The Perfect Luna Chapter 68

“Will you just tell me what the exact problem is?”

Riannon was losing her patience with her mate. This was the first time they disagreed on an issue, and it was a very new experience. Not to mention confusing. She didn’t like this at all.

“Can you just trust me on this?” Gideon persuaded, running his hand over his face, “That pathetic excuse of a king isn’t worth talking about.”

“See, this is the problem.” Riannon placed her diamond studs into her ears while she watched him in the mirror. “I can tell there is a story, but you are not sharing this with me.”

“There isn’t too much to share,” he finally admitted as he buttoned his shirt, leaving the last two buttons undone. Just the way she liked it.

“You’re doing this again,” Ria reprimanded him with a small smile on her lips, “and here I thought you could share anything with me. We need that alliance; you know that.”

“Fine,” he growled, surrendering to her, and stood by the window to check if Reid and Maya were waiting for them outside, “We would have already been in an alliance with the Northern Kingdom. It was in plans my father had worked for quite diligently.”

“What happened?” Riannon was interested now more than ever, sensing this something worth hearing.

“They wanted an alliance through marriage,” he finally confessed, giving a pointed cough which alerted her at once to why he did not like this story.

“Who was the happy couple?” she asked, regretting asking him about the North.

“It was supposed to be me and Kai’s sister, Elene.”

Kai was the name of the Northern King. Riannon  knew because it was her job to know these things. The mysterious Princess of the Northern Kingdom. There was no information about her to be found anywhere.

They hid her as if she was their most precious. She didn’t notice how her fists clenched. She did not like the thoughts which plagued her mind. Did he have a betrothed? Did they have a history? Did he k!ss her? Have they done other things? He didn’t get all these bedroom skills from nowhere. She knew he had experience, and she did not care before. Nonetheless, Onyx growled angrily inside of her, sharing in her thoughts.

“How nice.” She didn’t know why her voice came out so high-pitched. She wasn’t herself.

Gideon strolled towards her from across the room and caught her in his arms.

“It never happened, Ria,” a smirk danced on his lips as he pulled her closer and took a deep breath, inhaling her scent.

“Why?” she looked at him, feeling her heart beat faster. She needed to know this for so many reasons.

“I refused,” he told her, lowering himself to place his forehead on hers.

“Why did you?” she rubbed her nose over his, feeling his warmth spreading over her. He was the one who said no to the princess. Not the other way around.

This knowledge was important to her for some reason, and Onyx was now calmer inside of her.

“I did it because of you,” Gideon said. Riannon wanted to let out a little laugh, but when she opened her eyes and saw him staring at her, her smile faded.”

Because deep inside, even though I never wanted to admit it, I have always wanted to find you, my mate. My one and only. Mine.”

She felt a stab of guilt deep inside her chest. He had waited for her. He risked a relationship with another kingdom because of the possibility that he could find her. Meanwhile, she gave up on him early on in her life and married Brayden, the biggest mistake of her life.

“This is why you think you will not be able to form an alliance with him?” she asked, instead of telling him what she really wanted to tell, “It was years ago as far as I understand. Maybe he has cooled down after your refusal.”

“No,” Gideon stepped away and rubbed the back of his neck, “This isn’t the end of the story.”

For a few moments, he didn’t say anything, which scared her a little. How bad was the fallout between them?

“Do tell,” Riannon insisted, furrowing her brows and bracing herself for the worst.

“The deal was made between our parents, which they conveniently brushed under the rug.” her mate continued, “They were wise and did not want to ruin our relationship. However, after his father and then my parents passed away, everything changed. We both became kings, but we couldn’t maintain a civil partnership. He competed against me in everything, and it never ended well. What was worse is that one day he sent us a message that he wanted to arrange another marriage between our royal families. He asked for Savvy’s hand in marriage. She was just fifteen at the time!”

Riannon bit her tongue. She was also fifteen when her parents started talking about her marrying Brayden.

It was typical for alpha families and especially for the royals.

“Ria, I couldn’t do that to my sister” Gideon sighed.

She knew he felt responsible for Savannah. In many ways, he replaced their father in her life. “She was just a kid back then. She deserved better than this. Better than a contract marriage. But of course, Kai’s pride couldn’t take another refusal. Sometimes, I think he proposed so he could trap me in the first place. Then he could use it all as a perfect excuse to do whatever he wanted. He is such a pr!ck, Ria. Honestly.”

She walked toward him and brushed her palm over his cheek, enjoying the prickles his stubble gave her.

“We still need to talk to him,” she said firmly and judging by his knitted brows, this was not what he expected.

“Ria, I am telling you,” he grunted, but she placed a finger on his lips to make him stop and then met his gaze.

“No, Gideon, I am telling you. We need him.” She looked him in the eye in the hope that he would see everything that was on her mind. “We are not letting people die because of your pride. And his. We don’t know which werewolf packs would betray you. There are too many pieces of the puzzle that we don’t have. However, one thing is certain, they were sure they wouldn’t be able to handle both of you. We have to use it. Otherwise, we still may lose. And I don’t want to witness anything like that ever again.”

“Fine,” the Lycan King growled in annoyance. In truth, he knew that for herhe would do whatever it took.

We will try to deal with Kai after all this mess.”

She couldn’t hold back her grin and stood on the tips of her toes to give him a quick k!ss.

“That’s my king,” she praised him, “And now, it’s time for the show!”

They met with Maya, Reid, and Ash outside of the mansion as they still didn’t have time to check the building properly and were not sure there were any surprises from the foxes and bears inside.

“Ash,” Riannon addressed, turning to her Gamma, ” You will need to keep an eye on Marcus at all times. In no way do you make him feel special today. He is just a regular warrior for you, so give him his usual tasks. See who he talks to, and at three o’clock, make sure the warriors have a run through the eastern side of the forest.”

“What for?” Ash asked, looking curious.

“He is a traitor, and I need him to have something to give to his masters,” Riannon smirked and then turned to Maya, noticing how her friend looked better than she expected. “Are you-“

“I am fine,” her best friend interrupted, “Just tell me what to do.”

“Well, we have Dean’s funeral tonight. His body will be cremated according to our traditions, and the whole pack will be present,” Ria started to explain.

“There is no need for this,” Maya stopped her, and now her eyes were glistening with tears that threatened to escape her, “He was also one of the traitors.”

“He was misled” Riannon offered, giving her a weak smile, “l am not judging him for what happened. We will ,never know all the details. Maya, he can help us now. Let him.”

They stared at each other for some time, and then the Beta simply nodded, giving her permission.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“I want you to be you and drown yourself in work,” Ria informed her, “I need you to assign every omega you can find a task which would keep them busy. Everyone but Alice. Make her help in the kitchen today. Let only the chef remain with her. I need her there.”

“Why would you need Alice?” Maya was surprised to hear the omega’s name. She knew the omega, but she was never anyone special, to begin with, to pay her any attention.

“She works for the foxes,” Gideon told her, and the Beta’s eyes glowed as she tried to control her wolf.

“I will kill her,” she growled.

“Not if you want real revenge,” Ria interjected, and it helped. “We need her alive right now.”

“ls this why you want Marcus too?” Maya gritted her teeth, still fighting with herself, “He is a traitor too?”

“Yes,” Riannon nodded, and Ash growled.

“Do you realise what you are asking?” the Beta had her claws out, “If they are traitors, then they are the ones guilty of Dean’s death! They could have helped Roxy ,catch him.”

“We will deal with them when the time comes,” Ria promised, “Right now, we need to take care of everyone.

The time for revenge will come. I swear.”

“If you can’t perform Beta’s job at the moment, everyone will understand,” Gideon said, and Riannon gave him a glare. However, this was what prompted Maya to calm down, and she immediately retracted her claws.

“No, I am fine,” Maya said as Reid wrapped his arms around her.

“I’Il be with you the whole time,” he promised, leaning down and kissing her forehead.

“Okay.” Riannon confirmed, forcing a little smile,”

We will meet after the funeral and talk. I have a lot to tell you all. But work first.”

Gideon and Reid both remained at the pack, each guarding their own mate. They started by searching the Luna’s and the Alpha’s offices and found a few bugs in Brayden’s old desk and bookshelves. However, her office was clean.

“This is a bit insulting,” Ria mocked, rolling her eyes, “As if they didn’t pay me any attention!”

“That was obviously a big mistake on their part,” , the Lycan chuckled, “Look what happened thanks to that  oversight!”

They soon had a map before them where Riannon had already made a few marks. Now, all they had to do was wait. Alice didn’t make them wait long.

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