The Perfect Luna Chapter 53

Riannon quietly shifted closer to her friend and concentrated on her hearing. Whatever was being said on the other side of the door was important to Maya, and she never ignored her friend’s requests.

“I am telling you, he will be over this mate business in less than a month!” some she-wolf snorted, “It’s Reid, of all people! He will never be able to stay satisfied with just one woman!”

Ria turned to look at Maya, but her friend averted her gaze, clenching her l!ps tight.

“Unless she is willing to take part in his 0rgies,” another girl chuckled, and a group of them burst out laughing.

“Even then,” someone else added, “Reid likes to switch it up! If that girl thinks that she has any kind of future with him, she is delusional!”

Riannon had had enough! What she really wanted to do was walk into the room and command those women to keep their mouths shut about matters that were none of their business. Sensing this, her Beta grabbed her hand, shaking her head and motioning for her not to intervene.

The Luna sighed and pulled her friend into the next available room, which looked like an empty study with a desk, a few chairs, and a long bookshelf. She looked around, taking a mental note that this was the perfect space for a queen’s office.

“M, you can’t let them bother you like this!” Riannon said as soon as she locked the door behind them,”

Those girls can talk, but it doesn’t mean ànything!”

“Easy for you to say,” Maya shuddered slightly and went to sit in one of the chairs, “I don’t hear anyone saying nasty things like that about Gideon. They are all very happy that he found you, and no one has any doubts about his feelings towards you.”

“So?” Ria sat on the armrest and leaned over the back of the chair. “The only opinion that should matter here is Reid’s. What is going on between the two of them.

I don’t know-“. The confession did not come easy for the Beta female. “lt all began so hectically. With what was happening to you, and then, the king was angry with him. He had to work, and I sat there alone, waiting, unable to do anything. When we try to speak, it’s awkward. He hasn’t made a single move on me. I don’t know what to think, Ria. He doesn’t seem to like me at all.”

“You’ve been thinking about all this way too much,” the Luna chuckled, “And from the wrong angle.”

“Elaborate on that, please.” Maya shot her brow up, and Riannon saw how hopeful her eyes were. She really needed this to work.

“Well,” she paused for dramatic effect, “Reid is a known playboy, yet he hasn’t made a move on you. Don’t you think this is because you are special to him? He doesn’t treat you like any other girl in his life because he respects you and wants more from you than just s*x.

You were in a very difficult situation when you met each other, and the way I see it, he is giving you space.”

“or it is wishful thinking on your part,” the Beta girl snorted bitterly, turning away.

“Tell me something,” Riannon continued, “What happened yesterday during the explosion? What did Reid do?”

“He covered me with his body,” Maya smiled and bit her lower l!p, “But in all honesty, I think he would do this for anybody.”

“Right,” Ria smirked, “And what do you think of him as the Beta of this Kingdom?”

“He is great,” the girl said at once, lifting up her knees to hug them, “One of the best I have seen. Even better than Ash.”

“Then think on this fact that for you this amazing Lycan Beta disobeyed his own king,” Riannon stood up, “

He was tasked to stay by my side at all times. But the moment he saw you, he chose you over his king and future Luna. If that’s not a blatant signal of what you mean to him, then I don’t know what is.”

Maya remained silent. She hadn’t thought of that before.

“You see.” Ria brushed her hand softly over her friend’s hair. “From day one, you have been the most important person to him. Maybe he doesn’t know how to express how he feels, but neither do you. In that sense, you are charmingly the same.”

It was the truth. Maya hadn’t been big on dating either. She had flings but never anything serious. This relationship was as new for her as it was for Reid.

“What would you suggest for me to do?” She looked at her Alpha questioningly.

“I would suggest you claim your man,” Riannon chuckled, “So no she-wolf around here would have any doubts on his intentions. And he would know where you stand. After all, you are a Beta. Not some unconfident omega. Act like it, M.”

She wanted to say more on the topic, but the door opened, and they both saw Reid’s head poking in.

“I hope I’m not interrupting.” The Lycan smiled awkwardly. “Luna, Gideon has been looking for you everywhere. He’s in his office now.”

“Great,” she beamed, responding, “then I will leave the two of you alone. Maya wanted to talk to you about something.”

She patted the Beta’s shoulder as she passed him to leave the room and hoped they would figure everything out over time.

However, all she wanted now was to see her own mate. She found him sitting by the same desk they deflowered yesterday, and she felt her cheeks flush from the sweet erotic memories.

“Morning,” she said as she smiled at Gideon.

Gideon growled approvingly at the sight of his Luna.

“Come here” He stood up and met her midway, pressing her against his hard body and crashing his l!ps into hers. He had left her warm body in his bed just a few hours ago but was already missing her as if he hadn’t seen her for ages.

“Slept well?” he asked her with a smirk.

“Like a baby,” she replied, not getting his little hint.

“You know, Riannon, you are the first woman to fall asleep so soon after having s*x with me, and l’m not sure whether to take that as a compliment or if I should be worried,” the Lycan taunted her.

“You should be worried if you want to compare notes between what happened with all those other women and me in your bed” She quirked her brow up at him, and he cleared his throat nervously, realising his mistake.

“Anyway,” he lifted her into his arms effortlessly and walked back to his chair, sitting in it and placing her in his la*p, “l have something for you.”

“Oh?” she laced her arms around his neck and watched him produce a folder from the dèpth of his desk, “What is it?”

“Exactly what you asked for, my love,” he said, “I did some research on that omega.”

“Really?” Riannon grabbed the folder and opened it. She greedily read the few pages in the folder while her mate caressed her bare arms and played with her long blonde hair, which fell loose against her back.

“It’s not much information, as you can see,” Gideon commented when she was done, “But everything inside is confirmed.”

“It’s more than I had before,” she affirmed, turning to k!ss him. “Thank you for that!”

“You don’t need to thank me.” He slowly brushed his palm over her cheek. “I will do anything for you.”

“I will be returning to my pack today,” she told him,

“l need to claim my land and make sure that the separation of the packs will proceed smoothly. It cannot be postponed.”

“I will go with you,” the King said, but she shook her head.

“No, Gideon, you have your own matters to attend to. This war is not going anywhere,” she reminded him, “

And I have to deal with it myself. Otherwise, they will never respect me as an Alpha.”

“l am just worried about your safety. That woman has killed you before, and your ex- How do I put it mildly…

“—is an a*ssh0le?” Ria giggled, finishing the sentence for him.

“Yes.” He pulled her closer and breathed in her scent. “I don’t trust any of them. And you still don’t have a wolf. I guess I am just worried about your safety.”

“I’ll be fine” she assured him, “The pack is full of my people. I am sure they will follow me. Maya will go with me too. And as for OnyX- I felt her again, yesterday.

She is there.”

“I would be at ease if you could shift” he said, and she felt a pr!ck of pain deep inside. It was hard not knowing what was happening to her wolf. He sensed that through their bond and placed a soft k!ss on her shoulder. “I am sure she will come back to you,” he added, “As soon as we are done with our current affairs, we will give all our attention to smoking her out of her sleep.”

“I will take your word for it,” Riannon said, smiling.She relaxed in his arms, murmuring, “She only reacts to you anyway.”

“l am honoured,” the King chuckled but then got serious, “However, Iinsist on you taking Reid with you as well as a few of my best warriors. Safety first, Riannon,”

“Gideon!” she rolled her eyes.

“Ria.” He placed his finger on her l!ps to stop her from protesting. “Just do it for me. Otherwise, I would not be able to concentrate on my work and will end up coming with you anyway. You are a queen now, and a few guards around you is mandatory.”

“l am not a queen yet, technically” she reminded him.

“You were my queen since the day l laid eyes on you, my love.” He did not agree with her reasoning, and she decided it was easier to let him win this battle.

“Fine!” she groaned and k!ssed him on the cheek, “I will take them.”

She stood up and took the folder with her, preparing to leave.

“Ria,” Gideon called, looking at her thoughtfully, “

When you come back, we will also have to decide what to do next. How are we going to arrange our life with you being a queen and an Alpha.”

“I am sure we are going to come up with something

” She leaned down to k!ss him one last time. “I am not going to refuse any of the titles. I want it all.”

“And all you shall have, my beautiful mate,” he promised, and he intended to keep it.

Riannon left his office in the best of moods and bumped into Reid and Maya in the hallway. The girl had swollen l!ps, and the guy had a smug smile on his face, which told her that they were finally able to take that first step towards being true mates. It was something!

She informed them briefly regarding the plan she and Gideon had agreed. Reid went to get the warriors to take with them. To Ria’s surprise, Savvy was the first to join them in the car as they were waiting. She was followed by Kyle.

“What?” the princess snorted, “I am one of the best warriors in our pack, and so is Kyle. And I am not missing the opportunity to see what all the fuss with your pack is about.”

“Actually, l am glad you’ll be joining us,” Riannon confessed, “My brand is all about girl power, and you fit just fine. “

“See,” Savannah sneered, “This is why I like you! I always wanted to have a sister just like you. And now | have two!”

Soon the preparations were completed, and they drove all the way to The Silver River pack, discussing their course of action after they arrived.

However, when they reached the main territory, they were stopped at the main gates.

“What is going on?” Ria looked out of the window, and the three guards looked at her apologetically.

“l am sorry, Luna,” one of the men practically stuttered, “We have an order not to let you through-

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