The Perfect Luna Chapter 55

She waited for him in the middle of the spacious hall and wasn’t a tad surprised when the redhead devil appeared behind him, innocently batting her long lashes.

Brayden revealed a mixture of emotions on his face, and she knew at once he wouldn’t make this transition easy for her. Not that she was counting on it.

“Was it really necessary?” She arched her brow at him, although not a muscle flinched on his face.

“Don’t blame me for that welcome after what you did to me at the Summit.” He snapped at her, and she tilted her head to look at him. Ash walked out of his office, and a few other people gathered around them as well.

“I had the right to do what I did, and I don’t think anyone in their right mind can blame me.” Riannon shrugged. She knew she had to choose her words carefully, but she also wanted to be honest with herself.

“You tricked me,” he said finally.

“Let’s agree to disagree,” she sighed, “You had the project in your hands the whole time, and it’s not my fault you didn’t read it carefully. Or worse, you read it but didn’t understand what it contained within it.”

“Forgive me for trusting my wife,” he gritted through his teeth, “You could have told me you found your mate as well. Like I did. I was honest about it.”

“Should I have brought him to live with us as well?”

She rolled her eyes, “Because my wolf needed it?”

“Does she now?” Brayden sneered, and for the first time, Riannon had a bad feeling about this. Especially when she saw `Roxy smirking behind his back.

Something was up with the two of them, and she did not like it.

“Anyway,'” Ria stated, deciding to change the topic,

“There is no point in postponing the inevitable. You will need to leave my land today. The papers have been processed.”

“What about my people?” Brayden growled.

“Your people live on your land,” she calmly explained to him, “Whoever decides to stay here today, will be my people.”

“How do you see them leaving their houses?” The Alpha clenched his fists.

“This is exactly why they would have a choice. They can either stay with me or go with you. I am not going to force anyone. The same goes for people in your territory.

If they want to join The Pearl Moon pack, we will find a place for them.”

“Very well,” Bray agreed, flaring his nostrils, trying to keep himself under control, “How do we do it then?”

“We meet in the garden, where we always discuss pack matters with our members. We let them choose.

Today.” She held his gaze, and he finally gave up, shifting his eyes off hers.

“Okay,” he stated, pointing at the door, “Let’s go then. After you. Ash, call our pack members to the garden. We will let them vote for who they choose as their alpha today.”

“Most are already there,” Riannon informed him, and he couldn’t hide his annoyance at her taking the lead in this.

“Are you really sure you want to do this?” he asked her, “We could still go back. It’s not too late. It will be too late after the vote.”

“l am sure, Brayden,” she nodded in agreement, “I haven’t been this sure of anything so much in my life.”

He frowned at her words, but she ignored it, turning on her heels.

A crowd had gathered and stood waiting for them outside, forming a circle around the white garden house.

Riannon saw how Worried the people were, and a small amount of guilt washed over her for disturbing their lives and turning it upside down. She knew she had to focus on the bigger picture. Leaving her people to Roxanne would be worse. Every day Ria grew more convinced that the omega wasn’t what she seemed to be. What happened to Ria in her previous life was just the tip of the iceberg and all the evidence she needed that something was amiss.

There was a menacing and manipulative aspect where the omega, who clung to Ria’s ex-husband and whispered in his ear, was concerned. Besides, there was this undeniable connection to Everett and possibly the explosions too.

No, she was right about this. She had to follow through with her plan. She had to protect as many of her people as she could. With her and Gideon, her people would be safe.

Brayden walked straight for the centre of the circle, and to his dismay, she followed him. Albeit, there was nothing he could do about it.

“I guess most of you are aware as to the reason we gathered you here today!” he started to explain, “Riannon and I were divorced yesterday. As a result of that and the new law that was accepted back at the Summit, we will be separating the two packs.”

A wave of whispers rippled through the crowd. In spite of everything that occurred in the packhouse, the circumstances of what was going on weren’t as common knowledge as one would assume, and some of the pack members were clearly shocked by the new developments.

“But, why, Alpha?” someone shouted in the back, and Brayden sighed heavily.

“Your Luna made that decision for the both of us,” he said, and Riannon had a hard time striving to withhold rolling her eyes. Of course, he would blame the divorce on her. How typical of him.

“Too many changes have taken place,” she stated, deciding to take control of the narrative from him, “Both Brayden and I have found our true mates, and it became impossible for us to stay together. Not to mention that we see the future of our pack differently. According to the new law, I can claim back what was mine before our marriage, and that is exactly what I have chosen to do.

All the lands and assets that belonged to the Pearl Moon pack are now mine again. Today you will need to make a choice for yourselves; whether you will move with Alpha Brayden or remain with me. We understand this may be an inconvenience for you, and we sincerely apologise.

Whichever pack you choose, you will be well taken care of.”

“Just as my warriors and I have taken care of you for the past six years, nothing will change in the Silver River pack,” Brayden smirked, “I will continue to protect you, and we will keep the same course as we have before today.”

“As for me,” Riannon interrupted, knowing too well how to play this game, “l actually see a lot of areas in need of improvement. I want us to grow and not be stuck in the past. Packs around us are changing for the better and evolving. I think it is time that we also grew and changed for the better.”

“You can’t evolve if you are not protected properly.

We live in a cruel world.” Brayden snorted, trying to diminish her promises.

“The Lycans will ensure the protection of The Pearl Moon if there will be such a need,” Reid interjected loudly, and everyone looked at him, impressed that a Lycan Was present, “We are sworn to protect our Luna and future queen, and we will defend her people as our own.”

“What will be the price for that protection and loyalty?” the Alpha gritted his teeth, “What will the mighty Lycans want in return?”

Riannon clenched her lips. It wasn’t her place to make any promises on behalf of the Lycans. At least, not yet.

“We don’t charge for protecting our family.”

Savannah offered, stepping forward, “Any family of Ria’s is our family too. We will assist our Queen’s own pack as if it’s our own.”

“Now that we are done with that,” Riannon said, smiling at her future sister-in-law, thankful for her help,”

How about we get to business? We will both be able to ensure our packs’ safety one way or another. So, let’s-“

“Are you sure?” Ria heard the taunting question and immediately recognized the voice as one she hated more than anything else in the world and saw Roxy step forward.

“This is not a Q&A,” Ria challenged, folding her arms across her chest, “And, this is not the time for interruptions.”

“Forgive me,” the omega said in a shaky yet loud voice, making sure that everyone heard her, “But this is important, and I think the people have a right to know.”

“Know what?” Brayden asked in mock concern as he raised his brow at his mate, although it did seem obvious the two of them were working together, “Speak, Roxanne”

“Uhm,” the girl bit her lip as if she was perplexed on how to proceed, “Can an Alpha really lead a pack if she doesn’t have a wolf?”

Riannon froze. This was her secret. Less than a handful of people knew about it. She trusted each of them with her life. So, how on Earth did Roxy find out?

Her eyes met with Maya’s, who looked as shocked as she was. Then her gaze shifted to Maya’s brother, who stood on the opposite side of the circle, and Riannon knew exactly what had happened. Dean lowered his head; he also realised what he had done.

Unfortunately, it was too late for regrets.

“That’s unprecedented,” Brayden replied calmly,”

An alpha is a leader of the pack. He or she is supposed to be the strongest, so they can lead the people. If an alpha doesn’t have a wolf, it’s impossible to lead the pack. Why do you ask that, Roxanne?”

“l am sorry,” the girl mumbled, “This is not my place to speak about it. But, I think this is important information, considering the pack is about to vote on who they choose to stay with.”

“If you know something important, share it with us,”

Bray encouraged her.

“Luna-I mean Alpha Riannon does not have a wolf,

“Roxy stuttered.

“Nonsense!” Aria snorted loudly, “We have known Ria since childhood! She has always had her wolf!”

“What is this accusation? Ria has fought alongside all of us many times!” Tatiana chimed in, and the rest of the pack started buzzing as well.

“l saw her,” Roxanne spoke louder and more firmly,”

In the woods. She wasn’t able to shift! She tried, but it did not Work!”

“Brayden,” Riannon turned to her ex-husband, “I think you should explain to your mate that lying is bad.

She couldn’t have seen me in the woods, and as for my wolf, Onyx, she has proved herself to the pack many times over.”

“Then you wouldn’t have any trouble shifting before us!” Roxy yelled, clenching her fists, “If your wolf is in place, then it’s not a problem for you. Right?”

“lt is not a problem for me to shift” Riannon lied, knowing that a lot depended on her ability to remain calm, “But do I owe you a show of all people?”

“You want to lead a pack,” Roxanne insisted.

“You want to become a pack’s Luna,” Ria interrupted her, “Why don’t you show us your wolf? Will you care to demonstrate to us how you shift?”

She actually liked this turn of events because she was sure as hell Roxy wasn’t an omega. Onyx would be back one day. She knew this beyond the shadow of a doubt and felt she was still inside of her.  Nevertheless, an opportunity like this to out the redhead demon could not have presented itself at a better time.

“What?” Riannon smirked, “Not so brave anymore?

Shift for us now, and I will do the same.”

The fake omega didn’t look so sure anymore. This clearly wasn’t what she was counting on.

“I can’t,” she suddenly said with a newfound confidence and, placed her hands on her belly, “l am expecting the Alpha’s child.”

Ria felt a prickle of pain. Dull and not strong, but it was still there. She did not love Brayden. Not anymore.

Still, it was painful to know he was having a baby with his new Luna.

Quieting her emotions, she did not let them show.

“Congratulations,” she forced herself to say and smile naturally, “However, I don’t see how it may obstruct you from shifting.”

“l am an omega.” Tears started forming in her eyes.

“Unfortunately, my body is very weak. I don’t want to hurt the child.”

“Bull!” Maya scoffed, “You are not the only omega in the world, you know. All of them shift all the time without any repercussions. Pregnant or not.”

People around them started to nod, and Roxanne did not look so sure of herself anymore.

“Don’t be shy!” Maya added, “You asked Ria to shift to prove herself. Do us the honours!”

“That’s enough!” Brayden growled, and everyone became quiet. He strode all the way to Roxy and took her under his arm as if protecting her, “My mate will not be proving anything to anyone.”

“Then, I reserve the same right for myself,” Riannon expressed calmly, “Especially considering I have nothing to prove.

“Fine!” he grunted, “Let’s just get this over with!”

“Very well,” Riannon agreed, lifting her chin up and distancing herself from her ex-husband and the conniving redhead, knowing that while she may have just dodged a bullet, ‘this wasn’t the end of it.

“Members of the pack, pledge your allegiance to your chosen Alpha. Please, choose wisely.” She said loudly and exhaled. The moment she had been fighting for was finally here.

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