The Perfect Luna: The End Is The New Beginning

Riannon couldn’t believe her eyes. The beast loomed over her, breathing heavily. Blood dripped from his claws and his snout. For the first time ever, she trembled with fear of her mate.

“Gideon!” She repeated, but there was no response.

A fox charged at him, but he hit it so hard while it was in mid-jump that the red-furred creature flew far off in the distance and did not move the moment it landed on the ground. He probably broke his neck just like that.

“Gideon, it’s me!” Ria pleaded, trying to jog his memory on who she was. Instead, he growled, taking a step toward her.

Two bears attacked them simultaneously; however, she wasn’t ready for this, for she was distracted by the whole situation with Gideon. Nonetheless, she didn’t need to do anything, because the Lycan killed them both in an instant.

She took a quick look around, seeing the advantage was now on their army’s side. She did not see wolves fighting wolves, which meant their traitors had not attacked them. This did not make them any less traitorous; however, it was good enough for now. It would be easier to win this battle without trying to understand who was friend and who was foe.

While she did not see any leader in the army that attacked them, she knew someone had to command all those beasts.

“Mine!” the Lycan growled so loudly the ground underneath them shook. Then he took another step towards her. A small smile formed on her lips.

“You do remember me!” she whispered in relief. If anyone could bring him back, it would be her. Ria intended to do just that.

In an instant, Riannon shifted into her wolf, angering the Lycan before her. He did not like the game this she played. She sprinted away from him as fast as possible.

She deliberately ran through the largest fighting crowd, knowing he followed her and would destroy every bear and fox on his way. Even in his state, the beast knew who his enemies were.

She threw herself amidst the clusters of the bears, attacking at their feet. The bears moved slower than her, and she manoeuvred out of their grasp right before Gideon’s Lycan found them. Smelling her scent on them, he became feral, ripping his potential rivals apart one by one.

She hoped it wouldn’t take them too long. She knew she needed him away from all this, where no one could disturb them.

From the corner of her eye, Riannon noticed Reid and Savvy’s wolves running next to her and felt them knocking into her mind. They had never used mind link with each other before; however, technically, she was a member of their pack and could link with them from the moment Gideon left two golden crescents on her neck. So, she let them in.

“I hope you have a plan!” Savannah spoke first, her white wolf with black ear tips looked fierce as he destroyed one of the foxes in her way.

“We need to get him out of this as soon as possible,” Reid informed her, “The longer he uses this form, the harder it will be for him to shift back.”

“l am on it!” she replied with confidence which brought much-needed relief to them both, Will you be able to finish up here alone?”

“Yes!” they replied in unison, and she knew that they meant it.

“Gideon has already shredded half of their army to pieces. Just get him to shift back, and we are golden!” Savvy said.

“Good! Ria took up speed and headed for the woods, away from the clearing. “Then don’t look for us! At least not for the next few hours! Reid, you lead the army. Savvy-

“I know” the white wolf replied, “Don’t worry, we were all trained for this. Do what you have to do!”

Riannon did not say anything else and changed her course. The huge Lycan beast followed her as if his life depended on it. Her silver fur glowed again, and it was hard to miss her on the battlefield.

Savannah followed them with her gaze, knowing her brother was in great hands. She also knew that even in his feral form, he would never hurt his mate. They loved each other too much for that. They were everything mates were supposed to be. Perfect. Pure. Profound. Consumed by each other’s existence. Irrevocably in love.

So unlike her and Zack.

Savvy fought hard, targeting bears mostly. As a lycan it was her duty to remove the strongest enemies so their allies could fight the foxes. Nevertheless, out of the corner of her eye, she watched for the wolves. Or, more accurately, one wolf in particular. The traitor. Her mate.

However, Zack wasn’t there. She looked everywhere for him, trying to discern that intoxicating scent of his. She needed to kill him. She needed to kill her mate and free herself. Free herself from all those feelings which overwhelmed her and from the damn pull that could lead to her demise.

She refused to be a mate to that man. Since he rejected her rejection, she wasn’t sure of her choices anymore. She would do kill him even if she would had to scratch her own heart out.

Riannon sprinted as fast as she could, knowing the Lycan followed her. She knew he could easily get her, but the predator in him loved to play with his prey. Which at the moment was her.

She stopped when they were far enough from the battle, choosing the clean grass-covered clearing. He leapt out of the shadows and knocked her off her feet, towering over her with his eyes glowing. He tucked his nose into her neck, and she heard a distinctive “MINE” in his snarl.

Struggling under him, Ria shifted into her human form, and he growled in approval, unable to take his glowing eyes off her.

“Shift!” she told him firmly, but he only inhaled her scent again before howling loudly into the air, ignoring her words.

“Shift!” Riannon ordered, and this time she brought his attention back to herself. He snarled at her and bared his teeth. Which was a bad sign, but she wasn’t afraid. Whether it was his third form or one hundredth, he would never deliberately hurt his mate. Gideon loved her too much. She trusted him even now.

So, she took a deep breath and punched the Lycan on his snout as hard as she could. Since the Moon Goddess blessed her and Onyx, strength was no longer an issue. Her punch did have an impact on his massive body, and she even heard something crack.

The lycan growled louder, pressing her harder into the ground in an attempt to submit her. However, she wasn’t giving in to him.

“Shift!” she roared with her wolf, their voice deeper and scarier than ever before as it echoed through the woods. The lycan’s claws dug into her skin, drawing blood. Angry, she reciprocated, leaning closer to his neck and baring her canines. Without thinking twice, she dug them into his flesh right where her mark was supposed to be on him. She closed her eyes, knowing this was the last thing that she could do.

All she felt was his weight on her as his blood dripped down her chin.

“Come back to me!” she begged him over their mindlink. “Gideon, come back to me! I can’t do this without you! I can’t lose you. Ever! You promised to always stay with me, remember?”

“l do,” he replied, and she froze. For a moment, she was afraid to even move. His hands wrapped tighter around her, and she realised they were no longer covered in thick fur.

“I will never leave you,” Gideon said out loud, and she retracted her canines and finally looked at him. He lay on top of her, n*ked. There was a soft knowing smile curling his lips.

“Even if you ask me to, I will never leave you” he added, and she felt salty liquid burning her eyes.

“I will never ask you such a stupid thing!” she chuckled through tears, not believing it was all over.

“Good”‘ he nodded.”I am never going anywhere without you.”

He lowered his head and licked his blood off her lips, tasting both; his blood and her.

“Did you just mark me for the second time?” he arched his brow at her, and she grinned at him without a hint of embarrassment.

“You looked like you needed to be reminded who you belong to!”

“NowI will never forget” Gideon agreed with ease. “I wonder what will happen with my crescents now. Will they turn into diamonds or something? Since gold was appeared before-_»

She pushed him on the chest lightly.

“That just wouldn’t be practical, would it?” Ria snorted and then they heard hundreds of howls and roars in the distance.

She recognised some of them. They were from warriors of her pack. She heard Ash and Maya too, knowing they were all right.

At the same time, Gideon recognised his people.

“The battle is over!” he exclaimed, looking at the love of his life.

“And looks like we won after all” she said. “Thanks to you. Your lycan really thinned the lines of bears and foxes.”

Thanks to you,” he murmured, placing a little k!ss on her nose, “lf you didn’t bring me back, our packs would now be fighting me instead.”

Their eyes met again, and they both realised they hadn’t been this close for a while. Those days apart seemed like an eternity.

“I missed you so much” Gideon brushed the hair off her face, enjoying the tingling sensations that touching her gave him.

“I missed you too,” she breathed onto his lips, making them part with her tongue.

“Don’t play with me, Riannon,” he warned her. “l am barely controlling myself. I haven’t seen you for so long!

“Well, what are you waiting for then?” she teased him,

We just won the biggest battle. We deserve a break!”

That was all the invitation he needed as he k!ssed her; an internal growl escaping him. She was with him again. His at last!

He noticed a few scratches his Lycan claws left on her, and he turned his neck to reach these areas and l!ck them thoroughly. Most of them healed instantly now that they were properly mated. Well, maybe it was partially due to her being blessed by the Moon Goddess. Still, he loved to think that it was because of their connection.

He remembered how at the very beginning of their relationship he had to pretend to heal her to touch her this way. Those days were long gone. That wonderful woman, who was now moaning under him, had accepted him as her mate. Now he would be able to enjoy her every day of his life.

He wanted nothing more.

“Gideon!” She whimpered when he covered one of her n*s with his mouth, sVcking and tugging it gently. Knowing this was just the way she liked it.

Her fingers car3ssed him, making every sensation heighten.

“Shh, he teased her, “I am healing you here. Where does it hurt the most?”

A sly smile formed on her face as one of her brows quirked.

“Everywhere, she lied without a shade of hesitation or shame, and he let out a snarl as he started to devour every of her. Soon he realised he couldn’t wait anymore, and she urged him to climb back on top of her. So, he hooked one of her legs, spreading her thighs for him, and nudged at her entrance.

I love you,” he affirmed, smiling, and she slid her palm up to his chest.

“I love you too, Riannon replied, lifting her head to k!ss him when he inserted his whole length into her roughly. filling her to the brim. This time he wasn’t gentle with her, but she did not want it any other way. Instead, she locked her th!ghs around his waist and let him pound into her. She wanted to feel him, his need and desire for her, his love and his passion. She wanted all of it.

She gripped him through each shuddering wave as he kept thrusting, bringing her wave after wave of immense pleasure which rippled through her body and made her eyes teary. Riannon cried out her release, biting on his shoulder and hearing a snarl tearing from his lips.

Gideon took her hands and laced their fingers together, pinning them at both sides of her as he continued to take his woman time after time. The sounds of approval rumbling through his chest every time he witnessed her find her release until her body felt limp against his.

Only then did he find her lips and still his body, spilling his seed inside her womb, claiming her once again as his with an earth-shattering growl, “Mine!”

When they walked out of the woods and back to the clearing strewn with bodies, Riannon frowned. Maya and Reid were already there with new sets of clothes for them and cars waiting.

As Riannon and Gideon walked down the field, she tried to take in and remember everything she saw. This wasn’t the happy ending she desired so much. Their work was far from over.

They had so much to talk about and to discuss. Most importantly, they had to talk to their people, comfort them and give them hope. This was only the beginning.

“l still don’t think this is necessary;” Gideon fussed, folding his arms across his chest as they walked to the tent which was placed in a mutually agreed upon location.

“Of course it is,” Ria retorted, shrugging as she had heard all this before. She knew he was joking and that, in reality, even her stubborn mate had to agree they needed the alliance of the Northern Kingdom. Zack’s pack and others named by Savannah were now officially out of the Union.

Foxes and bears retreated for the time being, but they could hardly assume war with them was over. It would be safer for the lycans to work together to ensure the safety of both kingdoms. Whether Gideon liked it or not (and he did not), they needed King Kai to join the Union with the werewolves and the werecats.

Riannon knew she would have to make them put their differences aside, whatever it cost her.

“Gid, long time no see!” A handsome man in his late twenties waited for them inside, and he stood up as they walked in. He seemed friendly, and for a second, she thought maybe her mate was overthinking it. “You have two minutes to tell me what you want. I have been waiting for you long enough. Considering you were the ones who invited me.

“I told you so,” Gideon whispered to her as they took their seats in front of the King.

“We are grateful to you for giving us some of your precious time,” Riannon spoke, giving the man a dazzling smile. “My name is Riannon Mich”

“Stormhold” Gideon interjected, and she nodded even though they were not yet, technically, married.

“You already know why you are here” she continued,

There is a certain threat to all lycans and wolves, and we want to make sure that it’s tackled with minimal losses to our kingdom. The best way to do that is through an alliance-

“Yeah, I read your letter This time it was Kai who interrupted her. “It was very well-written and thoroughly explained the issues. However, I still don’t see what I am gaining here.”

“Maybe you need some glasses then” Gideon snapped, trying really hard not to snarl.

“Maybe you need some manners,” his opponent snorted.

“If they manage to bring our kingdom down, they will come after yours next,” Riannon decided to ignore their childish behaviour.

“Theoretically speaking, yes,” Kai agreed. “Or they bring you down, and then I wipe them off the face of the Earth while they are still weak from fighting you.”

“You will be busy’ Gideon smirked, and the Northern King arched his brow.

“How so?”

“The white bear clans,” Ria said calmly. She did not mention any of it in her letters, knowing this would be one of her main cards to play. “They are in this too. They have been in all this for a while. I bet you understand the white bears do not need our land or us dead. They need all of that from you.

Kai was silent, tapping his fingers slowly over the surface of the desk.

“Even so, I can deal with them on my own. I need more from this alliance” he informed them firmly.

“What the hell do you want this time?” Gideon asked him, clearly annoyed.

“How about the land which historically belongs to the North?” Kai answered, deadly serious.

“That’s a very old story,” the Western King countered, looking grim as well. “Anything else?”

“Hmm, I don’t know.” The corners of Kai’s lips tugged into a smile. “There was one thing I have wanted for quite some time. You and I both know you will never agree. How about Savannah as my future bride?”

“lt’s good you know you are getting her over my dead body!” Gideon snarled.

“Don’t tempt me!” Kai arrogantly teased, seeming satisfied with Gideon’s reaction. “Decide for yourself what it will be. Your sister or the land in question.” “Your two minutes are up.

He threw them a folder with a contract on the desk and stood up.

“Go to hell.” Gideon could help himself, wishing for nothing more than to snap that man’s neck. eyes.

Riannon placed her palm on top of his and he immediately calmed down, looking at her with regret in his..

“We will think about it.” She smiled at the northerner. “

When do you want our answer?”

“By the end of the week;” Kai said and charged for the exit. He stopped at the last minute and nodded at her. “It was nice to meet you, Alpha Riannon.”

They were silent on their way home, reading the terms of the contract together. Then they discussed it for most of the evening. Reading through each clause, they were tired and exhausted by the end.

“We need him, Ria pleaded. “What’s so special in this land?!”

“Everything,” Gideon sighed. “This piece of land is the reason no attack from the northerners was ever a success.

They cannot cross our borders there unless we want them to.

It’s essential for our safety from them. This is why he wants it. And don’t forget that everything can change any minute.

We give him the lands, then he unites with our enemies instead. This is where we will be really screwed.”

She clenched her lips, knowing he was right. There had to be something else they could do.

“I guess we have no choice then,” Savannah said, entering the room with a sad smile on her lips.

“Savvy!” Her brother looked perplexed, knowing she was eavesdropping. e couldn’t blame her. They expected Kai to demand something like that.

“I”ll marry him” the Princess said, and now they all stared at her. Gideon with disbelief and Riannon with understanding. She would make the same choice if it were her. Despite it not really being a choice.

“No!” the King growled loudly. “l am not letting you to go.

“This is my decision!” Savannah insisted with a tone that did not take prisoners. “l really appreciate you protecting me for so long. I will never forget this, big brother.

But right now, it’s my time to help you protect our people.

This is my kingdom too. I am a princess, and I have my duties. I had my shot at this mate thing, but you know how it worked out for me. I am done with all that. My knight in shining armour is not coming. I am my own night. This is my quest. I choose this for myself, Gideon. I want to do it. If my marriage is not going to be with my mate, then at least I will have the comfort of knowing it helped our people.”

“Sav-” the Lycan King wanted to say something more, but Riannon took his hand and intertwined their fingers together, helping him to calm down. “l am proud of you,” he affirmed, smiling at his sister and pulled her into a group hug with his free hand. “You grew up and became everything our parents wanted you to become.”

“So did you,’ she mumbled, squeezed between the two of them and then got out quickly. “But I have a condition!”

“What is it?” Ria looked surprised.

“1 want to see the two of you get married before I go, Savannah smirked.

Maya watched Roxanne scream for the past twelve hours. It didn’t make her happy at all. She hoped the baby would be safe and healthy. However, nothing was going right.

The baby was in the wrong position, and Roxy turned out to have h!ps that were too narrow for childbirth.

“It’s a shifter baby,” Reid said as he hugged his beloved wife, “She is going to make it.”

Maya wasn’t so sure anymore. She wasn’t even sure of what she was doing there.

The siren swore and called her dead lover. Then she switched it up a bit by sending curses to all of them and promised to one day kill them all. She had no idea how much everyone in the kingdom and her pack wanted her dead. It was Maya and Riannon who kept her alive because she was pregnant.

One long piercing shriek and the fox became quiet. At the next second, they all heard a baby’s scream, and a wave of relief washed over the two Betas.

Maya stood up first and went to the midwife, who was holding the tiny little creature. The first thing she saw was a few red curls on the baby’s head, and she frowned at that.

This was exactly what she was afraid of. The child took after Roxy.

However, when she looked into her eyes, her heart started to beat faster. Those were Dean’s eyes, her brother’s.

It wasn’t just this rich chestnut colour in them, it was the sincerity with which this tiny girl looked at her. Dean saw the best in someone like Roxanne.

“So?” Reid hugged her from the back, and she turned to look at him.

“She is just like him” Maya said, but then she noticed some movement behind her mate. Luckily, Reid had an even better reaction as a lycan. So, he covered her with his body and kicked the crazy siren-fox hybrid, who tried to attack them with a stolen scalpel from the midwife’s table, to her knees, causing her to fall on the small but sharp weapon she planned to use against them. It went into her neck, where the main artery was, and the midwife screamed.

“Don’t touch it!” Maya warned her, holding the baby tight against her chest.

Roxy twitched on the floor; her gaze wandered around the room.

“Hate–you all’ she hissed and then pulled the scalpel out, causing blood to gush out.

“Apply pressure!” the midwife screamed, and Reid grabbed a blanket to try and help the lazy woman.

Roxanne grew her claws and dug them into the hand he applied the pressure with, causing him to take it back.

She threw away the blanket and stared at the ceiling with a smile of a mad person, curving her lips.

“Castiel- she whispered, “I am coming Maya hid her face in Reid’s chest, and he k!ssed her forehead when she looked back up at him again.

“At least she stayed true to herself.” The Beta female looked at the child and thought it was for the best she had no idea what unfolded around her. “She kept hating everyone until the end and didn’t care for what she left benind. How could she abandon her own daughter?”

Reid touched the baby’s hand, and she immediately wrapped all her tiny fingers around his index finger.

“She chose not to be a mother” he said. “You can choose today to become one. I will support whatever you decide.”

Maya touched the red curls thoughtfully.

“l made my choice a while ago, Reid.” She smiled at her husband and then at her new child. “When I didn’t kill Roxy.

This baby deserved to live. Since Roxy was stupid enough to leave it, I have a right to take care of her.”

“Yes?” There was more than just one word in his question.

“Yes,” Everything she needed to say was in her answer.

“Meet our daughter, Reid. Her name is Danielle.”

“Are you ready?” Gideon asked his beautiful new wife as they stood before the doors to the main balcony.

“No one can be ready for this.” She smiled lovingly at him. Once again, he muttered his thanks to the Moon Goddess for sending him such a mate.

She wore a flowing champagne dress with lines of beads creating elegant regal patterns over her corset and a matching crown on her head. Her hair was up in an intricate hairdo as insisted upon by Savvy. Riannon held her hands together at her front and seemed like a perfect picture of a flawless queen.

In a few moments, a whole kingdom would be watching them, but right now, they were the only two people in the world. He offered her his hand, and she took it, trusting him as always.

The doors between them opened, and they walked out to the cheering crowd who was happy for the two of them.

When the crowd finally calmed down, Gideon announced loudly and irrevocably, “People of the West, meet your Alpha Queen!”

The crowd burst into cheering and clapping while Riannon stepped forward and waved at them.

She knew a lot still had to be done, and her work had only just begun. She also saw her werewolves celebrate together with their lycan allies. This was the beginning of a new era. Different and better than before.

More importantly, she knew she was home. Together with her mate, they would defend it and make it better.

Together they were the perfect couple.

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