The Perfect Luna Chapter 59

Power surged, circling through Riannon’s bloodstream. The shift into her wolf felt long and drawn out when in fact, it took mere seconds. The overall sensations were very new to Riannon as it had been a while.

She felt powerful, she felt capable of lifting mountains, and she felt very different from how she was supposed to feel in her wolf form.

Onyx was always a strong wolf, but this time the strength pouring out of her was at a whole new level.

What happened to her? She looked around, growling, and noticed the battle had stopped momentarily and both her friends and enemies stared at her in shock. No one dared to move, and she didn’t know why.

“What is going on?” She asked her wolf and felt her smirking in their mind.

“You see, Riannon,” she said matter-of-factly, “I hadn’t appeared for so long for a reason. Today you will finally find out why.”

“Well?” Ria asked, trying to push Onyx into elaborating, but, at the same time, one of the bears woke up and charged at her with fury in his red eyes. She had never fought a bear in her life. They were known to be bigger and stronger. Only a match for Lycans. Yet she sprinted at him and lunged, easily knocking him off and going straight for his furry neck with her claws. She didn’t need to do anything else as she felt the life under her slipping away quickly.

Onyx took the control from her and let out a loud growl that resembled more of a roar. From the corner of her eye, she noticed a few foxes sprint away, running for their lives.

She noticed Roxy and charged in her direction. The desire to kill the b*tch who caused so much trouble in her life was overwhelming. However, three foxes threw themselves at her, followed by another bear and she had to stop to deal with them.

Gideon watched his mate from afar, trying to get to her. He couldn’t believe what he saw.

What was she? She sure as hell wasn’t a regular werewolf with her bigger-than-average form and glowing silvery fur. Her wolf was perfection, the most beautiful beast he had ever seen. As he watched her engage their enemies with ease, he admired her strength and grace.

Riannon never ceased to amaze him. His mate. His woman. His queen.

The battle was over sooner than she expected, and to her disappointment, there was no trace of Roxy when they were done.

“Don’t worry,” OnyX promised, “We will get her. She will be ours to kill”

“Onyx,” Ria smiled mentally at her wolf, “l am so happy you are back! At the best possible time!”

“l am happy to be back too,” her wolf admitted with a chuckle, “And, Ria, you did so well on your own. You never gave up and you stayed strong. You fought for us and our mate. All your choices and determination helped me heal and get to this point.”

“Heal?” she asked.

“Yes, Riannon,” Onyx confessed, “Our rebirth came at a price. The moon goddess could only do this using my life force. It almost killed me. My spirit was crushed but she placed me in hibernation to save me. This was why I was only able to respond to you when something big occurred, something that could almost awaken me.

But I was still too weak and couldn’t help you much.

“At least you told me about our mate,” Ria let out a little laugh, “You have no idea how confusing that was without you there.”

“And yet you managed just fine,” the wolf snorted,”

He helped us the most, you know. The closer you were to him the more my healing accelerated.”

“He helped me to heal too,” Riannon admitted the truth for the first time, “Onyx, I was so broken inside after everything with Bray. Our death, your absence, the last year with him. It all took a toll on me. Sometimes it felt as if I was beyond repair. Had it not been for Gideon, I don’t know if I could have pulled through.”

“You would have done it,” Onyx assured her, sighing, ” because you are that strong. I am proud to have you as my human.”

“l am proud to have you as my wolf” Ria countered,

“It was horrible being alone. I wouldn’t want any other wolf. Just you.”

“Don’t make me cry, Riannon!” Onyx snorted, “You know I am an Alpha. I don’t do that. Especially now of all the times!”

“Yeah, about that.” Onyx’s comment reminded her of all the new sensations she experienced during and after her shift. “What is wrong with us? What happened?

Everything seems so new and-strange.”

“Nothing is wrong with us,” her wolf corrected, “If anything, everything is amazing with us. The Moon Goddess returned us for a reason. We have a mission in life now. Part of helping us with that is the blessing she gave us.”

“The Goddess herself?” Riannon couldn’t believe what she heard. It sounded surreal to her in spite of the supernatural world she lived in.

“Yes,” Onyx continued, “She chose us for a reason, Ria. She believes we can fix everything that went wrong in the past. To change the trajectory for us and for our people. You had already bequn fixing some of them on your own and this is how Selene knew her choice was right. Thanks to you, she blessed us. It is a very special type of blessing and it changes us. Over time, we will only get stronger. No enemy can defeat us in the war that is to come. We are the ones who will put an end to this madness.”

“A war-” the words echoed in her mind, making her shiver.

“After we died, Riannon,” Onyx went on, “It got really bad. Everything became so messed up. The wolves were practically wiped out-“

“Wait, how do you know this?” She asked, trying to comprehend the information she was given.

“The goddess showed me everything,” her wolf informed her, “I know about everything that happened in our past life and what happened after we died. I will tell you, though not right now.”

“Ria.” She heard the voice she loved more than anything in her life call out to her and bring her back to reality. She looked at Gideon, who stood before her wearing absolutely nothing. He appeared worried, with each muscle on his perfectly carved body tight with tension.

“We got ourselves a fine mate there,” Onyx growled in approval, “We need to mark him asap! I am not letting him go.”

“Neither am I,” Riannon agreed, watching Gideon stretch his hand towards her. Concern cloaked him, as if he was unsure as to how she would react. Her glowing fur probably wasn’t helping her current situation so she attempted to tone it down. Surprisingly, it worked, and her fur returned to its normal silvery white colour.

Gideon’s fingers brushed over her, and she purred at his touch, letting him move in closer.

“Thank Goddess, Ria.” He kneeled before her and embraced her. “You scared the hell out of me right now.

Come back to me.”

She immediately shifted back into her human form and he pulled her closer, pressing her against his taunt torso.

“I love you so much,” he whispered as she wrapped her hands around him.

I love you too. Onyx is back,” she mumbled, and he  chuckled at that.

“Yeah, I noticed,” he said, kissing her neck, her hair, and wherever else his lips could reach, breathing heavily at the same time. “We all did. Especially the foxes and the bears you slaughtered without breaking a sweat.

A little laugh escaped her as she tucked her face into his chest and enjoyed his warm embrace, letting herself relax in his arms as he stroked her back. The sound of soft sobs in the background reminded her of the harshness that awaited her once she left the security of her mate’s warm embrace.

A piece of fabric was wrapped around her and she turned to see Ash, the provider of the fabric. He gave her a weak smile and continued distributing the clothes which he had procured from one of the many hideouts in this forest.

Riannon pulled on the simple cotton dress she received and rushed to Maya’s side. Maya was still on the ground, rocking her dead brother. Reid remained beside her, sitting, albeit awkwardly, with all the love and care he had to give, yet, unable in the knowledge of how to console her.

What can one possibly say or do to someone who loses a sibling?

Ria kneeled right next to her friend and laced her hands around them, only making her friend sob louder.

Maya wasn’t a crier. But at this moment in time, she felt so weak and hopeless that she couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Dean- is-dead,” she whispered, stuttering between deep breaths of air which her body required her to take, “l was-late. It’s-my-fault-“

“No, Maya. No,” Riannon pulled her in tighter as hot tears rolled down her cheeks too. “It’s my fault. She did this because of me”

“It’s not either of your fault!” Reid growled angrily, “

Neither of you did this to him! The one who slit his throat, she did this!”

Maya let out another weak sob, resting her head on Riannon’s shoulder and clutching her brother close.

Gideon lowered himself next to the three of them and carefully placed his hands on Dean’s body, causing Maya to flinch.

They were eye to eye now, and he told her calmly,

We need to get him inside. I will take care of him. I promise.”

“Let him go,” Riannon whispered, “He will help.

Maya unclenched her fingers, and in the next moment, she was Wrapped in an embrace between her best friend and her mate. They helped her up and led her back to the house while Gideon lifted Dean’s body in his arms, walking behind them.

As they approached the mansion, Maya stumbled, and Reid caught her in his arms. He couldn’t stand to see her hurting so much. All he wanted to do was give  her his strength.

Their people were shocked to see them when they arrived, but like any werewolf pack, they knew what to do when someone died and got straight to work with the preparation. It was hard on everyone, though, as Dean was always the lovable guy whom everyone adored.

Riannon quickly gave out orders that were required of her, and then showed Reid to Maya’s old room. She left them alone, seeing how shock and grief were beginning to take its toll on her friend, who was starting to fall asleep in her mate’s arms. The mate bond was the best thing for Maya right now.

As soon as Ria had ensured her friend’s comfort, she raced to her bedroom to get properly dressed.

“What do you think you are doing?” Gideon, who followed close behind her, asked.

“l arm going to Brayden’s pack. I will find that b*tch and I will kill her for this!” she growled, unable to control the rage of the wolf within her. Onyx had indeed become stronger and hiding her emotions was more problematic than ever.

“You cannot go like this,” her mate objected,”

According to Reid, his pack is full of warriors. I doubt they will give you their Luna just like that.”

“She is not a Luna yet,” Ria argued, ignoring him,” Even if she is-I don’t care! She doesn’t get to live another day after what she did!”

Gideon scrutinised her intensely, assessing the determination on her face, and came to the conclusion that she would probably leave anyway.

“Fine.” He sighed in resignation. “I will go with you, and so will my warriors. Savvy and Reid will stay here “

She paused for a second to look at him as she was buttoning up her shirt.

“Thank you,” she said, nodding at him curtly, “I really appreciate that.”

The drive to the old packhouse of the Silver River pack was quick. Mainly because Riannon was driving and demanding the life and speed out of the gas pedal.

“Onyx,” Ria called out to her wolf, “You said you knew what happened in our past life. Do you know who killed us? Was it Dean?”

“No,” the Alpha inside of her responded, “lt wasn’t Dean. It was someone else.”

“l see,” she gritted through her teeth, “Don’t tell me about it now. This is a conversation for another time!”

The warriors were alerted when their car parked at a screeching halt Ria couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. The Lycans dutifully followed behind their Luna.

Brayden stormed out of his mansion, looking furious as hell, and Gideon had to growl at him to make him stop.

“Where is she?!” Riannon snarled, not even bothering to try and pretend anymore.

“That is the question for you,” Brayden hissed at her, “What did you do to my mate? Where is she?”

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