The Silent Alpha Chapter 87: Tale of two Lunas


The forest comes alive with shadows dancing between the trees as I rush through, the sounds of howling wolves echoing all around me.

I can do this… I can do this… I repeat to myself as I put weight on my injured foot. It doesn‘t hurt as much, but I can‘t tell if it‘s the adrenaline or my wolf healing it. Both, the little voice whispers.

I stop dead in my tracks when I feel a presence nearby and listen to the rustling of the trees

Danger… my wolf murmurs. Duck! I don‘t question her and drop to my knees, a large wolf pouncing over me and narrowly missing me. Scramble to my feet and face my attacker, recognizing the wolf as he shifts into his human.

“Brody…” I gasp, stumbling back against a tree.

“Luna,” he snickers. “Or should I still call you that?” he scoffs, looking behind me. “Where are your friends? I woke up all alone.”

“You must be used to that by now,” I mutter, Brody‘s smirk morphing into a snarl.

He doesn‘t seem to notice my own shadow shifting into sharpened tendrils but a group of wolves emerge from the trees behind him, and I stop moving them to get a better sense of what I am dealing with.

“You know, I was going to go easy on you as a courtesy for being Luna all these years…but now?” he shrugs. “I think I‘ll have some fun. Let‘s see how good that p***y really is.”

My wolf growls with disgust as the men circle me and I feel her anger coursing through my veins.

No more games, she snarls. Our sister needs us!

Pain suddenly radiates from my temples, slowly spreading across my face and down my neck. The agonizing tingle shivers down my spine and I collapse on my hands and knees, my back arching as I let out a painful howl. My skin burns and itches as tufts of soft brown fur sprout across my body and my fingertips sting as claws and paws take the place of my hands. I shake with fear as I hear the cracking and shifting of my bones and once again howl in agony.

“She‘s shifting!” Brody shouts, rushing at me.

At the sign of danger, my wolf takes over completely, and I feel myself drift back as she pounces on Brody. Her paws pin him to the ground and she buries her canines into his throat. Before the other wolves can strike, my shadow tendrils take form and attack, the wolves howling in shock as wounds appear on their bodies.

One by one, they all fall at the hands of the shadows, leaving my lone wolf standing in the wake of their destruction. I stare down at my furry body, in awe of my new form.

Do you like what you see? My wolf giggles sheepishly. I am sorry I am a little small. I am a runt.

You‘re perfect, I whisper, climbing off of Brody‘s corpse, the feeling of walking on all fours both strange and exciting. I can’t believe it! I‘m a wolf!

T–thank you, my wolf says timidly, her giddiness and relief contagious. My name is Paloma, my wolf adds quietly, shaking the blood from her fur. It‘s so nice to finally meet you.

A distant howl brings me back to reality and a feeling of dread washes over me. I have to help Natalia.

Then there‘s no time waste, Paloma murmurs, taking off in the direction of the pack house.



…A few moments earlier…

“Have you acquired the pup!?” I snarl at my patrol men.

“No sir,” a patrol wolf replies.“ But it seems you were right to suspect Jordan was working with Vanessa, Alpha,” he adds. “We just finished scanning the tunnels and have found the bodies of the soldiers and the Gamma. It looks like Jordan fought them off and let Vanessa escape with the kid. The patrols are combing the territory and the tunnel exit as we speak.”

“Well, find them now!” I growl back. “My Luna is anxious to have her pup back and will not marry me without him here. Use every available soldier if you have to but find me my son and bring him home!”

“Yes, Alpha,” the wolf replies, cutting off our connection. Your plan is falling apart, Christian snickers, rattling his cage. Let me out and I‘ll help you.

Funny man, I laugh. But I knew that bastard Jordan was plotting against me and I have every man searching for the pup. I‘ll have Dakota soon enough and then I‘ll finally have my mate and my pup together again.

You think Kota won‘t tell Natalia what you did to him?

Christian argues. She‘ll never forgive you for touching the kid.

That’s why I am blaming you, I laugh, Christian falling silent. Natalia still hates you. I can sense it and I‘ll use that to my advantage. You so graciously gave the kid your name, not mine. I‘ll just say you lost control and hit him and before you could take it too far, I stepped in and protected the boy from you. I‘ll be a hero in my Tiny‘s eyes and she‘ll love me even more for keeping you locked away.

She‘ll see right through your lies, Christian shakes his head. I don‘t think so. The notification bell on my phone dings and I look down to see an email from the LAB waiting for me.

I open it up, my eyes scanning the document to see that my Tiny is in perfect health. My heart beats faster, however, when I reach the bottom of the document.

Reference Range: Non–Pregnant: NEGATIVE

Pregnant: POSITIVE

Pregnant? I snarl as I read the lab notes.


Luna Natalia is pregnant and in good health. She is very early in her pregnancy and cannot be more than 3 weeks along. You can discuss your options with Dr. Lila.

If you have any questions regarding the results, we are more than happy to explain them to you.

I immediately call Dr. Lila but her phone sends me right to voicemail and she doesn‘t answer her mind–link. Seeing red, I storm out of my office and down the hall to my bedroom where I find Natalia getting help zipping up her dress.

“You‘re pregnant?” I growl at her, her body tensing at the sound of my voice.

“W–what?” she whispers, her face paling. “I‘m what?”

“Pregnant!“I spit through gritted teeth, infuriated that I have to repeat those wicked words.

She looks down at her flat stomach and places her hand against her belly. “But I can‘t…” she whimpers in utter shock. “I thought I was.”

Tears spring to her eyes and I feel pain in my heart to see her in so much distress.

She didn‘t know… I mutter, feeling guilty at having accused her of lying to me. Of course, she wouldn‘t lie to me…

“Natalia, my love,” I whisper, closing the space between us. “W-we can fix this, okay? We can fix this!“|| murmur as I cup her cheeks in my hands. She trembles with disgust at herself and I wipe her tears away with my thumbs. “We‘ll get rid of it,” I tell her, her eyes widening with shock. “I‘ll rip out the little mongrel inside you and I‘ll hunt down that Alpha for ever touching you. I promise, I‘ll fix you.”

“Get rid of it?” She whimpers and I nod at her.

It‘ll be like it never existed,” I reply in a gentle voice as I kiss her cheeks. “I‘ll fix it. I‘ll fix you.” “But Christian, it‘s my baby,” she whines, shaking her head at me in protest. “I can‘t kill my own baby. I can‘t–”

“Yes, yes you can,” I murmur, smoothing down her hair and kissing her forehead. “I killed my mother for you.” I whisper, pulling her into a hug as I try to comfort her. “You can kill your baby.”


I bury my head in Jack‘s chest as a cold chill runs down my spine. Luna Kay… but I thought… I thought he said she ran away? I think to myself.

Remember, Vanessa said he killed her mate, Devina reminds me. He killed Derek and her unborn baby. Jack‘s not bluffing. He will kill our pup! We have to act now!

My heart beats a mile a minute as I realize I am alone, pregnant, and facing a monster who is willing to do anything to get what he wants.

“I‘m scared, Jack,” whimper, crossing my arms over my chest as I nuzzle up closer to him and slide my hand inside my dress to find the syringe.

“Don‘t be,” Jack replies as he squeezes me tighter in his embrace, making it difficult to move. “I‘ve got you, Tiny,” he murmurs. “I‘ll protect you.”

I manage to slide the cap off the syringe but my hand shakes as I carefully maneuver it under and around his arm to get the perfect angle.

“Alpha, look out!” Olga cries when she sees the syringe in my hand.

You b***h, Devina sneers at Olga‘s betrayal.

I attempt to plunge the syringe into Jack‘s arm but he grabs my wrist before I can dispense the medication, slowly crushing it in his hand.

“What are you doing, Tiny?” he whispers with calm rage. “I thought you loved me.”

I do my best to wriggle free from his grasp but he doesn‘t let go of me and instead grabs my other wrist, shaking me violently as he tries to understand my betrayal.

“I did this all for you,” he whispers, the tenderness in his voice frightening me. “I got rid of everyone who stood in our way,” he adds, his voice growing angry. “How could you throw that all away for some mutt‘s pup?” he says, raising his voice. “I‘ve given you everything! My love, my home, my pack! How could you betray me when all I‘ve done is love you?!”

“No,” I shake my head as I thrash my arms to free myself. “No!” “You said you loved me!” he snarls.

“I hate you!” I shout, Jack stunned into silence.

Taking advantage of his shock, I slam my knee in between his legs and to my relief, feel Jack‘s grip on my wrists loosen as he bends over in pain. Finally freeing myself from his grasp, I run for the door, kicking off my heels and picking them up before sprinting down the hall.

“Stop her!” Jack snarls at Olga who runs after me.

I make it to the stairs, taking a heel and chucking it with full force at Olga. She dodges it and lunges towards me, grabbing me by the hair and pulling me back against the wall.

My body goes into overdrive and I slam my elbow into her face while hooking my foot around her ankle. Using my momentum, I turn around and punch her in the jaw, Olga collapsing on the ground with a groan.

Sprinting down the stairs, I push past several confused omegas carrying flowers and vases and make it to the front door only to hear a growl behind me.

“Don‘t let her escape! Natalia! Get back here!” Jack snarls, shifting as he leaps down the stairs.

I throw open the door only to feel a hand wrap around my arm and drag me back. A pain pulsates from my temples down my spine and I spin around to punch whoever it is holding me back. Stumbling through the door, I limp down the driveway, the pain reaching my arms and legs.

Devina, I whimper, feeling myself on the verge of collapsing. Devina, what is happening?

I don‘t make it far before I hear Jack panting furiously after me, several of the omegas quickly catching up and blocking my path to freedom.

Shhh.. Devina murmurs as I collapse on my hands and knees. It‘s going to be alright.

I find myself surrounded by Omegas and Jack shifts back into his human form. He breathes heavily, his eyes narrowing to slits as he glares at me.

“You are my Luna,” he growls, taking two menacing steps towards me while I instinctively shield my belly with my hand. “You belong to me. Christian f****d up. It was him, not me and I swear, he‘ll never hurt you again. I‘ll lock him away forever! It‘ll just be the two of us!”

“You hurt me too, Jack!” I snap, my mouth burning as I feel my canines growing. “You hit me. You rejected me. How can I ever trust you again?”

“No,” he shakes his head as his fantasy starts to fall apart before his eyes. “No, I would never hurt you, Tiny,” he says with desperation. “I love you! Please, you have to believe me!”

“I do believe you,” I murmur, my hands trembling in agony as a burning spreads across my flesh. “But I don‘t love you anymore.”

“No!” Jack snaps. “No, ta–take it back!” he whimpers.

“I love someone else now,” I smile quietly through the pain as I think of my mate. “He is kind and gentle with me. He protects me and my heart like his own and more importantly, he loves Dakota. He loves his pup. What could you give me that he couldn‘t?”


“No,” I shake my head as tears spill onto my cheeks. “You can‘t give me peace. You can‘t give me respect. You can‘t even remember my favorite flowers!”

“I do remember! I–It‘s lilies!”

“I don‘t dread coming home to him,” I whisper, Jack‘s forced smile dissipating. “I used to dread returning to you because I knew the only thing waiting for me at home was an empty bed or your wrath. You broke me long before you slept with Vanessa. I was just too blind to see that a mate should feel like home… and you never did. You never made me feel at home. I was always just a stranger you needed an heir from.”


“I don‘t love you, Jack,” I say, looking up at the man who once broke me. “And I never will.”

Several emotions wash over his face before his brows furrow in anger.

“Then I guess no one else will have you,” he says calmly as he gets down on all fours.

His bones shift and crack until I am face to face with a large black wolf glaring down at me. I look

around at the other wolves, hoping at least one will remember that I was once their Luna, but it seems to have long been forgotten.

Don‘t look to them for help, Devina snarls, her voice louder than ever before. You have me.

Jack circles me, eyeing me like prey while the Omega wolves watch silently, as if waiting for all of this to be over. My heart pounds against my chest and my fingernails begin to bleed as claws grow in their stead. Agonizing cracks and pops ring in my ears as my bones begin to shift and rearrange.

Devina… I whimper. Devina!

Just wait… she murmurs. The first time is always painful.

I can‘t wait! I snap, attempting to crawl away only for Jack to grab me by the ankle with his snout and drag me back so that I lay beneath him.

“Co–coward!” I wheeze, my body convulsing as tufts of gray fur grow across my body. “Y–you‘re a coward!”

Jack opens his snout, showing me a row of sharp teeth that can easily tear through my flesh, his eyes flickering with amusement and rage. Just as suddenly as I find myself trapped, a blur rushes through the circle of wolves and slams head first into Jack‘s rib cage, knocking him back a few feet away.

Through my tears, I see a small wolf standing protectively between Jack and me, her fur bristled and her ears tucked back against her head. The little wolf turns to look at me, her reddish brown eyes flickering to green for a brief moment and I recognize her almost instantly.

“Vanessa?” I whisper, her wolf nodding at me.

Jack suddenly rushes at her, slamming into her at full speed and pinning her against the ground with his jaws wrapped around her throat.

“Vanessa, no!“ I cry, my voice morphing into a howl as Devina takes full control and shifts.

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