The Perfect Luna Chapter 64

“As you know, we live in a world where only the strongest and the fittest survive,” Brayden started his speech, “This is why it is so important for us to continue our bloodline and create heirs. When we become weaker, they can step up and take our place! For us wolves, this is crucial. Otherwise, our pack will be done!”

Riannon stood and listened to his speech next to her former self, remembering almost every word he spoke that fateful evening. One could never forget when they were humiliated like that. Looking at her old self, she was proud of her for not breaking down in front of everyone. By that time, she didn’t have anyone close for support.

“My legal wife Riannon and I have tried to have pups for some time now,” he continued on with his grand speech. It was a lie. They didn’t try to have children and had actually planned to have them later. He now used their absence to justify what he was doing. Apparently, it was working because he received sympathetic glances from the crowd. “But, we were unsuccessful.” He even let out a heavy sigh. She wanted to slap him for the blatant lies he so easily spewed. Ria also realised that if she was made of flesh, she would have said something, would have fought for her honour and defended herself against all odds. She had changed a lot despite not much time passing.

Still, she was a bodiless spirit and couldn’t change anything in what was happening. She was here to learn.

“You also know the Moon Goddess blessed me and helped me find my true mate, Roxanne! I didn’t understand the will of the Goddess at the beginning, but Selene is wise and she knows what she is doing. So, my beautiful mate with the kindest heart in the world became pregnant with my pup and has ensured our pack’s future! After very careful consideration, I realize my mistakes. I was worried that Roxy here was just an omega, but she has taught me a valuable lesson and has proved the importance of mates.”

Ria remembered how every one of his words was punctuated with the beating of her heart resounding in her ears, and she touched the hand of her past self as she stood there knowing it wouldn’t help, yet, helpless to do anything else.

“This is why I had to take a very hard, be it drastic, but still, very important decision for the sake of our pack.

Today, I received approval of my divorce and our path with my wife Riannon Tho-Michaels must part. Riannon Michaels, I reject you as my chosen mate. With a heavy heart, I denounce you as the Luna of this pack, but as my dear friend, you are always welcome to live here as a regular member of the pack. I promise to take care of you as I do of everyone else here.”

“No, thanks,” the present Ria snorted to herself.

People around them whispered and gasped, while a lot of the others nodded in approval. Ria tried to remember their faces this time. Anything could be crucial.

“Moving on from the sad news,” Brayden prompted raising his voice, “Let me introduce the new Luna of the Silver River pack! Roxanne Belgrave!

He stretched his hand out, and Roxanne walked in dressed in a golden maternity dress. Just as tacky as Ria remembered.

“She will become Roxanne Thorn in the near future,”

Bray went on, looking at the fox with gleaming eyes, “But, she starts her Luna duties today. Roxanne, do you swear to serve as Luna of this pack and to always have the best interest of our people in your heart?”

“I do, Alpha,” the vixen said proudly.


“Do you promise to devote your life to the pack’s safety?”

“I do.” More lies.

“Do you swear you will work hard every day for the pack’s prosperity?”

“I do, Alpha.” Lies, again.

“Roxanne Belgrave, by the will of the Moon Goddess Selene, I pronounce you the new Luna of the Silver River pack!” Brayden growled and wolves around them began howling in celebration. This was the moment when the past Ria wanted to leave, but then she heard something else.

“I want to seal this joyful day with a promise of my eternal love for my beautiful mate, Luna, and future wife!”

Brayden announced, walking behind Roxy. He carefully took all of her hair to one side and placed a soft k!ss on her exposed neck. She m0aned lightly and Riannon remembered how it made her stomach turn.

The Alpha extended his canines and grazed them over the girl’s skin. She let out another m0an which seemed to do the trick, as he sunk his teeth into her flesh, marking her for life.

This moment! This was when the past Riannon finally ran away, pushing through people who did not care about her anymore. It was strange how quickly they changed their opinions and emotions, switching their loyalties from Ria to Roxy. Ria noticed from the corner of her eye, Alice had offered her old self a drink. Something with alcohol this time, which the former Luna drank in one gulp before walking away. The omega who served her looked guilty, but in a few seconds she was approached by Marcus, who was clearly flirting with her.

Ria closed in on the two of them, observing them carefully.

“I’ve been watching you for a while now, Alice,” Marcus smiled charmingly at the young maid, whose cheeks instantly flushed at his words. She was clearly inexperienced, and he was clearly a player. An elite warrior at that. Dating someone like him was probably  beyond her wildest dreams.

“You know my name?” she asked in awe, raising her eyes at him. For a second there Riannon felt pity for the young clueless girl who had fallen into the big bad wolf’s trap. Then Ria noticed the glass that still contained traces of aconite which the omega used to poison her past self. The pity that filled Ria’s heart for the young omega faded away as she watched the man take the girl away from the ensuing party.

She followed them into the woods where they were making out passionately. Marcus roughly turned the girl to face the huge oak tree and lifted up the skirt of her summer dress. He didn’t even bother taking her underwear off, instead he moved it roughly to the side to gain access. He took her roughly,but she seemed to enjoy it, even when he laced his fingers around her neck while pumping into her from behind. Riannon turned away as this was the last thing she wanted to see. Too soon she heard him grunt which could only mean he was done. Alice m0aned. Not quite believable. After all, the whole tryst lasted just a minute or two. Riannon heard a snap and a thud, turning back to see the girl laying dead on the ground with her head in an unnatural angle as he tucked his member back into his jeans.

He lifted the girl’s feet and dragged her away with no emotion evident on his face. At this moment, Ria promised herself to kill him as soon as she returned.

People like Marcus didn’t deserve a second chance.

Ria did not follow him as he dragged Alice’s body.

She knew she had to be in a different place to uncover what she really came back in time to learn.

Returning to the party, she found Roxy celebrating herself as the new queen Bof the pack. She was surrounded by a lot of people, but not long afterward, she began sighing aloud and complaining about how tired she was.

“It’s hard to carry an Alpha baby.” she giggled, “He is so strong and healthy. He kicks me every day and hard too. It’s exhausting.”

“You need rest, my dear,” Harper consented, giving her a hug and caressing her abdomen, “The future of our pack is literally inside you. Maybe that’s enough celebration for tonight I think it’s time to take your vitamins.”

“You are right,” Roxy agreed, nodding to the disappointment of the others around them, “l’d better listen to my sister-in-law. You are the best, Harp.”

“Just sister,” Harper beamed, “I always wanted a real sister and never had one before. Until you.”

That was a jab at her, but Riannon didn’t care anymore.

She followed them as they went back into the ,house and all the way back to Brayden’s bedroom, which Roxy was sharing with him tonight. Harper helped her to sit in a comfortable chair, which was new. Just a week prior, Roxanne had ordered a complete makeover of their house, throwing away everything Ria had ever touched.

Or loved.

“Thank you,” the fox accepted the pills and the glass of water Harper handed to her, “You are so sweet.

Did you manage to talk to Ash?”

“No,” the girl sat in another armchair, frowning, “It feels like he is avoiding me.”

They sat in silence for a while until Roxanne  spoke.

“l already told you what the problem is,” the fox stated, innocently playing with her hair.

“She will be leaving the pack soon,” Harper responded, folding her hands on her chest and her nostrils flared visibly, “Then we will finally have a chance. Ash wouldn’t leave his Beta position for her.

“Oh, Harp.” Roxy sighed and it didn’t look natural at all, “I don’t know how to tell you- I heard rumours between the omegas that he is going to propose to her tonight.”

“What?” Brayden’s sister shifted uncomfortably in her seat and looked at her so-called friend in shock, “It’s impossible!”

“I am sorry,” Roxanne put her glass of water onto the coffee table, “People have seen him buy a ring and heard him brag to his friends about it. She will have his mark on her neck tomorrow. I just-I don’t want you to suffer. You know lI would do anything for you. You are like a real sister to me!”

“What shall I do?” Harper teared up, her lips trembling, “I love him so much. I’ve waited for him to notice me for years.”

“I think he likes you-a lot” Roxy placed her palm on top of hers, “When I see the two of you together, you look like the perfect couple. But Riannon-She has her way with men. Sometimes I think she is a witch or something. There couldn’t be any other explanation.

“Right,” her sister-in-law nodded, “Ash is not his usual self when he is with her–“

“I hate it, Harp.” Roxanne squeezed her arm tightly.

“I think this happened to your brother as well. Only the power of his true mate bond helped him get rid of that- unhealthy infatuation.”

“It’s of no help to me though” Harper threw her head back. “We aren’t true mates.”

“But, it’s still true love,” the fox conned, weaving her bewitching web, “You have to fight for love. Imagine how your life would change if Riannon Michaels was not in it.”

“Don’t tempt me.” Harper let out a harsh laugh, then she quietened.

“Oh, no,” slipped out off Ria’s lips, “It couldn’t have been you!”

She knew Harper did not like her, hated her even.

However, this was too much. She couldn’t-She didn’t have it in her. Did she?

“I can’t do anything about her,” her ex-sister-in-law muttered, “She is way stronger than me.”

Roxanne stood up from her chair and went to Brayden’s bar. There she found a bottle of Irish cream and poured some into a glass, throwing in a few ice cubes from the mini-fridge. While she was bending, she retrieved a little vile from a pocket of her dress. Ria watched as she added the whole little bottle into the drink and mixed it quickly, offering it to Harper afterwards.

“Drink it,” she smiled, “You will feel better.”

She watched the girl as she slowly drank gulp after gulp.

“You know, if you were to consider doing this after all,” Roxy offered, sitting on the armrest of the chair to be closer to her victim, “then today would be the best day to do it.”

“Why?” Harper looked at her with eyes that had a problem focusing.

“Because she is vulnerable and weak after the rejection earlier.” The fox smirked, leaning into the she-wolf’s ear, she whispered, “And, because she was given sedatives today to make her weaker and slower.

There wouldn’t be a second chance like this to get rid of her”

“Then, you do it!” Harper snorted.

“l can’t.” Roxy shrugged her shoulders, sulking.” Shifting may harm the baby. I can, however, provide you with an alibi. I could be with you when you do it–“

“Brayden will find out-and Ash.”

“I will take care of Brayden,” Roxanne assured her, “

As for Ash, you could be the one to make him forget about everything.”

“I don’t know,” Harper mumbled and she didn’t look her usual self. She tried to focus her vision on anything, and struggled with with the effort it took.

“Fine,” Roxy snapped. Standing up, she sighed in disappointment. “Forget about it. Maybe this is why he chose her-She has guts. If it was the other way around, she would have killed you without hesitation. I guess.

Ash loves stronger women. I’ll probably need to start looking for a cottage for the two of them tonmorrow. He would want to start a family as soon as possible-“

Riannon stood in front of Harper, still not believing what was going on. Harper’s wolf wasn’t even brown! It was red!

But-in the light of the moon and dying from the poison, could she have really been able to tell the correct shade? Red wolf fur could have been easily mistaken for brown in dim lighting.

“Do you think the house that the Petersons occupied will do for a Beta and his wife? Or would they want something bigger?” Roxy queried, torturing the lovesick girl beside her.

“No, stop,” Harper said in a hoarse voice, “I will do it. Just-help me.”

“No,” Ria whispered helplessly.

“Of course,” Roxanne giggled, “Let’s go. She must be ready by now. All you need to do is shift and finish her off. I’ve already done half the work.”

They walked out of the room, leaving Riannon alone. She didn’t know whether tó follow them or remain in her shell-shocked state. She had uncovered what she came here to find. The pain in her chest was enough of an indicator that she was done.

However, after careful consideration, Ria ran after the two murderous- She couldn’t fathom a word which could sufficiently describe these two self-serving females..


Riannon had to see this for herself. To know for.

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