,” she managed to confess in between his powerful thrusts, “So-much!”

“Mine,” he growled out loud and lifted her up in the air, to which she immediately hugged his wa!st with her th!ghs. He pumped into her again and again, making her bounce on him while giving her back the support she needed. Riannon screamed in pleasure as he filled her perfectly. Tingles from their mate bond spread over her body more than ever before. She felt Onyx howling inside as she cl **maxed with him and bit his shoulder from the intensity of the sensations pulsing through her body.

Gideon held her tightly, his most precious treasure.

Slowly catching his breath, he sat back in his chair, placing her on top of him and pressing her to his chest.

She leaned into him as if she belonged there, and it was the most natural thing for them to do. His fingers brushed her hair softly. For the first time on this very hard and stressful day, they both felt happy and at…

“I want to mark you, Riannon.” Her Lycan exhaled heavily and waited for her reply. He got none.

“Ria?” he car3ssed her cheek and realised that his mate had dozed off.

“Should have done it while she was m0aning,” Mars grunted, not happy at all with the way the night ended.

“She is ours now.” Gideon smiled as he covered her n*ked frame and lifted her up in his arms to take her to the bedroom. “Day earlier, day later, it makes no difference anymore.”

Riannon woke up alone in their bed, but there was no disappointment whatsoever, as she knew too well that her workaholic mate was probably performing his royal duties. A white rose lay on his pillow, and a sweet note to her confirmed her thoughts.

She did not want to waste any time either and, after a quick clean-up, dressed to impress and went downstairs.

However, she paused at the doors of the dining room when she saw Maya standing there alone. She was clearly eavesdropping, and this behaviour was unlike her friend.

Her Beta noticed her at once and motioned for her to stay quiet, signalling for her to start listening too.

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