The Silent Alpha Chapter 57: Bloodlines

Bloodlines *““Natalia** “Look, Mommy.

Pretty wolves,” Kota murmurs, everyone in the room staring at the pup.

He examines the picture, his tiny finger tracing along the wolf.

“So he’s gifted as well,” Aurora whispers to herself, her brows furrowing in confusion.

“But neither of you are Silver wolves.

I would have sensed that by now,” she thinks aloud, tapping her chin with her finger.

“And your ex-husband was the average Alpha.” “Average Alpha,” Oliver grumbles in annoyance, Aurora grinning mischievously at him.

“Aww, is the little French man mad he can’t see the pictures in the book?” she teases him, Oliver rolling his eyes at his mate.

“My poor little French snob,” She giggles, Oliver’s eyes narrowing to slits as he glares silently at her.

The Queen turns the page over for Kota, letting him look through the pictures and drawings in the enchanted book.

“Not all Silver and Gold wolves are the same,” the Queen continues.

“ Like with everything in the world, there are exceptions to the rules.” “L-like what?” Zane asks.

Aurora shrugs.

“Well, we all know Silver and Gold wolves are all gifted, right? They receive ONE gift on the day of their shift, but on very rare occasions, a gift is received earlier than expected or later,” she explains.

“I was 18 when I received my earth and healing powers and I had not yet shifted.

On the other hand, my aunt tells me my cousin Salavador first used wolf,” she smiles.

“And of course, every once in a while, Moon Goddess throws in a curve ball.” “What do you mean?” Lask, the little Queen smiling proudly to herself.

“Sometimes, our Goddess has mercy on our pain,” she says quietly.

“I was raised by my uncle Emiliano who had one of the rarest gifts a Silver wolf could ever have: Healing.

It’s a gift Moon Goddess bestows only on her purest wolves.” Her voice becomes small and her brave smile trembles a little.

“He was killed 6 years ago.” “lam sorry for your loss,” I say, reaching over to squeeze her hand.

“It’s alright.

I can still feel him sometimes,” the Queen replies with a whisper.

She takes a moment to collect her thoughts before continuing.

“ Anyways, my uncle’s twin sister, Valentina, was attacked and after nearly losing her life, she woke up with my uncle’s gift.” A single tear rolls down her cheek and she quickly wipes it away.

“Silver wolves don’t get second gifts but I like to think this was Moon Goddess’s way of letting my aunt have a little piece of her brother.

In the end, Moon Goddess does as she pleases, so perhaps you are just another exception to the rules.

My family is full of exceptions,” She laughs.

“You could say we are an exceptional Silver wolf clan.” “W-what is your clan na-name?” Zane asks, the Queen puffing out her chest with pride.

“my father was the Alpha of the Altamirano Silver Wolf Clan,” She says proudly.

“My mother was his Queen, and he, her loyal soldier.” “Y-you’re an Alt-Altamirano?” he asks, wide-eyed and amazed.

“I-I thought th-they were extinct?” Silver wolves in my Kingdom are Altamirano wolves,” she adds, Zane’s shock intensifying.

“What’s so special about Altamirano wolves?” I ask, completely lost in the conversation.

“The Silver wolves in my family’s clan were known for their powerful gifts,” Aurora shrugs.

“My father possessed telekinesis.

His father could create storms on a whim.

His father before him could slow down time.

Several of the gifts from my family have never been replicated again, making them one of a kind wolves.” “T-to be an Alt-Altamirano is t-to be like royalty,” Zane further explains.

“M-my father ha-has great respect f-for your clan,” he says timidly.

“I can’t say the same,” Aurora sighs, Zane lowering his head in shame.

“ I have great respect for you, though, Zane.

Perhaps you can start a new clan with Talia once we figure out what she and Kota are.” My wolf purrs ecstatically, pleased with the idea and even I cannot deny the butterflies that flutter in my belly, nor the heat that flushes my cheeks at the thought of starting a clan with my mate.

Zane’s bashful smile only makes my heart soar and I shield my face in Kota’s hair to hide the tears gathering in my eyes as I imagine giving Zane another pup.

“I know you are likely tired so we can discuss this later when you’re ready,” Aurora says, rising to her feet and taking the book.

“I will invite Alpha Patrick of Blood Moon to help.

He’s Gwen’s old pal and perhaps he knows something we don’t.” We decide to meet at the River Moon pack house at noon for lunch, and as the Queen turns to leave, she waves giddily at us.

“By the way, congratulations.” wicked grin on her lips as she runs away before we can ask what she means.

The doctor gives me a final examination and I am allowed to shower before being discharged.

I convinced Zane to take me to the River Moon pack house for my meeting with the Queen immediately.

I want to be ready to defend my mate as he defended me and I can’t do that whilst being clueless as to what I am.

Zane carries Kota in one arm and holds my hand in the other, Devina purring happily as we make our way to the pack house.

I think Moon Goddess punished me and gave me a cat instead ofa wolf, I mutter, Devina snarling in return.

Oh it snarls too,

chucklein amusement, the wolf growling once more before shutting up.

In the meeting room, we find the King and Queen sitting at the head of the table, two older couples to their right, and Toran to their left.

Rionna and Tylen seem to be missing from the meeting, Toran staring intently at the empty seat beside him.

“Have a seat,” Aurora gestures to the chairs meant for us.

“Let me introduce you to my aunt, Valentina and her husband Danny and over here we have Alpha Patrick and his Luna, Ellen.

They are Gwen’s friends and my allies in the Kingdom,” the Queen explains, sliding the black book over the table.

“They’re here to help.

I’ve already explained to them your circumstances and they have a few questions.” We say our awkward hellos and take our seats, Kota curling up in Zane’s arms with his stuffed wolf.

“What exactly did Moon Goddess tell you when you met?” Alpha Patrick asks, getting right to the point and leaning forward in his seat.

“She gave me a choice.

Live as a human or become a wolf,” I reply, “So you were a human?” Valentina chimes in.

“Not a hybrid of any kind?” “l’ve always been human,” I nod.

“She said my wolf could only belong to a human of my kind.

I don’t exactly know what that means,” I shrug sheepishly.

“I just know Devina was blessed by the Goddess of Night before being given to me.” Alpha Patrick suddenly sits up straight, exchanging looks with the Queen.

Aurora pulls out her phone, dialing a number.

A young man answers.

“Chava, are you with Gwen by any chance?” She asks into the phone.

“Yeah, do you want to talk to her?” Chava laughs.

“You know she hates this century and all its tech.” “Just put her on.

It’s important,” Aurora hisses, putting the phone on speaker and placing it on the table.

We hear some rattling and wind blow against the microphone before Gwen’s soft little voice comes through.

“Yes, Hello? Hello? Who is this? Salvador, who am I speaking too? Can they hear me?” she asks, a soft laugh coming from the other side.

A number of beeps can be heard as Gwen presses random buttons.

“How do I turn up the volume? I can’t hear shite! Stop laughing! You know I hate these bloody things!” “Haha, that never gets old,” Alpha Patrick chuckles, his wife sighing in annoyance.

“Patrick is that you, you old fart?” Gwen snarls, Patrick roaring with laughter.\

“Oh yes, sorry.

How can I help, darling?” Gwen shouts, Salvador instructing her to lower her voice.

Annoyed, Oliver leans over the phone.

“Gwen, what the actual f**k is going on?” “Oliver!” Aurora snaps at him, pulling him by his ear to sit back down in his seat.

She calms herself down before leaning over the phone.

“Gwen, what do you know about the Goddess of the Night?” Aurora asks, resisting the urge to laugh at her mate who is soothing his ear.

“Goddess of Night…” Gwen mutters in thought.

“Oh! That’s the Mother of the Moon and the Creator of the Faes, although, Fae is quite frankly a very broad term.

There are hundreds of Fae types, like faeries, pixies, banshees, and elves to name a few and they are all protected by different Gods.

Why the sudden interest in Faes?” “It appears Natalia received a wolf blessed by the Goddess of Night,” Aurora explains.

“We’re not exactly sure what that means.

All we know is that Talia is a special type of human because her wolf can only survive in a vessel like her.” Aloud gasp suddenly escapes Gwen’s lips.

“Talia got a wolf?” “Yes,” I mutter, the witch teasing me with her obnoxious giggles.

“Oh you bet your arse you have a lot of explaining to do, Tal,” Gwen laughs.

“You’re not getting away so easily from me.


Blessed by the Goddess Night….


“ she hums to herself in thought.

“The first thing that pops into mind is Letum.” “Letum?” lask, my head feeling as though it might implode with anxiety.

“What is Letum?” Gwen takes a moment to compose herself before answering.

“Letum humans are humans whose blood has been enchanted by faes and is a Fae once had a human lover and cast a spell on their human partner so that any vampire who dared to drink their blood and harm them would die a slow and painful death.

For centuries, this Fae spell has passed on through a human bloodline known as the Letum Bloodline.

Vampires who drink from a Letum human go insane before dying.

The blood itself is impossible to detect as it looks, tastes and smells just like human normal blood, but since it’s magic, there’s no way to break the enchantment and there’s no known way to cure Letum in vampires.” “So you think I’m one of these cursed humans with deadly blood?” I ask, suddenly feeling claustrophobic.

“It’s not a curse, Tal,” Gwen chuckles.

“If anything, it’s a blessing.

Gods, it’s honestly such a relief.

I left you in Aurora’s care due to a vampire threat and now you’re protected from vampires?! It’s like a miracle!” “There was a vampire threat in Poulsbo?” I ask, on the verge of passing out while my stupid wolf laughs at me.

“The threat has been neutralized,” Gwen replies.

“There’s no need to worry now.

You and Kota are safe to return to Poulsbo if you like.

I’m currently on a different mission and have been given the green light that no harm will come your way should you return.

You can come home.” I turn to Zane who has a solemn look on his face, though he tries to hide it behind a tiny smile.

River Moon is likely the first place he’s ever felt safe and wanted in.

He’s treated with respect by all the wolves here and has even made friends with some of the guards during training.

River Moon feels like home to him and he is my home.

How can I now ask him to leave? “You are more than weicome to stay, ” Aurora voice murmurs in my head.

“ You don’t have to go.

We can make room for a couple of strange hesitate to answer because I have yet to discuss this with Zane but Aurora calms my fears.

“ You don’t have to answer right now,” She says.

“ Just think about it.” Inod and the Queen thanks Guinevere for her help and almost hangs up when Valentina, the Queen’s aunt interrupts.

“Would being a Letum human give either of them any special gifts?” She asks, gesturing to Kota and I.

“I’m just trying to understand exactly what Moon Goddess meant when she said your wolf is blessed and can only be given to a human like you.

Have you or Dakota shown signs of a gift? Any peculiar ability you think you might have,” Valentina asks, watching the boy and I closely.

“Letum humans are very much just like any other human save for their enchanted blood,” Gwen explains.

“However, given the words of Moon Goddess, that may not be the case for Letum wolves, though I unfortunately know very little about them.

It’s almost impossible to find Letum humans, let alone Letum humans who have turned.

Most Letum humans don’t even know they are Letum humans!” “Ms Talia,” Patrick asks.

“Did you feel any different upon receiving your wolf? Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary? I shake my head at the Alpha.

“Not really.

My senses have heightened and I can hear Devina in my head.” “Does she speak to you yet?” Aurora asks.

“No,” Ishake my head again.

“She just…

purrs,” I say sheepishly, avoiding Zane’s amused gaze.

“( see,” Aurora giggles.

“And Kota?” “Yes,” the Queen reassures.

“Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary about Kota? Anything that could remotely resemble a gift?” “Not that I can thin-” Zane suddenly squeezes my hand to catch my attention and I look to see him staring at the pup playing with his stuffed wolf in his arms.

“Dr-dreams,” he says to me in a low whisper.

“K-Kota and his dr-dreams.” * Vanessa* There’s been a soft whine and whimpering in my head for several days now and it’s driving me insane.

My wolf cries pathetically for her mate every night, howling her sorrows and pain into the early hours of the morning.

Being holed up in a motel room has only made me spiral deeper into my mind and I feel myself suffocating in my own thoughts.

lam so tired of this.

All have ever wanted is to live a life outside of my sister’s shadow, a life where I can shine just as brightly as her.

But I keep failing.

Not a single person cares about what happens to me now, not even my husband.

I doubt he’s even noticed I’m missing.

Natalia’s been out of my life for over four years now and I am still failing, sitting here in a dingy room while she’s likely not even thinking of me.

Perhaps things have been easier for my little sister but time and time again, life has proven to be a challenge for me.

searching for my bath towels.

“I can’t keep crying in bed while the world continues to move on.

I’ve already wasted enough of my life trying to be Natalia but I will never be her.

I’m stuck with me so I may as well make myself into something.” The more I start to formulate a plan for restarting my life, the more excited I get.

It will be a life where no one knows who I am so they cannot compare me to her.

A life where I get to be myself and where that is more than enough.

A life just for me and this second chance wolf I’ve been gifted.

Isn’t that what Moon Goddess asked of me? Excitement bubbles in my chest as I hop in the shower, my mind filling with thoughts of a happier life awaiting me.

I put together a simple outfit and even brush my hair before heading out for breakfast at a small diner near the lake.

As I wait for my meal and take small sips of my coffee, I scroll through my phone in search of a job.

I am about 100 miles away from Silver Crest, the peace and quiet here in Greenville giving me hope that I may actually stand a chance on my own.

I look out onto Moosehead Lake shore when a familiar scent fills my nostrils, crushing my dreams to tiny insignificant pieces.

My stomach begins churning with fear and I shrink into my seat to make myself as small as possible.

But as his footsteps approach, I realize I have no chance of escaping.

Bracing myself, I take another sip of my coffee and he slides into my booth, sitting directly across from me.

My wolf whines at his presence, the wound of his rejection reopening.

Wiping the tears gathering in my eyes, I dare to ask a question.

“Are you here to kill me?”

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