The Silent Alpha – Epilogue 1

* Agnes*

All around me, I feel the vibrations of music rumbling through the ground and the smiles in all directions make my heart full. I am so proud that Zane is finally seeing his self worth and getting the happily ever after he so rightly deserves.

Talia has been a tremendous gift for him and I cannot be more grateful to her for guiding him out of the darkness. I feel a gentle tap on my shoulder and turn to find Nix waving back at me.

As it turns out, I was not the only deaf wolf to come from Raven stone and over the last few months, she has become a dear friend to me. She is a young girl, about 18 years of age, with high cheekbones, pale freckled skin and a beautiful oval face.

freckled skin and a beautiful oval face.

Tonight, her long dark hair is braided to one side, and she wears a dark blue dress that hugs her figure well.

“You look beautiful, Agnes,” she signs, my heart warming when she uses my sign name.,.

Sign names can only be created and assigned by other members of the Deaf community and having grown up without another friend in the collective, I never had the opportunity to earn one.

Nix spent many weeks thinking of a sign for me and, after giving it some thought, she settled on a simple sign; an A and a G over the heart. It was an incredibly beautiful experience to share my name with Zane, and he was overjoyed to know I found a friend to connect with.

With his now busy schedule, it’s hard to find time for the two of us to just have a coffee or a day to chat, and I knew he was feeling guilty about living his own life with his family. I thank Moon Goddess every day I had such a caring boy for as long as I did.

“I see you brought your butterfly to the wedding,” Nix teases, pointing at the colorful butterfly fluttering in my hair.

After all these months, I still had the little butterfly Salvador made for me, and it has been my most loyal companion now that I am alone.

Zane tried to offer a room for me in his Alpha home, but I asked to have my own space in a small apartment so he can focus on his growing family.

Kota loves to visit me frequently, doing his best to learn more signs and always wanting to play with me.

He’s a little gem of a boy and I have no doubt he will make a wonderful Alpha when he grows up.

“It’s my date tonight,” I smile, putting two fingers to my head for the butterfly to sit on before bringing my hand in front of me to watch the butterfly crawl along my fingers.

It likes to sit in my hair most days and always follows me.

Well, almost always, I think to myself as I remember one other person the butterfly likes to follow.

Suddenly, the butterfly flies away, a warm tingle shivering down my spine as a familiar scent fills my nostrils.

I turn around to find Tylen standing behind me, the butterfly perched on his head as he stands perfectly still. I have been avoiding Tylen at all costs since

his return from war, dodging his advances and forbidding him from ever visiting my home.

Luckily for me, he has been respectful of my last rule, never showing up at my apartment, though I suspect he stays close by to watch over me.

“There’s a butterfly on my head,” he signs, a bit confused and frightened by the little creature.

It’s amusing to see such a big strong alpha male afraid of a tiny butterfly and I do my best to hide my giggle as I rise to my feet.

He is quite tall so I have to stand on the tips of my toes to reach for the butterfly, our position compromising as I get incredibly close to his face and I feel his hot breath brush against my lips.

I pretend not to notice the longing in his hazel eyes and I place my two fingers over his head for the butterfly to percheron.

Tylen mutters something under his breath that I cannot hear or understand, and the next thing I know, I feel his lips crash against mine.He wraps his arms around my waist, pressing his hard chest against mine and for a brief moment, I lose myself in his kiss; the sparks enveloping me in their warmth.

How long had it been since I felt such passion with anyone? I wonder to myself, my thoughts drifting away to my former mate.

Upon seeing Damon’s face flash in my memories, I come back to my senses and push Tylen away, slapping him across the face for stealing a kiss from me.

There is anger in his eyes as he looks at me and his lips twist with unspoken words.

“l once had a mate,” I sign, my butterfly fluttering back to me.

“And you’re not him.”

Agnes and Tylen will get their own short story titled: SIGNS OF LOVE. Date of Release To Be Determined. I would like to thank Nix, a very kind reader in the Deaf community who gave Agnes her sign name.

It meant the world to me to have her named.

*** Vanessa

I finish up my shift, Mike, the bus boy offering to walk me home.

“No, thanks. I’m good,” I reply, packing up my belongings and hanging my apron on its h**k.

“Are you sure? It’s dark out,” Mike insists.

“It’s not right for a lady to be walking the streets on her own at night,” he adds.

I force a tiny smile and shake my head.

“Yeah, I don’t live far.I’ll be fine,” I sigh, trying my best to hide my irritation with the man.

He’s had a major crush on me ever since I first arrived at the restaurant and

while he’s a very sweet man, I’min no position to be thinking of relationships right now.

His smile falters but he does not push any further, and he takes off in the

opposite direction, leaving me alone in the restaurant to lock up.

It’s been several months since I left the United States, the memory of what Christian did to me leaving a large scar in my heart.


“Do you know where you are going?” Toran asks as I shift uneasily in the front seat of his car.

“Anywhere away from here,” I reply, sifting through my wallet to see what I could afford.

After a long silence, he heaves a heavy sigh and takes out his phone.

“I have some contacts in Scotland who can help you,” Toran says as he dials a number.

“I can have an apartment and a job ready for you by the time you arrive. Nothing luxurious but it will be comfortable and better than having nowhere to go.”

Tears spill onto my cheeks at his generosity and I look down at my credit card in fear.

“I­ don’t have a lot of my money,” I whisper quietly.

“ButI can promise you that I will pay you back for this kindness.” Toran waves his hand absentmindedly, speaking to a man on the phone for a few minutes to make the arrangements.

“It’s all settled,” Toran sighs as he hangs up the phone.

“A man by the name of Willis to pick you up and take you where you need to go. You will live just outside of a small pack and work in the pack restaurant as a waitress. All of your paperwork will be ready within a week.”

“Thank you,” I murmur, wiping my tears and looking out the window of the car.

“But can I ask you something? Why are you helping me?”

For a long time he doesn’t say anything and I prepare to apologize for overstepping when he suddenly clears his throat to answer.

“I have done things I regret in my life,” He replies.

“And! was given a second chance to correct my mistakes. I think you are in a similar position and you still have time to fix what you broke.”

He says nothing more as we pull up to the airport and he helps me with my bags and slips a paper in my hand with his name and number.

“if you ever need anything,” He murmurs.

“You call me.”


Everything was as he bad arranged it when I arrived in Scotland and I will forever be indebted to the elder Alpha.

Will picked me up as planned and took me to a compact apartment, which was small but comfortable and located the countryside.

ין spoken to the pack members on occasion, but for the most part keep to myself in my apartment.

Toran sends me monthly updates on my sister and her family and I am happy to know they are doing well.

On a few occasions, I have received gifts from little Kota, such as a small beaded bracelet with mismatched beads and some macaroni ornaments for Christmas.

After the birth of her daughter, Natalia reached out beautiful little girl my eyes have ever seen.

letter, sending with it a small picture of the most It now hangs on my wall and I hope to Moon Goddess, I get the chance to meet her in person one day.

I was invited to the wedding, but I could not find the courage to face Natalia so soon. I’m sure she did not miss me much.

After locking up the restaurant, I make the short walk to my apartment and skip dinner, crashing almost instantly for the night on my bed.

In the early hours of the morning, my wolf whines and whimpers, begging to be let out for a run, and I begrudgingly get ready for my day.

I pack a small backpack with clothes, a sketch pad, and some charcoal before heading out to the forest for my run.

The Scottish forests are gorgeous in the winter, a light layer of snow covering the land.

Paloma is more excited than usual to be let out and, with pup-like energy, races through the trees, splashing into small pools of water and hopping over branches.

During her run, a delicious scent of white sage and lavender fills the air and Paloma follows it deeper into the woods.

I feel myself growing scared the further we go in, but Paloma doesn’t seem the least bit worried about what we will find.

She purrs contently when we reach a clearing and see a large ice structure standing in the middle of it.

Aloud snore bellows from within the structure, and every cell in my brain tells me to run. What are you doing?! I hiss at my wolf as she tiptoes towards the entrance of the ice structure.

I just want to see who it is… She replies, inching closer and closer to the mouth of the structure.

Suddenly, the ground begins to rumble with thunderous footsteps and, to my horror, a large blue dragon slithers out, his ivory fangs bared at me as he towers over my tiny wolf.

Run!l scream, my heart beating a mile a minute. Paloma, however, only sits on her hind legs and smiles at the creature, her tail wagging happily from side to side.

The dragon roars at her, the force of his breath blowing over branches and leaves behind her.

Still, Paloma doesn’t flinch, her tongue hanging out as she pants with delight.

Even the dragon seems confused by her lack of fear and she prances proudly towards him to lick his snout. Sparks tingle up and down my body as Paloma brushes up against the confused dragon, and she begins to purr once more. “Mate,” She murmurs.

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