The Perfect Luna Chapter 75

Riannon tried not to grin. She couldn’t tell for sure if there were any cameras installed in this room, so she had to be extra careful just in case there were. To keep herself busy, she poured herself a glass full of wine and sniffed it to check that it wasn’t poisoned. Given the history she had with foxes, she could never be too careful.

She suspected the Fox King had some use for her now, so the drink would be clean of any substances other than alcohol. It was.

She took a long slow sip and listened carefully.

“l am not interested in the kind of problems they have,” Castiel snapped, sounding authoritative. There was no playfulness in his voice which she was used to. “

Tell them if they are not ready on time, they will share the destiny of those treacherous werecats.”

Riannon gulped. She remembered how Alpha Ramina had g informed them that foxes and bears had offered her to unite with their clans in the war against the wolves. This confirmed Ramina’s words at the summit.

“What about the wolves?” Castiel asked his companion, his tone displeased and arrogant even now.

“The Alpha told us they are ready to act and are waiting for your command.”

Images flashed before Ria’s eyes. Back in the past, she saw wolves fighting other wolves. It brought her to the conclusion they were talking about the traitors. She needed more. More information. At least something. A pack or the Alpha’s name, a location, anything that could help her find out who the traitors were!

“What about the white bear clan?” the Fox King inquired, keeping the interrogation of his subordinate while she froze on her seat.

“Their king says they will arrive soon. He still holds the same condition.”

Riannon placed her glass back on the table, trying not to crush the stem in her hand from all the tension.

White bears? This was a crucial piece of information.

That clan came from the North, and if she wasn’t mistaken, they lived right next to the North Lycan Kingdom.

“Tell him our allegiance is still in force if he keeps his word. We will help him deal with his Lycan King as soon as he helps us deal with ours.” Castiel now sounded content.

Nevertheless, it was Ria who was truly pleased, although she refrained from expressing herself. All her effort went into pretending not to care. Not to curl her Iips, not to cause any muscle to flinch on her beautiful face. She couldn’t give herself away. Performing at her best to look bored, Ria waited.

The two men discussed a few other things quickly, including doubling the security around the territory. That didn’t matter any longer. When Gideon came for her, she would be ready,

The doors opened again, and Castiel strode in with a faint smile on his face.

“Forgive me, Riannon,” he said, taking his seat. In that perfectly timed moment, servants appeared, bringing in the actual food. He probably ordered them to do it via the mind link.

“Oh, trust me,” she assured, straightening her back, “I was not offended. I think the less we see each other, the better.”

He swallowed the insult, knowing she wasn’t ready for him. Not yet. Castiel loved watching this strong, beautiful woman, who held herself like a queen even in captivity. Her every move was filled with grace and confidence. He had princesses in his harem, but none could even begin to compare in his eyes to Riannon.

He was sure he knew what she was thinking after seeing all those girls today. He knew he needed to do damage control if he wanted to have a relationship with this woman. He wanted it badly enough. She had intrigued him at their first meeting, but the more he watched her, the more his need for her grew.

She was the perfect Luna. Everything any alpha could ask for. Beautiful, smart, special. All the qualities that made it especially hard to resist her charm.

“So,” she began, raising her brow at him. He loved how daring she was. The spirit of royalty.

“So,” he found himself mimicking her tone, waving for the omegas to leave them.

“I have to say your plan was not bad,” she stated plainly, but this little compliment made his lips curve a bit anyway.

“Yet somehow you saw right through it.” He smirked. “Tell me, Riannon, where have I made a mistake?”

He didn’t make a mistake, and that was exactly the problem. In her past life, he won. Even now, he was far from losing. Despite everything she knew.

“l guess you angered the Moon Goddess.” She stated matter-of-factly, taking a bite of her food.

Whatever happened, she had to take care of herself well.

She had to have the strength for what was about to come. So, she wasn’t going to starve herself out of spite and make herself weaker.

He chuckled softly and followed her action.

“Tell me,” he said after a while, “how did you know I was going to use the name Everett? I had thought about it for so long, but I can’t find an answer to this question.”

“If you want any kind of information from me, you will have to answer a few questions yourself.” Ria put down her knife and fork and picked up a napkin to gently pat her lips. “Then maybe, I’ll share something too.”

“What exactly do you want to know?” Castiel didn’t feel like hiding much from her. She was already here in his hands. What was the point? When she knew, she could only be impressed by the scale of work he had done. She had to be impressed.

“How did you fake the scent of Brayden’s mate on Roxanne?” Ria shot the first question out at him at once without a hint of hesitation. “I know she is a siren and used those alluring abilities of hers. Still, you had to work on the scent too. It was the first thing which attracted him to her.”

“You are still curious about that?” He smirked, and she felt a pr!ck of shame. Because, no, she wasn’t over it.

She had to know everything. She did not love her ex anymore, but she needed to learn what had happened exactly.

“I thought we were trying to have an open conversation here,” she taunted him.

“Fine. Are you done with your meal?” Castiel asked, and she nodded. “You hardly ate anything.”

“l am full,” the Luna cut him off.

“Then let’s go. I am going to show you something rather amazing.” He grinned at her with delight. Standing up, he gestured for her to do the same. Riannon had no objections to that. A part of her was worried he would take her to the dungeons, where Brayden’s true mate was chained to the walls, but they didn’t walk far because soon the Fox King pushed one of the doors close to them and held it open for her.

She entered a spacious room which looked like some kind of a laboratory. Test tubes, microscopes, and equipment she couldn’t even name were stationed everywhere. It looked professional enough to her, and all she could do was to give the fox a questioning look.

“This is where the scent was created so Roxy could copy it,” Castiel smirked, looking a bit smug.

“How? You had to have a sample,” Ria tried to reason with him, hoping to find an explanation.

“I’ve been studying shifters’ scents for many years, ” he started explaining. “You see, in most cases, mates’ scents are connected biologically. This is how we recognise a couple. Mates are so closely connected that over time I managed to see a pattern. By testing and probing, I managed to find out which scents would attract a person if I had his or her DNA. It’s not a 100% match, of course. One would recognise their true mate, if they met him or her. As far as you know, your husband never did. I don’t even know if he could recognise his mate prior to your rejection. You know how marking works.”

“I do.” She smirked, removing her hair off her shoulder while moving her dress slightly aside to reveal her beautiful golden crescent mark.

Castiel growled in dislike at the sight of her mate-mark, his eyes glued to her flesh. It would be an understatement to say he did not like what he saw. But at the same time, he was fascinated by the gold shining on her delicate skin.

“An unbreakable bond,” she continued, rubbing it in his face before pulling the dress back on to cover more of her.

“We’ll have to test that theory out,” he challenged, stepping closer, “when I kill Gideon.”

“You could try,” she chuckled, “but there is a reason why you tried to break the werewolves first. You can’t deal with him without that pertinent move. Now that part of your plan is gone.”

“My plan doesn’t solemnly depend on that. Part of it still worked. The biggest pack was broken into two parts. The Alpha of one of them is mine now.” His eye glowed again as he moved dangerously close.

“Why is only one of your eyes glowing?” she asked, distracting him. Her tactic worked as he turned away from her at once.

“That’s a long story,” he mumbled, sighing.

“As you have told me before, we are in no hurry.” Ria took that chance to distance herself further from him and pretended to look at the equipment he had on display.

“I wandered into the wrong place and encountered the wrong person when I was young,” he said at first, but after hesitating for a few moments, added in a hoarse voice. “My father-It was my father.”

Riannon’s lips parted but she quickly clenched them back.

“Why?” she heard herself saying.

“I wasn’t exactly the son he wanted,” Castiel confessed, still not looking at her. “Not the pure blood he wanted to see as his heir.”

“What do you mean?” Ria felt this was important too.

“I am a hybrid.” Castiel turned to face her abruptly, and in no time, he was right next to her. “My father stole my mother from the bear clan. She was already married, but he did not care.”

“But, you were still angry at Gideon’s father for killing him,” Ria pointed out, crossing her hands on her chest in a defensive motion. She did not like the way he stared at her. As if he was hungry and she was the meal.

“Of course I was.” He sneered at her, tracing his finger over her arm and making her shudder from his touch. “First of all, it was a matter of honour. Second of all, it was supposed to be my kill. The events in my life would have been much easier for me had I killed him.”

“How?” She tried not to give him a reaction, knowing this was exactly what he was looking for.

“Too many questions for someone who hasn’t shared anything yet.” He bent his body lower toward her, his face way too close for her liking. “Let’s just say my path to becoming a king would have been quicker.”

She tried to step away, but he trapped her against a table and his hands.

“So, how did you know about Everett?” A smirk spread over his face as he looked at her lips. calm.

“Axel didn’t suit you.” Riannon tried to stay.

“I thought we agreed to share information,” he retorted, taking it as a game, “and not to lie to each other.”

“You have your sources, and I have mine, Castiel.”

She dove down past his arms and managed to escape him, hearing his laughter behind her.

“Cass,” he replied. “I want you to call me Cass.”

“I  want you to call me Alpha Michaels,” she retorted, “but something tells me you are not going to do that.”

“Who knows,” he teased, shifting another step in her direction, which she liked less and less. “it has a good ring to it.”

“Do you want me to kill him?” Onyx asked, growling inside.

“Can you?” She couldn’t help but wonder.

“I think we can take one hybrid.” Her wolf sounded offended, but ready to spring to action any time.

“I have no doubt. ” Ria sighed. “It will not stop the war. His death may only complicate matters. I need more information before we act. “

“Who works in this lab?” She queried, hoping to throw the Fox King off the topic.

“This is my little heaven,” he announced with pride.

“A little hobby of mine that has brought me so many fruitful results.”

“Heaven seems to be your theme.” Riannon rolled her eyes in annoyance, walking behind one of the tables to make sure there was something between them.

“You mean Eden,” Castiel chuckled. “Yes, I suppose one might say so.”

“What’s the plan there?” She quirked her brow up.

When do I get a red dress?”

He watched her for a few seconds while furrowing his brows before answering, “Never. The day you become mine, I let them all go.”

This wasn’t what she counted on. She wanted to use the harem against him, yet here he was, dismissing its significance instantly.

She knew far too well it was yet another tactic to manipulate her.

“What was the point of keeping them there in the first place if you are going to discard them anyway?”

“Believe it or not, Alpha Michaels,” he smirked when he said that. “They are useful in many ways. Each of them is there willingly. It is their choice. I treasure each of them in my own way.”

“ls that why you are starving them tonight?” She reminded him of the simple fact that he prohibited giving them dinner this evening.

“l am punishing them for misbehaving.” Castiel informed her firmly and without any shade of hesitation or regret. “They touched what’s mine.”

“l am not yours!” she gritted through her teeth.

“Of course, you are. Everything in this house is mine. They knew you were mine the moment they saw you. They still chose to attack you.” He scowled.

“Maybe they can sense they are about to be thrown out on the street?” Riannon snorted.

“I am not going to throw them out on the street!” He let out a deep chesty laugh. “I trained them for years for a reason!”

“As you did with Roxanne?” Suddenly, it occurred to her. He was going to use those women as his pawns.

Send them to different packs, plant them as spies, and place them in other men’s beds.

“Too many questions.” He shrugged off her words.

“Let’s go. I want to show you other places. We can have some fun tonight and-“

“l am too tired,” she interjected, not letting him finish. “I want to-“

“Okay,” the Fox King conceded, looking slightly disappointed, yet nodding reassuringly. “Not all at once.

I get it. We have all the time in the world to get to know each other better.”

She was relieved he chose that approach. Riannon knew she shouldn’t count on him sticking to it for too long.

He personally escorted her back to her room, not saying much on the way there, and she quickly hid behind the door when he tried to give her a kiss on the cheek, escaping the undesired contact.

Riannon sat on the bed and listened to his receding footsteps. When he was gone, she waited a little longer.

In about half an hour, she opened the door and looked at the short guard, ignoring the tall one. This one seemed mentally weaker to her.

“King Castiel said I can ask for whatever I want. I have some requests,” she announced with an authoritative tone which implied she did not take prisoners or, in their case, take no for an answer, causing both men to swallow. “Don’t worry.” She sneered at them like a cat who was about to devour a little mouse.

Nothing dangerous is on my list.”

An hour later, the three of them entered The Eden.

Girls dressed in red looked at her in shock, not believing she dared to revisit them again.

“What the hell have you forgotten here?” Snapped the same blonde female, who had spoken to Ria during her prior visit, and who was also accompanied by her two friends..

“Ladies,” Riannon announced, popping a bottle of champagne with ease, gesturing for the two guards to bring in the sushi and other snacks she requested, “I think we started off on the wrong foot. Why don’t we fix that?”

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