The Silent Alpha Chapter 92: The Fire Tree

**Four Months Later**


Life has changed drastically for my little family over the last four months. For starters, upon her return from France. Zane asked Queen Aurora for an alliance and she made an offer that Zane and I did not expect.

At first, I thought she was joking but the serious look on her face made me realize not only was she serious, but this was very important to her.


“There are luckily very few people in this world who understand the life these girls were forced to live… but that also means very few people have the patience and compassion to handle the pain they’ve endured,” she explains.“ I’ve spent months working with them, training them, rebuilding their homes into a sanctuary, but they need leadership and guidance, things I cannot offer to them exclusively without neglecting the rest of my kingdom,” she sighs, her face grim. “Things didn’t go as well as I had hoped in France and I suspect Alpha Jacque and Benoit are already plotting their next moves. I need help with Amethyst Lake while I start finding more allies, so if you are willing, I would be most honored to offer you Amethyst lake and its territory.”

I immediately like the idea as I had come to enjoy working with the girls. They deserve the very best Alpha and I could not think of a greater man than Zane for the job.

“B-But Ravenstone, your Majesty,” Zane asks in disbelief. “H-ow?”

“Amethyst Lake is being built to house 600 wolves with the idea being that it will become a sanctuary for strays and rogues escaping abusive packs or war,” Aurora smiles proudly to herself. “It currently only has about 200 wolves and Ravenstone isn’t very big. I’m sure the land can accommodate all of your pack and the girls just fine.”

“But would integration be a good idea, your Majesty?” I ask her. “I’ve spent time with those girls and while I adore them, many are still frightened of men and even people. I’m not sure they are ready to be in a pack with strangers.”

“That is a valid concern,” the Queen replies. “But integration wouldn’t be immediate,” Aurora explains. “I’ll admit, this task isn’t going to be easy but I wouldn’t be asking you if I didn’t think you could handle this. The pack grounds are still under construction but it’s almost finished. Ravenstone could move in first while the girls continue their therapy and training until we’re sure they can live peacefully among other wolves. It may take months or even a year before your pack would be whole but if you’re up to the challenge, this could be really good for Ravenstone and Amethyst Lake.” Her l!ps curl into a gentle smile. “I don’t need an answer right away. Just think about it. Regardless of what you decide, I will respect your decision and will gladly set up an alliance if that’s all you seek.”

*End flashback

Zane was very nervous to present the idea to Toran and the rest of Ravenstone, but after weeks of deliberation, the Ravenstone wolves voted in favor of the move.

Things began to move quickly after the vote and I officially moved out of my little house in Poulsbo to live with my new pack. Zane didn’t want me to become overwhelmed with traveling between the packs, so he urgently suggested that I stay in the River Moon guest house with Kota, Agnes, and Nikki to keep me company.

While in River Moon, I have worked closely with Aurora to plan out the layout of the new pack, organizing housing arrangements and representing the pack in Alpha meetings on Zane’s behalf. We have set up a small commercial center for our pack members to establish their own trades, and built community gardens, parks, and even a new elementary school. Construction of the last buildings was completed last week and Zane has been helping our pack members settle into their new homes and setting up our very own pack house. I want to help but after witnessing some false labor contractions, Zane has refused to let me anywhere near the movers.

After my first month of pregnancy, I stopped being able to use my powers and I can no longer shift safely without risking the life of my baby. In Zanes’ eyes, I am now the same human he met all those months ago and he worries day and night for my safety. It’s adorable but a little suffocating at times.

To please him, I’ve stayed home with Agnes, Nikki and Rionnna checking up on me every 20 minutes but I’m on the verge of losing my mind after being confined within these four walls for the past 2 days. This morning after Zane left for work, I began to feel contractions and have busied myself packing my bags for the hospital. I forget, however, that mates feel each other’s pain and soon receive a worried mind-link from Zane.

“Talia, are you okay?” Zane asks and I explain it’s nothing to worry about. “Are you sure?” he asks.

“They’ve been pretty far apart, “I sigh.” There’s no need to worry just yet. I’ll let you know when it’s time. Okay?”

It takes a little convincing but Zane finally relents and lets me handle my business. As I fold the baby’s clothes into their bag, I feel a rather strong contraction and decide to lay down for a few minutes, closing my eyes to rest.

“Talia, my darling little b***h, are you resting?” I hear a familiar voice call out from the stairs and I burst into laughter as Gwen pops her head into my bedroom.

“Is that a witch I hear climbing up the steps,” I chuckle, rubbing my large belly. “Have you come to steal my children and bake them into pies?”

“Ugh,” she groans, gently pushing me off to the side to lay beside me. “I have enough with the little gremlin growing inside me to be eating more children,” she mutters, placing her hands on her little round belly.

“Oh, but you do look amazing, Guinevere,” I smile, a tiny smirk curling on her l!ps. “I look like a f**cking potato with an extra bud sprouting on my stomach,” I laugh.

“Oh, eat horse s**t, you cunt,” she scoffs as I burst into laughter. “You look like a bloody princess with all your …” She gestures to my entire body and grumbles.

“You didn’t say anything!” I giggle.

“Yeah well I’m tired and ran out of words,” she mutters, curling up in my arms and k!ssing my belly. “You’ve been in there for quite a while, little one,” she murmurs to my baby. “Any plans on coming out soon? Your aunty Gwen would like to meet you so I can teach you how to terrorize your mummy.”

“Gee, thanks,” I mutter, Gwen smiling like a fool. “I’ll be sure to return the favor in two months.”

“Oh goddess, don’t remind me,” She mutters. “I’m already over being pregnant. I don’t think I will last another two months. These cravings are awful and my gods, the hormones! Last night, I burst into tears when Salavador ate one of my fries. I bloody offered it to him in the first place!” she cries. “I scared him half to death because I couldn’t stop sobbing! Poor bastard just sat there shaking like a leaf bringing me all kinds of snacks. I’m an awful person,” she laughs. “I thoroughly enjoyed his fear!”

“Pregnancy just makes me horny,” I sigh, Gwen rolling her eyes at me. “I just see Zane and jump him like a starved wolf. He could come home exhausted from work and I will literally tear off his pants and climb on him. No foreplay, no k!sses, just ride him until I’ve had my fill so I can roll over to sleep. It confuses the f**k out of him.”

Gwen chuckles to herself. “Men. They truly are at our mercy, aren’t they?”

“Indeed,” I laugh, caressing her belly. “Are you nervous at all? The first pup is always the scariest.”

Guinevere returned from her trip not too long ago and to my pleasant surprise, came back with a baby growing in her belly. She’s been staying in Lluvia Blanca for the time being and despite loving her mate, I know she’s afraid of settling down and being a mother.

“I’m terrified,” she admits in a whisper. “I never thought I would ever have a child,” she shrugs. “Much less with a wolf.”

“It’s alright to be afraid,” I reply, “Just take it one day at a time. You have me and Salvador, and this entire kingdom at your disposal, okay? You’re not on your own anymore no matter how much you like to think you are.”

“I know,” she smiles. “But I-”

“Mommy! Mommy! Look what I made!” Kota squeals as he bursts into the room and pounces on the bed to show me a string of pine cones. “Look, Mommy! It’s for Baby!”

“Oh how lovely,” Gwen says, taking the s ring from Kota’s hands. “These will look wonderful in Baby’s room. Do you know what tree they’re from?” she asks, the pup nodding his head proudly.

“The Koyah tree,” he smiles, Guinevere bursting into laughter.

“It’s Sequoia, Kota,” she corrects him. “Like this. SEH-KOH-YAH. It’s the biggest tree in the world and one of the strongest,” she explains, Kota crawling onto her lap and petting her belly as he listens. “They are so powerful that their cones can only open with fire!”

“Woah!” Kota gasps, examining the cones with his fingers.

“Pretty cool, huh?’ Gwen smiles. “The heat makes their cones dry out and POP! Out come the little seeds to grow into new trees.”

“The cone has babies?” Kota gasps with delight. “Mommy-”

I feel a trickle between my legs and Kota looks down at the growing wet spot on my bed.
“Uh-oh Mommy! You peed on the bed!”

“Talia?” Gwen asks, pulling Kota off to keep him dry. “Was that.”

“Yeah, my water just broke,” I groan, feeling another contraction ripple through my abdomen and across my back. I breathe in and out slowly and force myself to sit up. “I should have shaved my legs,” I sigh tiredly, throwing my legs over the bed.

“Tal, I think that is the least of your worries, love,” Gwen chuckles nervously.

“Just because I am a wolf, doesn’t mean my legs have to have fur,” I mutter, turning to my pup and looking for an excuse to get him out of here. “Kota, go downstairs and tell Nonna to call Daddy, okay?”

He nods and runs away while Gwen checks my dilation and helps me into a new dress for the hospital. Within minutes, Zane bursts through the door in full panic mode, Agnes, Rionna, Kota, and Nikki flooding the room.

“A-Are y-you okay?” Zane asks. “W-where does it h-hurt? l-is the baby okay? Should y-you even be s-standing? W-where are the baby’s things? I-I knew I shouldn’t have left-”

“Zane,” I laugh, cupping his cheeks to calm him down. “I’m fine,” I murmur, breathing in and out slowly with him. “It’s okay… We’re just having a baby,” I whisper, k!ssing the tip of his nose.

“W-We’re just having a b-baby,” he repeats, his panic slowly melting away as he smiles.

“It’s going to be okay,” I add. “But I’m going to be in a lot of pain very soon and I need you to not be an Alpha today.”

“N-not be an Alpha?” he asks in confusion.

“Exactly,” I shake my head, Just be my Zane today because I am going to hate you for the next few hours and I need you to love me through it all, okay?”

“O-okay,” he agrees, though I still hear the nervousness in his voice Gwen agrees to watch Kota while the girls accompany Zane and I to the hospital for the delivery. We are checked into a room and given gowns to change into. Almost immediately, the contractions grow in intensity and I know Zane can feel all of them.

“Zane, put up your walls so you don’t feel it,” I insist when I notice him grimacing in pain as I brace for a

“N-No,” He shakes his head. “Y-you’re in pain… So l-I’ll endure it with y-you,” he whimpers.

I almost want to laugh at him but the sincerity in his voice makes me feel bad.

“What good would that do?” I mumble, Dr. Meghan stepping into the room to check my dilation.

“Goddess, I hate you for this,” I groan, the doctor chuckling to herself as a number of nurses bring in equipment for the delivery.

“I-I’m sorry,” he whispers, tying my hair up into a ponytail for me.

“Alright, Luna,” the doctor smiles. “It looks like it’s time to push. I need you to hunker down now, She says. “Atta girl, that’s right.”

The nurses get into position and Zane stays by my side to hold my hand.

“Okay, Momma. Time to start pushing,” Dr. Meghan instructs and I squeeze Zane’s hand as I push with all my might.

“O-oh f**k,“ Zane whimpers, squeezing my hand in return.

“Zane, if you pass out, I will actually kill you,” I mutter, glaring at him. “Put your walls up!”

The seriousness in my voice frightens him and he finally puts up his wall to block out our connection.

“Okay, now take a deep breath and we’ll go again,” Dr. Meghan explains.

Zane and I take several breaths before I once again hunker down to push. Zane grimaces as I crush his hand for the next three pushes and I curse him under breath for impregnating me in the first place.

“Okay, Luna, I see the head here,” Dr Meghan sighs. “Give me a big push. Big Push. Come on, Momma.”

Zane wipes away the beads of sweat on my forehead and I let out a loud scream as I push, feeling as though my V***a is on fire.

“Do it again,” Dr Meghan instructs as I throw my head against the pillow in exhaustion.

I can hardly say a word as I push again, pain ripping through my body as I gnash my teeth together and scream.

“Okay, momma breathe,” Dr. Meghan says in a soothing voice. “Take a few breaths. You’re almost there.” “I-I can’t,” I whimper, Zane k!ssing my forehead. “C-come on, T-Talia. Just one m-more. Y-you can do this,” he murmurs.

“I’m tired,” I cry.

“Y-You can do this. J-Just- oh shit-” he mutters to himself.

“What? What?” I ask, fear gripping my heart.

He shakes his head and blinks a few times, refusing to answer until I glare at him.

“M-my wolf fainted,” he blushes with embarrassment, a small chuckle escaping my l!ps. “S-Sorry.”

Oh, for f***s sake, Devina mutters.

“J-Just one more push Ta-Talia and y-you can rest,” Zane pleads.

“O-Okay,” I sigh, once again taking his hand to push.

A thunderous scream rips through my throat as I push until finally, my pain comes to a climax and I hear the baby’s cry for the first time.

“Congratulations, Luna,” Dr. Meghan announces, the nurses quickly wiping and cleaning my baby. “You have a beautiful baby girl.”

Uit’s a girl?” Zane asks, his eyes welling up with tears as he looks proudly down at our small pup. “W-we have a BIN? W-We have a girl. O-Oh my goddess, w-we have a girl!”

He k!sses my forehead in pure happiness as the baby is placed on my chest and I get to see her beautiful face for the first time she screams with life. She has a full head of hair already and her face, while swollen, is among the most beautiful I have ever seen.

“Oh she’s perfect,” I whisper, finally breathing with relief. “Hi baby,” I sob, finally bursting into tears of joy as Zane is instructed to cut the umbilical cord.


I didn’t realize pups were so small, Grayson purrs as we stare down at our sleeping pup, his tail wagging happily from side to side. She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I know, I murmur, completely in awe of her beauty.

I did a good job, he says, puffing out his chest proudly. She looks just like me. She doesn’t look like anyone, I mutter. Especially not you.

You’re just jealous of my strong genes, Grayson huffs. But that’s my baby. Just like Kota. He looks just like me if you squint Strong genes? You fainted, you j***t, I sigh, Grayson growling at me as I get up to check on my mate.

She too sleeps soundly, finally getting the rest she deserves after being bombarded by visitors all day. The room is now flooded with pink flowers, balloons, and gifts for our baby and it pleases me to know she is already beloved by all.

We have still not thought of a name for our pup but we are in no rush. It’ll come when it comes.

“How is she?” Talia murmurs, her eyes still closed as she stretches.

“Perfect,” I reply, searching for a chair to rest in.

Talia scooches over and taps the empty space beside her. “Come hold me,” she whispers.

I hesitate at first but her pleading eyes are enough to convince me that I fit and I climb in beside her, pulling her to my chest and sweeping away her hair from her neck. Exhaustion quickly lulls her to sleep and I remain awake to watch over my girls as they rest.

I help Talia with nursing all throughout the night, and in the morning, I let her sleep in while I take care of our daughter. There is a rocking chair by the window and I settle down to watch the sunrise with the baby on my bare stomach.

How about Rose? Grayson asks as he watches the sleeping pup. Or Cherry? She’s pink like a Cherry. Can I hold her now? I promise I’ll be good.

don’t respond, Talia waking up from her slumber and calling me to bring the baby. Once in her mother’s arms, the baby opens her mouth in search of a meal.

“You’re a hungry little caterpillar, aren’t you?” Talia murmurs, pulling down her gown to nurse the baby. She gently strokes the baby’s nose and the little pup slowly closes her eyes as she suckles. Talia then smiles up at me, her voice a gentle whisper, “You know, it’s funny. I had a dream last night and-”

She doesn’t get a chance to finish before there’s a quiet knock at the door and Gwen pokes her head in.

“Morning,” she whispers. “Sorry, I’m early. Kota woke me up at dawn and won’t go back to sleep until he’s met his sister.”

I step out into the hall where Kota jumps up and down in excitement.

“Y-you have to be quiet, K-Kota, okay?” I instruct, putting my finger to my l!ps. “Y-you don’t want to scare her. She’s sleeping.”

The pup agrees to use his inside voice and I carry him inside the room. Talia has already covered up and she wipes the baby’s little l!ps before presenting her to her brother. I gently set Kota on the bed and he crawls to his mother’s side, peering over the pup and smiling at her with excitement.

“Hi sissy,” he whispers loudly, the pup opening her eyes and blinking up at him. He leans down to k!ss her cheeks and looks up at us curiously. “Mommy, when does Quoia (KOH-YAH) come home?” he asks. “I want to show her her cones!”

“Quoia?” I ask, Talia’s eyes twinkling with delight. “Mhmmm,” Kota nods proudly. “Like the fire tree!” “It’s perfect,” Talia agrees, smiling down at the sleeping pup. “Her name is Sequoia, like the fire tree.”

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