The Silent Alpha Chapter 91: A Fair Trade

**Zane **

King Author glares at me as Talia and I take our seats at the table, neither one of us bowing before him.

“So you are the child Sebastian kept a secret all these years,” the King says in a low voice. “The true heir to the Scarlett Haven Alpha title.”

I do not feel the need to give an answer and remain silent, much to the King’s annoyance. Luna Sara’s eyes bore into me with seething rage while her brother, Alpha Richard, looks at me with bemusement.

“Well, considering you called this meeting, I presume it wasn’t to waste my time,” the King snarls. “You’ve killed your father according to witnesses, which means by law, Scarlett Haven now belongs to you. I’m glad to hear the rightful heir has taken over,” he says, Luna Sara clenching her jaw at the King’s comment. “I’ve brought the Elders so you can take your oath-”

“That won’t be necessary,” Toran interjects. “Alpha Zane-”

“Did I say you could speak, mutt!?” The King growls, Toran’s face calm and unfazed. I’ll have to remember to ask him how he manages such composure at all times.

“l did not come all this way to listen to you spew your filth!” the King snaps as he turns back to me. “Now, boy. The oath is quite simple. As Alpha of Scarlett Haven, you will swear allegiance to the Kingdom of Crescent Mane and take over your father’s debt to Onyx Stone. They require an heir and it will be your responsibility to produce one with one of their wolves. Alpha Richard has made a selection of eligible brides for you to choose from.”

I steal a glance at my mate, who is doing her best to hold back her laughter, though the look in her eyes is anything but amused.

“It’s alright” I murmur as I open a connection between us. Noticing the tremor of rage rippling through her, I place my hand on her knee and caress it with my thumb to calm her down. “I belong only to you.”

“l see that you are marked and mated,” the King continues. “No offense to the lady, but that simply won’t do. You will have to take back your mark and reject her before you take the oath.”

Grayson bursts into a murderous chuckle, and even I cannot help but laugh.

Just who the hell does this man think he is?

“Is something funny?” The King asks, his teeth gnashing together as he glares menacingly at me.

I notice a little smirk of pride on Toran’s face, and it’s enough to give me confidence in my voice.

“Very,” I reply, attempting to make my voice strong and confident like Toran and I practiced. “I-it seems y-you’re under the impression that I-I take orders from y-you,”.

Luna Sara suddenly bursts into laughter at the sound of my voice, her whole body shaking with each cackle. -“0h, how delicious! He has a stutter!” she squeals with excitement. “So that’s why Sebastian hid you all these years!” she laughs. “He was ashamed to have a son like you! Oh, goddess! I can’t believe it! This is the new Alpha of Scarlett Haven? A stutterer?”

She claps like a seal, laughing hysterically to herself. Surprisingly, I do not mind her hurtful words and I am able to maintain my cool despite her ridicule.

Talia, on the other hand, is seething, her fists clenching and unclenching at her sides, I can almost smell the rage pulsating through her, and I place my hand over her fist, curling my fingers around her small hand.

“It’s okay, Talia,” I murmur through our connection, but it seems my words do little to soothe her.

Slamming her fist on the table, a black mist spreads from her hand, growing darker as it condenses into what appears to be a large black vine with thorns. Gasps erupt across the room as the vine slithers over the table and wraps around Luna Sara like a cobra around its prey, squeezing her tightly until she’s almost blue in the face. King Arthur and Alpha Richard are on their feet instantly, staring in fright at the black vine as it pulls Luna Sara out of her chair and towards Talia.

“What the hell is the meaning of this?!” the King snarls, the room becoming humid as he activates his power. “Let her go!” he demands, a white mist forming at his fingertips.

Talia ignores the King, rising from her chair and bringing Luna Sara close enough so that they are at eye level “Such pretty eyes you have,” Talia whispers, her voice calm yet dangerous. “Would be a shame if someone were to pluck them from thWptetty little head of yours,” my mate smiles innocently. Luna Sara’s eyes widen in shock as a two-pronged spear aimed at her eyes grows from the vine and she opens her mouth to scream, only to be silenced by a vine that covers her mouth.

“l SAID LET HER GO!” the King commands in his royal voice, flicking his wrist towards Talia and flinging icicles at her.

Talia raises her hand to shield herself, the black mist mimicking her movement and forming a large black shield to protect her from the ice, Taking a chance, I rise from my seat.

“SIT DOWN!” I snarl and, to my shock, a black film glazes over the King’s eyes as he obeys my command and sits. Alpha Richard can only stare at me in shock as his own King follows my commands.

“I-I’m not as weak as y-you think I-I am,” I mutter, turning my attention to my mate.

Talia leans into Luna Sara’s right ear and hisses her menacing threat, “Are you fond of your tongue? Because if you are, I suggest you shut the f* *k up.”

Luna Sara only whimpers in response and nods her head before Talia releases her; scrambling to her feet and running to the other side of the room to hide behind her brother. Talia smiles with satisfaction before walking back to me and perching herself on my lap, her arms draping around my neck.

That’s my woman! Grayson purrs, his tail wagging so violently, I can almost hear it thumping as it hits the imaginary ground he is sitting on.

“iA la gran puta, Malparida!” Talia mutters under her breath. “It’s the audacity to come to MY PACK and insult MY ALPHA,” she huffs, her breath ragged with rage as she throws more Spanish curse words at Luna Sara that I do not understand.

I’Ve lost count of how many pups I’m putting inside her at this point, Grayson yips. But I am putting all of them in her tonight. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Grabbing Talia by the chin, I turn her face towards me and kiss the tip of her nose, the rage in her eyes melting away as she looks at me. Her fists still clench at her sides and I feel the pain in her soul as she fights back tears. She had taken Sara’s insult personally, and she would never forgive her for mocking me.

“I’m okay,” l smile, but Talia can only shake her head at me. “l am. I promise.”

“Your pack?” the King interrupts, his voice reminding me that Talia and I are not alone.

I help Talia into her seat, her anger still visible on her features, before I turn back to the King and the Alpha.

“That’s what I was trying to explain, your Majesty,” Toran sighs. “l am no longer the Alpha of Ravenstone. Zane is.”

The King eyes me for confirmation and I nod back at him.

“I-I. .. will not be t-taking any oath tonight,” I announce, the King growling in indignation. ” M-my father promised an heir. I-I did not and since I-I am now Alpha, only I-I decide Scarlett Haven’s fate, not y-you.”

“But I am King-“

“But y-you are not m-my King,” I retort. “I-I was cast out as a r-rogue and became Alpha of Ravenstone before claiming Scarlett Haven. Scarlett Haven is now p-part of Ravenstone, which means I-I don’t fall under y-your jurisdiction, y-your Majesty.”

The King rises to his feet, pointing a disgruntled finger at me. “How dare you-“

“No, how dare y-you come into m-my territory, insult m-my mate with y-your foolishness, and expect m-me to obey y-your demands?” I snarl back. “I-I arn not m-myfather -you are lucky I-I won’t continue this war an fueled by nothing but I-lies!”

“LIES?” The King snarls. “My daughter is dead. Do you have any idea what that wolf beside you did?”

“H-he loved his mate,” I reply, the King’s eyes widening with rage.

“You imbecile!”

“T-The only imbecile I-I see here is y-you, y-your majesty, for believing in the lies of Cyrus W-White without first verifying the facts,” I retort, Talia snorting with laughter.

If I had hands, I’d be eating popcorn right about now. Grayson snickers. Roll that film!

“Cyrus was n-not Bre’s mate,” I explain. “She was Toran’s. Y-Your daughter’s true murderer was none other than m-my uncle and the man y-you fought alongside with.”

Before he can protest, I project Toran’s last memory of Princess Bre so he can see for himself who Breanna truly loved. He watches in silence as his daughter takes her last breath in her mate’s arms before the memory fades away on the table.

“I-I am sorry for y-your loss, y-your Majesty, I sigh. “But the true killer d-died many years ago… And I-I am sure y-your daughter would be at peace knowing her father and her mate were no longer at war with e-each other.”

“This. … This can’t be possible,” the King mutters under his breath.

“Well it is,” Toran snaps. “l tried to tell you so many times, but you choose to believe Cyrus instead of me,” he scoffs. “You were so blinded by rage, so willing to kill, to wage war for her. .. and I cannot blame you; I sought the same thing.”

“It enraged me to see you take Cyrus’s side, but I fought alone to bring Breanna the justice she deserved! I watched the life leave Cyrus’s eyes, and thought that would bring peace into my life… but it didn’t. Then Sebastian did the unthinkable and you let him! You let him… and for that, I will never forgive you… and Ravenstone will never bow down to you again.

It is the first time I ever see Toran lose his composure. His always calm eyes now filled with tears of rage and anguish. My mother takes his hand in hers, her touch reminding him of what love and peace feels like.

“But Bre.. .” King Arthur whispers to himself as he sits down. “Breanna… she felt the mate bond with Cyrus. She told me that herself… “

Cyrus u-used magic to falsify a bond with Bre and m-mask her true bond with Toran,” I explain. “Breanna fi-figured it out and rather than ac-accept his treachery, Cyrus killed her, blaming her death on T-Toran.”

“So all these years…” King Arthur mutters to himself.

“You’ve been chasing the wrong man;’ Toran snaps unapologetically. “You failed her… and I hope to Goddess you rot in hell for the pain you’ve caused me.”

King Arthur growls in anger and watches in disgust as Rionna once more attempts to soothe her chosen mate, kissing him tenderly on the cheek.

“l failed her?” he scoffs. “You remarried a woman you had killed!” he snarls. “How are you even alive, Ellie? I watched Sebastian grieve for you. He felt your death, as did your Gamma.”

Rionna can only shrug in response. “l will not pretend to understand the intentions of Moon Goddess. All I can do is accept her gift of a second chance with someone Who makes me happy.”

“And you didn’t once think to see your child again, Elenore?” the King asks, Toran growling at the mention of Rionna’s dead name.

“My name is not Elenore anymore,” Rionna corrects him. “l don’t have any of her memories and I don’t remember what it was she was like. I only know what I’ve been told and can only hope she was kind.”

“S-she was,” I whisper, Rionna smiling in return. “S-she was very kind.”

A loud clapping noise draws our attention from the far side of room and we turn to see Luna Sara mocking us with a slow clap. “What a lovely family reunion,” Luna Sara snickers. “A dead mother and her stupid son. How wonderful,” she snarls. “Meanwhile, my son was murdered in cold blood and no one has offered to correct this crime! I demand justice for what was done to him!” She snarls, pointing an accusing finger at me and threatening me through gritted teeth. “And You! You don’t deserve the title of Alpha of Scarlett Haven!”

“Y-Yöu’re right,” I shrug after coming to this conclusion, “I-I don’t… and that’s why i-I want no part of Scarlett Haven.”

King Arthur and Alpha Richard stare at me in confusion and I carefully explain my stance.

“M-My father was in-indebted to Onyx Stone for their help in the war, and I-I plan to pay them back in full. +1 will hand over the title and te-territories of Scarlett Haven to Alpha Richard and the Onyx Stone pack. I-ln exchange, Ravenstone and m-my family will be left alone to live our lives in peace and Onyx Stone will p-pledge neutrality with Ravenstoné,” I explain. “W-We wilt not wage war against e-each other ever a—again”

Alpha Richard smiles in satisfaction with the trade, but it seems neither Sara nor Arthur are pleased with this transaction.

“You cannot just hand over a pack under my command!” King Arthur snarls. “It is not yours to give away!”

“I-lt is and I-I can!” I snarl back. “Scarlett Haven became a free agent once Sebastian died and I-I have yet to swear allegiance to y-you! If I-I so please, Onyx Stone ma-may have Scarlett Haven, its territory, and its p-pack members!”

“It’s a deal,” Alpha Richard smiles triumphantly. “l have no objections to a fair trade.”

“But brother, my son l” Sara protests, tugging at his arm like a brat.

“Enough!” Alpha Richard snarls, pulling his arm away from his sister in distaste. “Your son was a fool who could not defend his own honor! If he was not Alpha enough to defeat Zane, he did not deserve the title!”

Angry tears spill onto Luna Sara’s cheeks, and she suddenly lunges at me, my instincts kicking in.

“Sit !” I Comfnand Luna Sara, and she is unable to resist my order.

Alpha Richard watches curiously as I approach his sister until I tower over her figure. She grinds her teeth angrily at me, but I remain unfazed, lowering my walls to see what more lurks inside her head.

Memories of filth flood my mind, but I come across something that piques my interest. Digging in a little further, I hear a truth that appears no one but my father knew, one that could easily change her tune.

“I know your secret,” I whisper in her head.

Sara’s eyes widen in shock when she hears my voice in her head. “I know what you’re hiding from your brother, and unless you want Richard to know the truth about you, you will not bother my family again. I also know it was you who sent Caine after me and his death is on your conscience, not mine. You are a greedy w***e, but all those plots you have in that twisted little head of yours, you better bury them or it will be you vvbö i bury next.”

Lluna Sara narrows her eyes to slits at my threat, but the look on my face lets her know I mean business and she nods despite her displeasure. Turning my attention to the King, I make my argument as clear as possible.

“Y-you are upset at the loss to y-your Kingdom,” I sigh, knowing well that with this trade, Crescent Mane is about to lose a very powerful ally yn Onyx Stone. “But y-you should be very grateful I-I’m being so lenient.”

“Grateful?” The King snarls.

It seems he understands that in Onyx Stone agreeing to be on neutral terms with Ravenstone, they can no longer offer financial or physical support to Crescent Mane if the King decides to wage war over this. Crescent Mane’s power is already weakening, and this trade would be the final blow to them.

“Y-yes, grateful that I-I am not demanding reparations for the war y-you helped p-perpetuate,” I reply. “F-For all the lives y-you helped destroy by defending m-my father and his brother. Ravenstone is small… a-and in a single day, m-my father wiped out an entire generation of wolves with y-your blessing.

Twenty-six pups, y-your majesty. Ages four months to three years. Gone. I-I can see it all in y-your memories,” I ‘whisper, disgusted by what I see. “Y-You knew what m-my father was planning… and y-you turned the other cheek. Perhaps y-you thought if y-you didn’t look, y-you wouldn’t have to ac-accept that it happened. But they were innocent, Arthur, and y-you let m-my father take them, Y-You should be thanking m-me for handing over Scarlett Haven to the Onyx Stone wolves and if y-you try to r-retaliate against m-my pack for m-my decision, just know y-you will suffer a far greater loss than I-I. I-I am not the weak man m-my father once claimed m-me to be and I-I will make you bleed, Ärthur. I-I promise y-you that.”

I turn back to my seat, my mate gazing up at me proudly.

“I-I’ve made m-my intentions clear. Y-You should g-go now,” I sigh, settling down in my chair. Toran hands me a file and I slide it across the table to Alpha Richard who carefully inspects it. “T-That’s the contract of neutrality. S-Sign it and Scarlett Haven is y-yours for the taking.”

After skimming the pages, the Alpha signs the documents, thus cutting off Crescent Mane’s resources and ending this war. King Arthur slowly rises from his chair, his eyes black with anger and he storms out of the room without looking back at me. I heave a heavy sigh knowing it will not be the last time I see him.

Luna Sara and Alpha Richard also rise to leave, Richard leaving the signed files on the table. I try to listen in on Sara’s thoughts as she storms past me but she is only repeating the same message in her head like a mantra.

“You haven’t won yet, “She snarls.
She’s gone before I can probe any further.

“What a fascinating gift you have there,” Alpha Richard observes. “Such a gifted Alpha and Luna.”

He walks away without another word, but his smile feels like a threat and leaves me uneasy. I lean back in my chair once they’re all gone and let out a long tired breath, Talia walking up behind me and massaging my shoulders.

“You did it,” she whispers, leaning over me to kiss my lips. “You ended this war.”

“B-But did I-I just start a new one?” I sigh, turning to Toran for guidance.

“King Arthur is vindictive,” he shrugs. “But you should celebrate that at least for now, Ravenstone is at peace.”

I smile half-heartedly and Talia tries to cheer me up.

“Come on, Alpha,” she murmurs. “Our pup is waiting for us and tomorrow…” she adds with a giggle. “We start planning for our wedding.”

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