The Perfect Luna: The Deleted Scene

Since so many people asked me to add it here, I obey. Here is a little glimpse of Riannon & Gideon’s wedding night for you.

“Gideon!” Riannon closed her eyes for a second, leaning over her husband’s chest. Her feet hurt from the coronation and the long wedding day spent in high heels. The firm corset of her dress was now dented into her flesh. However, as soon as his fingers brushed over her skin, she felt waves and waves of tingles r!ppling through her body.

“My Queen,” he smirked, leaning down to k!ss his beautiful golden crescent mark. Making her watch him in the mirror as he trailed his l!ps over her neck; he grazed his canines over her sensitive spot. His strong hands slid to the back of her dress, and she could feel him looking for the hidden zipper while his eyes locked with hers in their reflection.

A quiet growl, and she knew instinctively he was about to tear it off her the way he usually did when he got impatient and let Mars take a bit of control.

“Don’t you dare!” she warned him with an arched brow before showing him the little line he was looking for. “This is a queen’s wedding dress. We will have to donate it to the museum. People love to come and see such items in real life, and it will boost ticket sales to help keep it afloat without us touching the kingdom’s budget.”

“Your order is my command, my Queen,” Gideon chuckled, helping her to get rid of the beautiful champagne dress, which, by now, he began to hate as it turned out to be so much more complicated to take off her than he expected. On the other hand, gently peeling it off her made him feel the same excitement as unwrapping the most awaited gift.

Finally, the fabric fell down to her feet, and he helped her to step out of it; his eyes devouring every inch of his beautiful wife. A growl escaped him at the sight of her milk satin and lace bridal lingerie, and she giggled, watching his reaction.

“I don’t care what you say, Ria, but these aren’t going to any museum!” He drew his finger over one of the straps, hooking it slightly.

“Don’t worry,” Riannon flirted, wrapping her hands around his neck. “These are for you only. So, do as you wish.”

Gideon did not need any encouragement, tearing off the lace with one impatient movement. He hadn’t been allowed to touch her all day long, and he couldn’t wait a moment longer to be with his wife. Moreover, seeing the glint of desire in her eyes, he knew she was thinking the same thing. So, when he scooped her up in his arms, she only giggled all the way to their bed, which was laid with fresh Egyptian cotton sheets and white rose petals.

Probably Savannah’s doing.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment all day.” Gideon quickly threw his wa!stcoat and shirt aside, unbuckling his [email protected] Riannon watched his muscles flex as he got rid of the rest of his garments and towered over her.

“I know,” She smiled at him, gently brushing her palm over his stubble. “I love you so much-“I know.” He angled his head to k!ss her delicate fingers. ” feel the same, Ria. From the moment I met you, I have felt complete. And now, finally, we ticked the last box. You are my wife and my queen. If anyone so much as looks at you, they are dead.”

Mars growled to support their joint claim, and their queen let out a little chuckle, enjoying this little game of theirs. She knew he respected and trusted her enough not to do anything with the unwanted attention, but a Iittle possessiveness in bed never hurt.

“Then it’s a good thing I want your eyes only looking at me at all times.” Her l!ps curled into a sedvctive grin as he leaned down to capture her l!ps. He parted her legs, so her th!ghs were on both sides of him and began tracing intricate patterns all over her neck with his tongue, sucking and biting her skin softly. He slid the straps of her b*ra down to let her perky [email protected] pop out.

Gideon teased her mark, grazing his canines over it, knowing very well it always made her breathing ragged from the er0tic sensations he evoked. Then he cupped her br3ast, kneading it softly while playing with the other n!pple and drew a m0an from her, which was music to his ears.

In the meantime, his second hand slipped all the way down her belly and in between her th!ghs; his fingers dipping into his wife’s moist c0re. Riannon trembled under him, trying to suppress the m0ans which threatened to leave her mouth.

Skilful fingers thrust in and out, reaching the sensitive sp0t inside of her with ease. He watched his beloved radiate desire as their eyes locked. When she looked like she was about to tip over the edge, he removed his hand, causing her to whimper.

“Not so soon,” the Lycan King teased, giving her a wicked laugh as he yanked her to the edge of the bed and kneeled between her th!ghs. “The night is still young.

An approving snarl left him when he let himself admire her pink se*x, glistening before his eyes. He needed to taste her again.

Gideon made the first stroke of his tongue slow and torturous, ending just at the tiny peak, which made Riannon shudder and close her eyes. It was enough for him to unleash himself on her, satisfied with the knowledge of what each circle he drew over her folds did to make her feel nothing but euphoric ecstasy.

Ria’s fingers laced into his hair as she helped him find a speed which was just right for her. His wife arched her back, and he captured one of her [email protected] with his large palm, tugging her n!pple between his fingers.

“Gide” she screamed, breaking her voice, and rendering herself incapable of saying his full name.

Then he stopped, distancing himself from her.

“Are you-kidding me,” she asked, flabbergasted, striving to catch her breath, looking at him with her brows furrowed.

“When wè cl!max today, we will do it together,” Gideon chuckled. Riannon couldn’t help but smile at him.

He moved her back to the pillows and lined his aching hardness with her entrance, tauntingly nudging the tip of his length inside her to gather more of her moisture.

“I swear” she gritted through her teeth, digging her nails into his shoulder, “if you don’t-“

He didn’t let her finish her sentence, plunging her to the hilt roughly. He made her words disappear, each one a distant memory to the sensations he caused her to feel.

Leaning down to slide his tongue inside of her once again, he growled when she bit his bottom l!p.

This woman would be the end of him. And he couldn’t wait.

Without words, he started thrusting into her as if there was no tomorrow. Her m0ans quickly turned into screams, and the Lycan found himself echoing them with his greedy possessive growls. It would never be enough for him. She was his. He could never have enough of her in his life, in his arms, on his l!ps. She was everything.

He rammed into his beautiful wife. The intensity made her inner muscles clench him harder, bringing them both to their release.

Gideon braced his hands on either side of her, looking into her eyes as her chest rapidly heaved.

“Mine,” he snarled into her l!ps before claiming them once again. Ria slid her hands over his back, scratching his skin with her nails.

“Forever,” she confirmed. Hearing the only words he ever wanted to hear, his l!ps curved. Riannon brushed the wet locks off his forehead, tracing his strong cheekbones. “What a perfect husband! A perfect bridal night-“

“Ria!” He pecked her forehead with a menacing grin,

“This is just the beginning..”

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