The Perfect Luna Chapter 67

She came back to Gideon, and he spread his arms to take her into his la*p as she showed him the caller ID.

She could feel his whole body becorne rigid under hers.

“What does he want?” the Lycan King grunted, wrapping his arms possessively around his still n*ked mate.

“Let’s find out.” She giggled, leaning into him and answering the call.

“Ri,” she heard her ex-husband voice and listened in disbelief that he still had the audacity to call her that.

What was he thinking? “Thank you for picking up,” he said, sounding slightly lost. They were not together anymore, but after years of a relationship with him, she knew everything there was to know about him.

Something was wrong.

“How can I help you, Alpha Thorn?” she asked in a business-like manner, dry and cold, yet respectful.

“Help is the right word,” he sighed, as if it was hard for him to speak, “Help is exactly what I need from you, Riannon.”

“Wow, that was fast,” her lips curved into a smirk,”

You’ve had your own pack for one day, and you already need my help?”

“It’s complicated,” Brayden offered, getting more agitated.

“Just cut straight to the chase,” she commanded, giving her mate a disapproving look as he slowly started to car3ss her body and made her feel things she preferred not to feel while on the phone with her ex.

“Something happened right before you came to my pack,” The Alpha on the phone line continued, “I checked the footage from my land and saw Roxy and Harper taking a walk when they were attacked and kidnapped by two masked guys.”

She was happy he couldn’t see her roll her eyes.

Wondering what she had seen in Brayden to have fallen for him in her past,. Ria looked at her mate and realized by assessing his facial expression that he was thinking the same thing.

“Seriously?” she responded, doing her best not to laugh, “You seriously believe that?”

“I saw it with my own eyes,” Brayden declared, sounding confident.

“Very well,” Riannon snorted, “what does your so-called mate and your sister possibly have to do with me?”

“I was getting to that.” It seemed this conversation was hard for him.”The kidnappers contacted me and they want to meet.”

“Go meet them then,” she retorted, retracting her shoulders, “Again, why do you call me?”

“That’s the thing.” Bray gr0aned, “They said they would only meet with the alpha and the Luna of the pack. I tried to explain to them that we are divorced, but they are not convinced and still insist on us arriving there together. They threatened to start cutting their fingers off if we didn’t agree.”

“You do realise it’s a trap, right?” She tried to maintain a serious tone but Gideon’s hand went all the way down between her thighs and made her bite her lip.

He knew how to play her like an instrument and the mate bond was on his side.

“Of course, I do,” her ex said through gritted teeth, “

It is a trap. I still have to try and save them.”

“She is not your mate, Bray.” Riannon placed her head on the lycan’s shoulder, trying to control the sounds coming out of her. She wanted to grab his hand and stop him, but he caught her arm and held it in place.

Her other hand was busy holding her cell. She was trapped as he continued reminding her of who her true mate was. Not that she objected.

“l am not convinced,” she heard her ex say in a dark tone, and was glad she rejected him back at the Summit, and there was no way for him to know that he wasn’t the focus of her attention now. “Besides,” he continued, his voice suddenly sounded slightly broken, “Roxanne is pregnant.”

“It doesn’t mean you are the father,” she challenged, making her point, “Dean went willingly with her, Bray. She had power over him. Just like she has it over you. You are hardly her only man.”

“Even so,” he prattled on. Evidently, he didn’t want to agree. “There is still a chance the pup is mine.

Besides, Harper is there too. You wouldn’t want to leave her in this situation, Ri, right?”

“Hmm.” She bit her lip as Gideon found that one spot yet again. Every circular motion he made forced her body to react. Otherwise, she would have burst out laughing. “I don’t know, Bray. She hates me. Do I owe her anything? I don’t think so.”

“You’ve changed,” her ex grunted.

“Yes,” she agreed, almost screaming as she was reaching her peak and on top of that, Gideon was now breathing into her fresh and her still sensitive mark. His tongue flickered over it, and this time her eyes rolled for very different reasons.

“Ri, are you all right?” Brayden sounded concerned, but this time the Lycan King grazed his teeth over her skin and she shuddered on his fingers, as her cl*max took over her body.

“Yes!” she repeated, trying to get her breath under control as tingles burst all over her. She tried to remember what they were talking about as Gideon chuckled, licking his fingers, and she jabbed him with her elbow. After a second thought, she leaned towards him and slammed her lips into his, thanking him for the pleasure he gave her. As she felt him ready to go on, she motioned for him to stop and let her finish the conversation.

“Are you sure everything is fine?” her ex queried, not giving up, “I can come now if you want me to.”

She wanted to tell him she had already come, but that would be rude so she bit her tongue.

“Back to the matter we discussed,” she redirected, clearing her throat as she distanced herself from her mate, who looked way too tempting. This was important.

The scenes from their past remained before her eyes, and she couldn’t be careless moving forward. “Give me a reason to help you, Bray. I don’t see why I should even bother with it. And don’t give me any sentimental crap.

After what the three of you made me go through, I am not buying any of that. Do you need my help? Fine. I need something in return. What can you offer?”

“”He really did not expect this turn of events, instead hoping she would just do this little favour for him out of the kindness of her heart. Then it occurred to him that she probably knew about the money. He assumed this was exactly what could persuade her. “I will give your pack half of the funds I have. I am sure you already know that-“

“That you stole from me,” she snorted, pulling on a silky robe, “Yeah, I received a notification from the bank, Bray.”

There was a heavy silence between the two of them.

“I will give you half of it back,” he managed to say after a while, and she giggled.

“Oh, Brayden,” she condescended as she sat on the desk in the room. The sight of her on top of the desk made Gideon growl, “! already have half. Or did you forget I was the one managing the money?”

“You mean-” Brayden was lost for words.

“I mean, I thought you could do something like this after our divorce, and I took precautions,” she said as she smiled, knowing that even though he didn’t see it, he knew she was doing it.

“What did you do?”

She chuckled before answering, “Oh, I did a lot of things. Invested here and there. Opened a new account in my name. On top of that, my Luna salary. I never spent a penny of it, so it’s all stil there. In my name. So, I am fine. In fact, I am better off than you.”

“I should have known,” he snarled at her over the phone.

“You didn’t pay attention,” she giggled, “You know, I would have given you that other half of the money if you didn’t decide to steal from me, knowing what it would mean for a whole pack. You can call it a test, which you didn’t pass.”

“Half of everything you just listed should be mine according to the law,” Brayden argued as he tried to-get out of this mess, “It could be traced and checked.”

“That’s the beauty of small print, which you hate so much,” Riannon jumped off the table and circled the desk to sit in the chair, “According to the new law, which you personally helped me to push through, I get what belonged to my father’s pack, considering inflation and all. Plus, I get what I earned as a Luna during my time as one and everything which was gifted to me or bought in my name during the marriage. Before you say anything, I have your written permission, verified by both our lawyers years ago. Everything is legal. Thank you for your generosity.”

She heard the obvious sound of something breaking on the other end of the line and waited, giving her ex time for his tantrum.

“So, you wouldn’t help me,” he growled angrily after a while.

“Oh, I will,” she smirked, locking her eyes with Gideon, “It’s just that it’s going to be on my terms and not yours. You will do as I say or I am out.”

“What do you want?” he asked, admitting his Bongs defeat.

“For now, I want you to set a date.” Ria’s tone changed to icy cold because all her jokes were done.

Gideon noticed the shift, admiring his Queen’s ability to keep her cool at all times.

“When?” he asked, “I wanted to get them back as soon as possible.”

“One step at a time, Bray,” Riannon warned him, “I am not walking into a trap unprepared. Tell them we will meet in forty-eight hours. Don’t tell anyone about our deal, not even your new Beta.”

“I think that should be my decision.” Brayden still wanted to be in control.

“Very well,” she pronounced the words in the sweetest tone, “Suit yourself. And good luck with the rescue thing. Bye!”

“Wait!” the Alpha sounded desperate. Finally, he knew she had him. “Ill do as you say. Just help me.”

“This is just one of the conditions, Bray,” Riannon informed him calmly, “You will owe me one. We will make a written deal about this. You can make a few conditions of your own, but you will still owe me. And, I will collect it whenI like it.”

He didn’t give her an answer at once. However, she knew he was considering it.

“Fine,” her ex agreed after all, “You have a deal. I will not tell a single soul. I wasn’t going to anyway.”

“Great,” now her voice sounded cheerful, “I will call you tomorrow to give you more details of my plan.

Remember what I say goes. Don’t you dare play any tricks on me when we are there. It will cost you. Literally.

Don’t forget that I was” “There is no need for this,” he interrupted her and then let out a sad sigh, “Ri, I know I screwed up with you. You are not my enemy. You will never be my enemy.

Whatever you do. Even if I am angry. You are-“

“I think it’s time to finish this conversation.” Gideon snapped as he moved next to her in less than a second, fuming slightly. He didn’t want that pathetic wolf to try coaxing his queen.

“Remember the deal,” Riannon said dryly, not wishing to hurt her mate. Brayden was her past. Gideon was her everything. “See you soon.”

She switched off her phone and threw it on the desk.

“You are a scary woman, Riannon Michaels,” the Lycan smirked, “l am lucky you are on my side.”

“You sure are,” she teased as she let out a snort, tapping her fingers over the armrest of her chair. Their eyes met, and their smiles dropped from both their faces.

It was time to work.

“Let’s begin,” Ria furrowed her brows.

“That’s clearly a trap,” Gideon stated firmly, “They are interested in you because that fox would have told them everything.”

“We can still use it to our advantage,” his mate’s lips curled into a sneer as she rebutted his insinuation,

They have no idea how much we know about them. All  we need is a good plan.”

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