The Perfect Luna Chapter 78

Castiel looked around furiously. He couldn’t believe his own eyes. His place of relaxation, his beloved Eden was turned into something unrecognisable. He didn’t even know what to name it!

The girls in red weren’t waiting for him. For the first time ever, they did not even notice his arrival.

He stood in the very centre of the inner courtyard, yet they played cards, and swam na*ked in front of his guards. Dancing, smoking, and drinking, they were simply being drunk. Unaware and not waiting for him like he expected.

They were having fun, the most fun they had in a while. The sad part was that they were doing it without him.

His eyes were glued to his guards, who stood like two stone statues in front of the swimming pool, surrounded by a few of his girls who were clearly taunting them. He had to admit they weren’t touching what was his, but what was his tried to touch them it seemed at all times. He saw Laura, his first-ever werewolf gem, sliding her arm up Mason’s chest. The werebear looked at her in fascination, not even bothered that this was not allowed. Castiel hadn’t visited Laura for months if not years. He didn’t remember. Long story short, she lost his affections a while ago. Was it because she missed his attention? Or maybe she wanted to remind him of her presence? Or she simply did not care?

He did not know.

Others were no better. He did not care about them.

He got there as soon as he realised Ria was gone from her room and her guards were missing as well.

When he did not find them anywhere, he had a hunch on where to look next.

Well, Riannon did not disappoint. He could tell this was her work. She was sending a message to him, demonstrating it was a mistake to bring her in here.

Despite being a captive here, she wanted him to know she was in control.

Cunning, sly woman. Perfect for him.

He had been looking for someone like this for a long while. Only he hoped she would be his mate.

He had never planned to kidnap a woman in his life.

It was important for him that the women by his side were there willingly.

Although, when Riannon came on the scene, everything changed. He was never interested in anyone like that in his life, but he couldn’t forget the moment her elegant fingers touched his skin and she called him handsome, looking into his eyes as if she knew everything about him. When she called him Everett, he couldn’t overcome his shock. Usually he was the one to play with people but with her he felt like the one being played with every time they interacted.

That was why he went to her room straight after Roxanne freed him. It was also the reason he had thought about her ever since. He watched her play her games with her now ex-husband and others. The more he saw, the more he was sure she would be a perfect Luna for him. There was only one problem; her true mate. Maybe it was for the best. After all, he was going to kill the Lycan King anyway. Now, he only had more motivation.

Riannon was strong. Castiel was sure she would survive the loss of her mate and then she would be his.

He would be there to console her and he would be there to replace everything she loses. Bit by bit he would heal her heart and make her trust him. He would make his kingdom hers and she would feel responsible for their people. In the end, she would stay with him and they would rule together. All he needed to make this happen was time. After Gideon Stormhold was killed, they would have all the time in the world.

He found her sitting with Bridgit of all the people.

They played chess and talked like two best friends who had known each other forever.

Brigit. BRIGIT!

The one female who was ready to kill anyone he looked at. The one who all the females were afraid of and whose word could move mountains in the harem.

For the first time, fury overwhelmed him, and he roared, “What the hell is all this?”

He expected everyone to become still and quiet, but his voice did not have that effect. Some of the red women were too drunk to notice and react. Then he smelled weed and recognised the cigar in one of his property’s hands.

Ria took what belonged to him and shared it with them!

Riannon and Bridgit were the only ones to notice.

He let out another roar so this time not a soul in this harem could miss it.

The music was instantly turned off, and the females at least attempted to look presentable.

Attempted was definitely the best word to describe the crowd of half-n*ked giggling creatures with sparks of mischief in their eyes.

What exactly did she do to them? What did she tell them? In such a short period of time! He had to be impressed with her abilities, but he was angry.

“Castiel, play with us!” Laura teased him, but he ignored her, moving straight to Riannon.

She watched him with interest and even a hint of amusement. He knew she had planned all this to try and make a fool out of him. She was successful.

“Come here!” he growled, yanking her by her slender arm to her feet. Brigit stood next to them as well.

“Oh, hello,” Ria greeted, smiling at him, “we did not expect you here. You are welcome to join us. What do you prefer to play? Cards, chess, or hide-and-seek?”

“The game night is over!” he shouted, “Everyone, back to your rooms!”

The girls started gathering their things, and from the corner of his eye, he noticed some of them still taking the bottles of alcohol and cigars with them.

Probably to finish them off in their rooms.

“Don’t be sour!” Riannon smirked, “Are you jealous your girls like me more than they like you? Why do you even care? You said you were going to let all of them go soon. Can’t this be their farewell party?”

She did that on purpose. She said that on purp0se.

It was a trap and he fell for it. Now his girls looked at him in disbelief. He couldn’t deny it because then his word would mean nothing to her. He wanted her respect. He craved it.

Angry, he pulled her roughly towards himself and dragged her out of the room. She stumbled and tripped on her foot, so he had to throw her over his shoulder and continued his way to the exit.

“Put me down!” Riannon protested, but she had no idea what kind of beast she had awoken.

He brought her back to her room and threw her on top of the bed angrily. However, the woman did not stay there, of course. She rolled off quickly and was back to her feet in no time, ready to fight if she had to. He saw it in her eyes.

“Don’t be silly,” he snapped, giving her a feline smile, walking around the bed and cornering her. “I know you can’t shift.”

Her reaction to his words wasn’t what he expected at all. The Luna did not look scared of him knowing the truth about her. She was prepared for that. His respect for her grew by the minute. So did his desire.

“How did you know?” she said, her voice trembling just a bit as he pinned his hands on both sides of her, pressing her into the wall.

“Does it matter now?” he asked, grazing his eyes over her straight features that he loved so much.

“You said you don’t take women against their will,” she reminded him, and he chuckled, knowing she could already feel the massive bulge forming in his p*nts.

“I did, didn’t I?” Castiel traced the column of her neck with his nose, making her shiver. He knew it wasn’t in delight, but he was happy to at least get some reaction out of her.”I did not say wouldn’t try to sedvce you.”

He really did not want to do it, but she left him no choice today. He needed her to give in as fast as possible. Being here next to her and doing nothing about his desires proved to be harder than he thought.

He traced his tongue over her collarbone, where he would mark her one day, regretting he wasn’t able to give her the golden crescents. Although maybe, after King Gideon was dead, it could turn out that he was her second chance mate. There had to be an explanation as to why he was so captivated by this woman. He chose to believe the possibility of being her second chance mate was the case. She stiffened under his touch, then tried to push him away, but he bit her marking spot slightly, warning her to stay still. She understood him correctly and immediately.

He promised not to take her; however, he could still mark her to stake his claim.

The idea was more tempting to him than she realised.

However, first things first. Castiel closed his eyes, enjoying the taste of her skin in his mouth, and changed his scent.

He knew exactly whose scent he could imitate after having met them in the woods. There could be no mistakes.

She gasped when he imitated Gideon’s scent, and he chuckled, knowing it worked. A mate’s scent was hard to resist for mates, it was a physical reaction.

“Just close your eyes and relax, Riannon,” he whispered into her ear, brushing his lips over her earlobe.

One of hiş hands grasped her bottom, taking a fistful of her flesh, while the other tugged her hair at the back of her head. He could devour her now and was going to do just that. The need for her was unbearable, his member aching to be inside of her.

She closed her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows.

When he was about to cover her lips with his in a possessive greedy k!ss, she smirked and said, “ls that what you say to all those girls? Close your eyes and pretend it’s not me? I have to say, Castiel, this is disappointing. Even for a fox.”

He growled in frustration and she looked at him.

Her beautiful eyes told him she was ready to fight if she had to. Even if she couldn’t shift. Even if she knew she would lose. Ria would fight him.

“l just wanted to help you relax a bit” he lied. To her and to himself. “No harm in that.”

“Then you should let me go. Trust me, I will be very relaxed in my home with my mate,” she scoffed.

Such a spirit was worthy of a Luna. Worthy of a Queen. His Queen.

“Otherwise,” Riannon went on, “how does that make you different from your father?”

Those words struck him harder than she could imagine. He hated his father. He hated everything his father represented. The last thing he wanted was to be like him. ln any way.

It was different with all those other girls. The scent was just f0replay in most cases. With Riannon, she was very vocal about not wanting him. He knew she didn’t.

She gave him no reaction when he touched her. She didn’t have to say ‘no’ for him to know he did not have her consent.

All those other girls did not have mates. This woman that he wanted so much did.

He crashed his fist into the wat right next to her head, creating a dent. She did not even flinch, holding his glare with dignity. Leaving him no choice.

He had planned to kill the Western Lycan King for a while now. Now he desperately wanted to kill him. He needed it. Killing him was the only way to get what he so desperately desired.

“You are prohibited from entering the Eden,” he snarled as he stepped away from her, and to his displeasure, he noticed relief on her face.

“Who do you think you are? God?” she chuckled darkly.

“Here I am everything!” he snarled.

She did not respond, and he did not feel like telling her anything else. The night was already ruined.

He was already at the door when he stopped.

Without turning to her, he said, “You will get used to it.

Time will help.”

She was definitely going to say something.

Something he did not want to hear, so he left before she had the chance to say anything.

For the first time ever, Savannah was happy. Truly happy.

It wasn’t like she was particularly unhappy before.

She was lucky to have a great life, and she knew it.

Despite the early death of her parents, she was well taken care of, and she always had everything she wanted or needed. She even had people who cared about her.

She cared a great deal about them too.

She missed her parents. The life and memories they could have given her if they were around, and the pain of losing them had always lived inside of her. She had also always felt the weight of her royal responsibilities. Still, she could handle it, knowing that her brother and Reid handled what was really hard and tricky. So, she made sure they did not have anything else to worry about.

A new chapter was being written and she was about to embark on a completely new life. The Moon Goddess was kind to her and sent her a true mate.

Something she always dreamt of but was to0 afraid to even say it out loud.

Yet here he was.

She took another peek at Zack, who looked incredibly handsome as he drove the car. Without turning his attention away from the road, he found her hand and squeezed it gently.

He was handsome, and from what she had already heard, both Riannon and her brother spoke highly of him, and remembered about him, and Savannah had a very good memory, she knew he was a good man.

It made sense they were mates. She was a Lycan Princess, and he was an Alpha of a werewolf pack. Just like Gideon and Ria they could connect their people, bind them together as one once and for all. She saw it as her mission. Especially before the war that was about to break out. The war that was about to rob them of their first days together. But, it did not matter because they would have all their lives together after they won. Of that, she had no doubts.

Zack took her to his house, which turned out to be a very long bungalow in a U-shape. That was a surprising choice of building for a pack of wolves. Nonetheless, it looked new and modern.

“Our previous Alpha burned down the old packhouse after I challenged him and won,” Zack explained, smiling apologetically, “I had to start building a new one. This used to be our stables, but now we build around it. It’s cosy inside, trust me.”

“l love it.” She stopped him with a smile.

“You don’t have to say that.” Zack stepped closer to her and took one of her hands into his. “I know you are used to having the best, and I will do my best to provide you with”

I love it,” she said firmly and then grinned at him, ” but I appreciate the gesture.”

They stood like this for a while, the wind blowing her golden brown hair into,his face which he did not mind at all.

“I want to k!ss you so badly right now,” he finally said, and Savannah took a step in his direction, placing her palms on his chest.

“Then what are you waiting for?” She smiled, and he pressed his lips into hers, devouring her quickly and forgetting about everything else around him. Savvy’s toes curled when she felt him picking her up.

She did not hesitate, as her wolf, Athena, urged her to get closer to him. They had been waiting for this man their whole lives and now he was finally here. He brought her into the house carrying her like a bride and placed her back on her feet in the middle of a living room remodelled in a modern minimalistic style, where there were already several people inside. They all seemed shocked to see them together, but Zack wrapped his arm around her possessively.

“Gang, meet my mate.” His smile was bright and even a little smug. “This is Savannah, and she is your future Luna. She is also King Gideon’s younger sister, and I hope you will all treat her with the respect she deserves”

“Congratulations!”A guy with blonde hair stepped forward, smiling friendly at her. “I am Viktor, this lucky bastard’s Beta. If you need anything, feel free to come to me any time.”

Names started pouring, followed by handshakes and even hugs. So many people that there was no chance to memorise them all at once even with her photographic memory. She also knew there would be plenty of time for getting acquainted with them later.

“I can’t believe a goddess gave you a princess!” someone snorted, jabbing Zack, “Did she sin in her past life or something? Why was she punished like that?”

Her mate growled and pulled her closer as a few awkward laughs could be heard around them.

“Don’t be jealous,.” He k!ssed the top of her head gently as his fingers were drawing circles on her arm.

Please, excuse us. We-need to-“

He couldn’t find the right words and she giggled, “

Get to know each other better.”

“Yes,” he pulled her possessively closer, “That. We will eat in our room too. So, I guess we’ll be seeing you all tomorrow.”

“Just tomorrow?” some girl with curly black hair said, and Savannah paid her attention for the first time.

The girl had an unpleasant smirk on her face. “You are losing your grip, Z. Back in the day-“

“My mate is my treasure,” he cut her off, “I don’t want to overwhelm her or hurt her. She is my first priority.

Savvy tried not to smile. This was exactly how a mate was supposed to respond to hints like that. He protected her and immediately set boundaries. She couldn’t be more proud.

As soon as he locked the door behind them and they stood alone in the spacious bedroom, Savwy grasped his shirt and pulled him closer to k!ss his lips, motivated by his protection of her.

“l am so sorry” he mumbled, snarling slightly as desire started to overwhelm him.

“You have nothing to apologise for,” she gasped into his mouth before she leaned closer to deepen the k!ss this time.

“Savannah,” Zack breathed into her neck, peppering it with k!sses and pulling her jacket down. “I don’t think I can’t stop-You are-so-“

“Then take me already,” she ordered, and he did not need another invitation. Very quickiy, they both helped each other out of their clothes, step by step, approaching the bed.

“I think I am in heaven,” Zack said as he hooked her lacy underwear with his fingers and pulled it all the way down to her feet, helping her to step out of it and watching her as if he was mesmerised. “Savannah, you are divine!”

She took in his strong muscular body, which was perfectly tanned. The bulge in his boxers seemed impressive too.

“Just call me Savvy.” She smiled at him, lifting one of her legs and tracing her toes along his perfect abdomen. He caught it and bent down to k!ss it, spreading her slightly before his eyes.

“Very well, my Princess, ” he smirked, “Savvy it is.”

Without further warning, he knelt before her, placing her leg on his shoulder. His hot mouth reached her we*tness, and he tasted it with his tongue, m0aning into her.

“Savvy.” he growled as he pleased her, his voice creating vibrations in her most sensitive sp0ts. “Savvy, Savvy, Savvy.”

Zack pronounced her name again and again, bringing her over the edge way too quickly. The mating bond intensified everything they felt. Savannah arched her back, screaming his name as she cl!maxed for the first time. Still, he was far from done with her, a wicked smile on his lips.

She had to admit her mate was very experienced because he knew exactly what he was doing, and he did it masterfully.

Slowly, she felt how he placed k!sses all over her body. He didn’t miss an inch of her, teasing and exploring, enjoying her racing heartbeat and soft m0ans.

“You are so sweet, Savannah,” he announced with a grin. ” couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful and amazing mate.”

“You don’t know me yet,” she teased, letting out a little laugh, trying to steady her breathing. “What if I am this horrible and mean person?”

“No, you are not,” he brushed the hair off her forehead and traced her sensual lips with his fingers.

You are the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t worry, whatever happens, you are mine now, and I am going to take care of you.”

She could feel him positioning himself at her entrance, anticipating it as the lower part of her belly ached for him. She felt so much love she wanted to say it out loud. Even if it was probably stupid to do it on their first day, she felt it, and she wanted to share it. They were at war, after all, and she did not want to waste any of the time they had together. She had already opened her mouth when he entered her in one gentle but firm thrust.

He gave her a few seconds to adjust, and then his body towered over hers. He started peppering her with k!sses and moving at the same time.

“l am the luckiest man alive,” he muttered in between swear words, which she, of course, took as a compliment. He wasn’t her first man; however, he was the most special.

Savvy wrapped her legs around him, adjusting to his rhythm. The sensations of their mating were incredible, and soon, they both lost themselves in each other.

After a few hours of making love, they were finally tired enough to want some food. They talked about their lives, but mostly about hers. Zack turned out to be a great listener.

Savannah checked her phone from time to time, but there was nothing from her brother or Reid. However, there were a few messages from Kyle asking her if she was okay. She replied to him with a few emojis and their code word so her best friend could go to sleep-tonight even if she was not going to.

After a late dinner, they were back in each other’s arms and making love.

Savvy did not remember when she fell asleep, but she remembered how sweet it had been to be in his warm arms.

She woke up while it was still dark, and to her disappointment, her mate wasn’t around.

“Zack?” She called his name, but received no reply.

Her heart couldn’t remain calm. If he left her in the middle of the night, he had to have a good reason. That girl with dark hair came to her mind, but Savannah brushed it away. If Zack was cheating on her, she would have felt in through the bond. Assuringly, she felt no such thing.

So, it could only be something connected to his pack or the war. She felt like she had to be involved in both cases as the future Luna. She did not want him to think of her as some spoiled princess. She never was that.

So, Savvy took his shirt, which still smelled like him and put it on. She did not bother to look for her shoes and walked out with bare feet. She did not have to wander the dark halls for long when she saw a little line of light, left by a door that wasn’t properly closed.

As a lycan, she could already feel the scent of her mate, and to her relief, he was there alone.

She was about to enter the room when she overheard his words.

“No,” he said, “This does not change our plan, Castiel.”

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