The Perfect Luna Chapter 73

Gideon walked into the interrogation room and understood at once why they called it a VIP room. It wasn’t a dirty cellar like the other cells he had visited in the past twenty-four hours. This room had white matte glass walls, ceilings, and floors. A mounted desk and chairs sat in the middle. He knew at once this was a place she had built. Everything around him screamed her name. He cringed seeing the redhead fox in that space.

Roxanne insulted everything Riannon touched with her mere presence. But the moment she looked in his direction, he felt a wave of an indescribable sensation wash over him.

Gideon took a deep breath and could swear her lips curled a bit.

“Your majesty” she murmured in the sweetest tone, tilting her head so one of her shoulders was bare to his sight as the oversized hood she was given at the hospital fell off it.

“Luna Roxanne, so we meet again,” he said indifferently as he took a seat in front of her. She wrinkled her little nose, lowering her eyes.

“1 don’t think people should call me Luna anymore since l am in this place,” she sighed and stretched her cuffed hands to touch his palm, which rested on the desk. He did not j3rk his hand back, and she quickly squeezed his fingers with hers. “Please, tell me what is going on! No one is telling me anything.

He didn’t look at her when he heard the sound of tears falling on the desk. He felt another wave of that odd sensation overtake him. He couldn’t quite decipher it; however, he felt an urgent impulse to look at the woman who sat across him.

Roxy was crying, her face wet.

“Please, she squeaked helplessly.

I”ll see whatl can do” Gideon answered in a hoarse voice, squeezing her hand back.

“Really, my King?” She fluttered her lashes, blinking away tears, and one of them landed on his safe.”

It called to him. He bent down a bit to get closer to her.

“Of course” he said, “You and your baby will be skin.

She smiled at him. “You are so kind, your Majesty.

How can lever repay you?”

She leaned forward too, her fingers running up his arm as their lips almost touched.

“You can start by telling me where your damn fox lover would take my mate,” he gritted his teeth before pushing her away. A look of astonishment was evident on her face as she stared at him.

“Wh-what?” the girl mumbled. “Why”

“Why didn’t your siren powers work on me?” he scoffed. “Let’s see. Maybe because I am aware of who you are. Or maybe because l am a freaking LYCAN KING!

He let out a mighty growl, making the girl fall off her chair and crawl to the furthest corner away from him. She visibly shook, and he knew he had achieved the desired effect.

“Did you ever wonder why he never sent you to seduce a Lycan? Let alone me?” Gideon smirked. “Why waste your time on some Alpha when you could have been in the Lycan kingdom, ruining it from the inside?”

He circled the desk and looked down on her from where he stood with his hands folded on his chest.

That’s because lycans, and especially royal lycans, have the strongest metal shields. A cross-breed siren wouldn’t affect us.”

She stared at him but not a word about who she really was left her mouth. Not that he needed any confirmation.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, my king,” she sniffed pitifully, and he rolled his eyes.

“I don’t care about that” he shrugged. “Just tell me where your king took my mate?”

Her head snapped at him, and her lips twitched slightly, but she quickly returned to her ignorant mode.

“You are my king,” she said weakly and started sobbing, “I don’t know what you are talking about!

Please, let me out!”

He was next to her in an instant, yanking her back to her feet and lifted his hand with sharp extended claws ready to rip her neck.

“What the fvck?” The door opened, and Brayden growled loudly, storming in. “You don’t have the right even to touch my Luna!”

“Is she really your Luna? Have you acknowledged her? Did you mark her?” Gideon snarled angrily. “Even if you did, you can’t stop me from snapping her neck if she doesn’t start talking!”

The Alpha Council can!” Bray retorted, stepping forward with clenched fists. “I just summoned a new Alpha Summit! They all know what has happened and that you hold my Luna hostage.”

“I don’t care about your Luna!” Gideon let the girl go and was head-to-head with the werewolf in less than a second. “All I need is information! Get it for me, and the two of you are free to go!”

“Then, at least let us talk!” Brayden insisted, not budging.

“You have one hour!” the Lycan King grunted before leaving and slamming the door behind his back.

He took a deep breath. The room was soundproof and he couldn’t hear anything the couple talked about.

So, he didn’t waste any time opening the next door and walking into the observation room.

His queen was indeed wise because that wasn’t just a fortified matte glass in there. One wall contained a hidden window and at every angle behind the glass, cameras were installed, making it easy to observe every move inside the interrogation room on big screens where he sat in the observation room. The first thing he would do when all this was over, was build a room just like these in his palace.

Then again, who was he kidding? The first thing he would do would be take his mate over and over, and over again.

“You did well,” Ash praised the King. The King frowned. This wasn’t what he wanted to be doing. This wasn’t how he was used to handling things. However, since it was Riannon who was in danger and this little annoying redhead hybrid was the only one who could help him find her, he was willing to try and do anything.

He wasn’t above humiliating himself for her sake.

There were other ways to get information out of her, but she was pregnant. It seemed too cruel to interrogate her properly in that state.

He looked at Riannon’s Beta standing in the corner and eyeing Roxanne behind the glass. She was surprisingly calm with her arms folded on her chest. As if she hadn’t committed a grave mistake which cost her an Alpha.

Nonetheless, now wasn’t the time to think about her, and he turned to observe the show.

“Are you okay?” Brayden inquired, still standing where Gideon had left him a few seconds ago.

“Bray!” Roxanne cried as she threw herself in his arms, tucking her head in his neck. She smeared her tears all over his skin, and Gideon knew this was a trick.

From the quick research on sirens’ abilities, he did with Ria, they soon found out sirens seduced creatures not only with their sweet voices but also their good looks.

The females secreted pheromones which could drive almost any male crazy with lvst quite quickly. No wonder that i***t Brayden thought she was his mate. It was unusual to want someone that much when you were already mated. However, those tears of hers were especially dangerous.

They were a concentration of those pheromones and her own DNA. Every time it touched a male, the liquid marked them. Temporary, but it remained a bond of sorts making it easier to tempt them to like her. The mating sealed the deal. The chemical effects did wear off, so Roxy needed to top up the dose every day.

“I was so scared!” she whined, “First, I was kidnapped with Harper! I was so scared! Then, I was attacked by Maya for outing her earlier! She wanted to kill me, Bray! And now this! The Lycan King thinks I know something! Thanks to the Moon Goddess you are here!”

“Of course, Brayden k!ssed the top of her head, stroking her hair.”Don’t worry anymore. You are safe now. You are with me. Just tell me everything you know, and we will walk out of here. I promise.”

She distanced herself and looked wearily at him,

“But, I don’t know anything.”

“You need to give us something” he insisted calmly while he sat on the desk and pulled her closer. “

They think you are a traitor. They will not let you out if you don’t provide any valuable information.”

“But, wouldn’t it be proof of me actually being a traitor ifl did?” Roxanne flapped her long lashes.

“Of course not” he ensured, brushing his hand over her cheek. Just tell us where they kept you.

Remember, you were telling me something happened to your wolf, and it’s getting stronger. That you can memorise things easily, which will help you be a better Luna. Now is the time to use all that. I am sure you can find the place where they held you and Harper. If we find her, we will be able to leave and get married. Our baby will be safe.”

He placed his hand on her flat tummy, which wasn’t visible yet.

“Bray, I don’t remember a thing!” Roxy lied, and he sighed.

“It’s for our baby, my love,” he said gently. “Give them something priceless. Tell us the location, and we will leave today. You will live like a queen.”

“But, Harper told them about your accounts,” the girl sniffed. “Bray, did you even check them?”

“I did, and I have already sorted this. Do not worry. My Luna will ask for nothing, you will have everything. Our son will be the next Alpha.” He coaxed her, but Gideon could tell it wasn’t working.

“l am sorry” Roxanne confessed, lowering her head. “l already told Ash everything I knew. I don’t remember anything else. I am sure my strong Alpha will save me anyway. Right, Brayden? You will not leave me and your baby alone?”

She looked at him pleadingly, and he took her hands off her and walked a few steps away.

“I think that’s enough,” he stopped her when she wanted to get closer to him.

“Bray’ She mumbled, “what is going on?”

“Shift:” he ordered her in a cold voice, making her lips part in shock.

“Bray!” her tone begged for mercy as she stared at him helplessly. “What are you saying? Why?”

“I want to see your super special wolf. That’s all” he mocked. A smirk appeared on his face, and Gideon watched curiously. This wasn’t part of their plan. Then again, their plan just failed. She did not fall for it. So, they would have to try something else.

Maybe this Alpha wasn’t useless after all?

“Shift” the stone-cold voice commanded, making the little fox shiver. She knew it would be over for her if she did.

“Brayden-” New tears formed.

“Shift. Now.” He wasn’t reacting this time. If the person who was seduced by the siren was aware, their manipulation had a lessened effect. A lot less. This was how sailors survived on the sea in the old days. They knew exactly what kind of monsters these sirens were.

“l can’t shift!” Roxy sobbed, “l am still an omega!

It can hurt the baby. Your baby!”

“It seemed to be fine just a while ago,” he snapped, pulling out his phone and quickly swiping the screen. Then he shoved it into her face and Gideon could see a video playing. “You shifted into a fox to fight Maya. I hate to break it to you, my love,” he said sinisterly as every word was coated in poison, “but the genie is out of the bottle now. I know who you are.”

“Brayden!” She burst into tears whimpering loudly, throwing herself at him again.”l am still your mate! I couldn’t tell you I was a fox! You would never accept me. So, I lied about that. But only that!”

The Alpha looked at her, and a storm of emotions raged inside of him. How could he be so stupid? Why didn’t he see that before? He lost everything because of the deception of this woman. He wanted to snap her neck. Moreover, he knew the baby wasn’t his. The doctor ran some tests on Roxy, and the baby’s blood type meant he couldn’t be its father. Because that child, however small, didn’t have the Alpha marker in his or her blood. By the following morning, he would have DNA test results to confirm his suspicions once and for all. Looking at her now, he knew he wasn’t the father.

“You and this child will be dead by the end of the week if you don’t start speaking,” he said as coldly as he could before walking out and leaving her alone with her thoughts.

“Brayden! Brayden!” she screamed, but he stopped listening to her as soon as the door closed behind him. He went to the bathroom and washed his hands, face, and everywhere else she touched with her tears. He didn’t want any of it on him a moment more.

“How the hell do you have the footage from the woods?” Gideon growled behind his back as he walked in. His eyes glowed and Bray knew the Lycan King would rip him apart if he could.

“Just a few days ago, that used to be my border” he informed him. “Cameras were installed in a few places to spot intruders. I was lucky Maya ended up fighting Roxy right under one of them. That’s all. I have already checked everything else. There’s nothing useful.

“Can you see her in the video?” Gideon interrupted his speech.

“Just a bit” Bray admitted.

“Give it to me! Now!” the Lycan snarled at the Alpha. Brayden handed him the phone, and Gideon watched the short extract of what surely had been a long recording once before.

He saw a bear, a fox, and Roxanne in her human form. Then he saw another wolf attacking them, who was probably Maya. She was outnumbered but fought fiercely When Maya was done with fighting the first two beasts, Roxy shifted into a huge fox right in front of her.

A few moments later he saw her, his Riannon. She appeared from the depths of the forest and watched her friend fight. One breath, and then a dark figure appeared behind her. He placed some kind of fabric over her nose and mouth and held her tightly while she did absolutely nothing to fight him. Ria did not struggle at all.

Maya was done with Roxanne when she could see the man taking his mate away. She did not move either, instead she watched as the fox slowly shifted back to her human form and only occasionally glanced at her Alpha, who was being taken.

So many things were wrong with this video. The whole finale took a few seconds but an Alpha and a Beta were supposed to have better reactions in a situation like this.

“Bring me the rest of it!” Gideon ordered, sending the video to himself via messenger and turned his back to Brayden. “All of it!”

He went to the observation room, where Maya, Reid, and Ash watched Roxy cry hysterically in the Corner.

“So noisy!” Reid rolled his eyes, pointing at the fox who couldn’t see them behind the glass.

“Everyone out!” Gideon growled, and they all stared at him, not realising whether he was serious or if it was some kind of a joke. However, when he growled loudly and menacingly, they all stood up and headed for the exit.

“Not you, Maya,” the Lycan King motioned for the Beta to stay, and his own second looked at him questioningly. “We need to talk.”

After these words, Reid sighed in resignation and exchanged looks with his mate. But in the end, he left just like Ash, not defying his king’s command.

Maya did not seem worried or phased at all when Gideon handed her his phone with the very same video. She watched it, unbothered. In much the same way, she watched Riannon taken away.

“So; Gideon snarled, “would you like to explain what the hell that was?”

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