The Perfect Luna Chapter 72

Riannon tried not to display any emotions in front of the Fox King, as his men dragged Harper into the room.

Not that she was experiencing a lot of emotions when it came to Harper. For a second there, she was afraid it would be Maya. However, seeing her ex’s sister actually made her feel relieved. She was a sacrifice Ria was willing to make if she absolutely had to.

Harper looked even worse for wear than the last time she saw her. It had probably been hours since she switched off in the woods. Ria guessed Castiel didn’t  have a luxurious room ready for Harper.

“What is this?” she asked, c0cking her brow as stared at the Fox King, absolutely unimpressed.

“Riannon!” Harper whimpered, but Ra ignored her.

The less attention Ria paid to her, the better. She couldn’t show Castiel she cared even one bit. That would seal the girl’s destiny, and she would prefer not to have that on her conscience.

“You know exactly what this is.” The man sneered, brushing his hand through his medium-length hair.

“What does Brayden’s sister have to do with me?”

She nonchalantly shrugged her shoulders.

“You came to save her, remember?” he reminded her, and she let out a little laugh.

“Seriously? That’s your leverage?” she scoffed. “

You know quite well why I came here. It wasn’t for her.”

“You b*tch!” Harper screeched, and Riannon rolled her eyes. “I knew you were like this! You worthless –

“If she is this insignificant and has no use for you, I don’t think I have use for her as well. She played her part.

” Castiel clicked his fingers, and one of the warriors hit the back of Harper’s knees, making her fall down. The  other grew his claws and grabbed the girl’s hair with a free hand, digging them into her flesh almost to the point of bleeding.

Ria pursed her lips. She did not owe anything to Harper. Especially not after what she saw in her past.

Still, she wasn’t a murderer. Besides, Harper hadn’t done anything yet. Maybe, just maybe, there was still a way to save her.

However, letting Castiel think Harper meant something to her would be a mistake. He would use the girl against her again and again. She wasn’t aware yet of what he wanted from her in the first place.

Everything seemed like a game to him. The smirk on his face was proof of that. She decided to try and play with him as well.

“It’s up to you.” Riannon relaxed her back into the chair and looked at Harper indifferently. ” I am surprised you think she has already played her part.”

Her opponent chuckled, and Ria locked eyes with her ex-sister-in-law for a quick second. The girl clearly wanted to say something but clenched her lips as claws dug a bit deeper into her neck.

“Elaborate on that, please,” Castiel encouraged her.

“Just because she doesn’t mean much to me, doesn’t mean she has no use for you.” Ria chose every word carefully. “She is still Brayden’s sister. Brayden is still the Alpha of The Silver River pack.”

“Which is bankrupt. How long until his own people turn on him or other Alphas come to claim his land?” the Fox King smirked, looking at her with amusement.

“My Beta or Gamma will give him the money due after our divorce,” Ria lied calmly. She had considered it, but did not give such an order yet. Those were insignificant details now. “His pack will be thriving in no time. No one would start a war, knowing we have another one looming over us.”

He watched her as she spoke. She did not like his gaze on her. She did not care for his interest. She did not want it.

“Take her back to her cell” Castiel commanded, and his men obeyed, yanking Harper back to her feet. Tears rolled down her cheeks, ruining the remnants of her mascara. At least, she refrained from shouting insults at Ria. The last look she exchanged with Ria showed how perplexed and lost she felt.

The door behind them closed. Riannon immediately realised the two of them were alone in this strange room.

“Onyx, are you here?” She called to her wolf even though she could feel her, she needed to hear her voice inside her mind, she needed the confirmation that what had happened the last time wasn’t happening again.

“Present,” Onyx replied immediately. “Do not worry, I am never leaving you again.”

“How are you feeling? Are we-“

“We are at full strength,” the wolf assured her. “You are safe because we are more than capable of taking care of ourselves.”

All was well, and Ria let out a sigh of relief, which Castiel interpreted as something other than Ria had intended.

“So,” he taunted her with a vague smile on his lips.

His eyes travelled over her body a bit bolder than before, and she felt the need to cover herself from him.

However, she did no such thing and straightened her back instead.

“What do you want from me?” she snapped, narrowing her eyes at the arrogant man beside her.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He asked as a sneer formed on his handsome face. Even now, she couldn’t deny he was ridiculously good-looking.

“Nothing is obvious until you say it out loud,.” Ria rolled her eyes and watched the Fox King stand up and slowly pace around the room. He wasn’t nervous though.

lt was yet another game for him. So, when he turned sharply to face her, and his stormy grey eyes pierced hers, she gulped, feeling uneasy.

“I want you,” Castiel said plainly, but in such a tone there could be no misunderstanding between them.

“Don’t be ridi” She began, but he interrupted her.

“You asked me a question, and now you will listen to my response,.” He stepped in closer, and she wanted to leave the chair and walk away from him. Unfortunately for her, the Fox King lowered himself toward her.

Towering over her, he pinned his hands by her sides. “I have been looking for a worthy woman for quite some time. You see, I néed a Luna myself. Someone whom I can admire and rely on. A partner.”

“That’s definitely not me!” she snorted, but instead of backing off, he grabbed her chin to make her look at him.

“But, you could be.” His eyes lingered over her lips as his thumb brushed over the lower one, parting them.

She yanked her head away, and to her surprise, he didn’t persist, returning to the armchair next to her. A sigh of disappointment left him as proof that her reaction bothered him, that he cared.

“Hardly.” she challenged, turning away from him.

“I watched you. I have to say you have surprised me more than once.” He confessed, rubbing his chin.

“I’ve never met anyone so captivating.”

“ls this why you cancelled your order to get rid of me?” Ria taunted him, but he didn’t seem embarrassed at all.

“Yes,” he replied honestly. “I saw you as an obstruction. After I met you, I changed my mind. I am rarely this interested in anyone. The more I find out about you, the more I want you by my side.”

“Too bad l have a mate,” she interrupted him. She did not need any confessions of adoration from their enemy. She had suspected he was interested in her for a while now.

“Not for long.” He snapped his head in her direction. “My plan is working, and soon I will be rid of the Lycans’ influence. Your-The Lycan King will be dead. Werewolves will lose their advantage over us and their influence. The era of wolves will be over.”

“Charming!” She dug her nails into the fabric of her chair, almost ripping it.

“You, however, I am willing to make an exception.”

He stretched his hands towards hers, but she j3rked it back. He took it well, not pushing further. “Become my Luna, Riannon, and l will make sure your pack survives.

Your feisty little friend and even your Gamma. They will keep their lives if you are next to me. Imagine what the two of us could do together!”

“How tempting!” Ria didn’t even bother trying to hide the poisonous contempt in her words.

“I will make it more tempting when you have become more accustomed to me,” he smirked. His smirk sent a chill down her spine,

“If you so much as-” she started, but Castiel interrupted her.

“l am not going to force you to do anything. I don’t need that” the Fox King affirmed, chuckling lightly. “I will find the key to your heart now that you are here. And we…

“In your dreams!” Ria wanted to let Onyx out simply to shut him up, but managed to stop in the nick of time.

Attacking him could ruin everything!

“This is enough for now.” Castiel stood up and walked to the door, placing his palm on the doorknob, ready to leave. But at the last moment, he turned to look at her again, “I will give you as much time as you need to accept me. I am not in a hurry.”

She wanted to slap him, kick him, rip his throat out.

“That will never happen!” She told him firmly.

“Never say never,” Castiel jibed, laughing openly, “

I’ll take that as a challenge and will only want you more. I still remember how you touched me the first time and called me handsome. I sure as hell remember you in that little silky thing in your bedroom. Don’t get me wrong, and do not provoke me. It’s hard enough to stay away from you as it is. I detest forcing women into anything.”

“Then don’t!'” Riannon stood up as well. “Let me go.

His gaze traced her from head to toes and a lazy smile danced on his lips, “No. You will stay here until you are ready. l am not in a rush. I want quality.”

“Are you seriously going to keep me locked in that room?” she scoffed, scowling.

“Of course not” he gave her a sly grin, “You are welcome to roam freely around this house. Meet its residents. I am sure some of them will help you speed up your decision.”

This was exactly what she needed, so she did not object this time. “You are also free to request whatever you need or like, and my people will get you anything with the exception of weapons, of course. Other than that, there are no limits.”

To that Riannon nodded quietly. She definitely could use that t0o.

“In the evening, I want us to have dinner together.

We have a lot to talk about,” Castiel informed her, “

Change into one of the dresses I’ve purchased for you.

You will look lovely-“

“If l don’t?” she challenged, raising a brow in defiance, which only widened his grin.

“Then Harper’s stay here will be a lot less comfortable.” That was a pure threat, and he left the room before she managed a snarky reply. So much for not trying to force her.

Wiping his bloody knuckles with a cloth after yet another unsuccessful interrogation, Gideon spotted the pack’s doctor.

“My King.” the doctor acknowledged, bowing politely, “The pregnant girl is properly healed. The baby is in no danger, and she is feeling better. You can talk to her if you like.”

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