True Luna Chapter 15: Pressure

Emma POV

I woke up around 8 am. I had to be really tired if I slept over 12 hours.

The space next to me was empty. Andrew has probably gone to the pack house already.

My ribs were already hurting less. Being a wolf sure was great. I would be as good as new tomorrow.

I sat up carefully and noticed a note on my nightstand.

Link me when you wake up.

I always forgot about mind-linking. I wasn’t used to it yet. But it was very handy.

Andrew? I opened our mind link.

Em? How are you? He answered immediately.

Good, better already. Where are you?

West border. He said. Pack stuff.

Is it rogues again? I asked, slightly concerned.

Yes. He said. But don’t worry. It is under control.

Okay. Be careful.

I will, Em. Eat something. We will be home soon. He said and closed our link.

I sighed and carefully got out of bed. I walked to my bathroom and did my morning business. I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower.

When I came back to my bedroom, Sienna was leaning on my desk with an evil smirk on her face.


“How does it feel to be helpless, little mouse?” she asked.

“What do you want, Sienna?” I asked angrily.

“I want you to stay away from Logan, bitch.” she said and walked over to me.

I backed away from her until I hit a wall.

“He is the one who came to me yesterday.” I said. “I didn’t call for him.”

“I don’t care.” she said, growling. “Stay away.”

“Why don’t you tell him to stay away from me?” I asked and instantly regretted it.

She ran the rest of the distance to me and grabbed the left side of my torso. She squeezed, and I screamed in pain.

“I told you not to disrespect your Luna.” she growled. “You never listen.”

She grabbed my hair with her other hand and lifted my face so I could look at her. I felt tears running down my cheeks. My ribs were screaming in pain and my breathing is uneven and fast.

“You will not be in my way for long, Emma.” she said quietly. “I have a perfect plan for you. And I can’t wait for it to happen.”

She let go of me and I crumbled on the floor.

I sobbed quietly and tried to breathe deeply so the pain would go away.

She was going to kill me soon. What should I do? Whom should I tell?

Jake and Amy.

But I didn’t want her to hurt them. Jake would go after her and she could hurt him. No. I couldn’t risk that. I couldn’t be responsible for that.

My mind was a total mess, and I didn’t even notice that someone was screaming my name inside my head.

I tried to focus on the voice, and I noticed Andrew and Logan trying to mind link me.

I focused on my brother.


Emma! He yelled. Goddess, Emma, what the hell happened? Logan can feel your pain!

He was screaming, and my head was hurting badly.

It is okay. I slipped and hit the desk in my room. It hurts, but I will be okay. I said, trying to sound calm.

I was scared shitless. Why didn’t you answer our link immediately? He growled.

The fall kind of shocked me. And I am still getting used to mind-linking. I didn’t even notice you were trying to talk to me. I said.

Okay, I will be home soon. Stay in bed. And talk to Logan. Just to tell him you are fine. He is driving me crazy. He said and closed our link.

I sighed and opened my link with Logan.

Alpha? I said.

Goddess, Emma! He yelled. That f*****g hurt. Are you okay? Andrew told me what happened. And why are you calling me Alpha?

Goddess, his voice was like a melody. As soon as I heard his voice, my ribs started hurting less.

I am okay. Thank you for checking up on me, Alpha. I said, trying to keep it formal.

To you, Emma, I am and always will be Logan. He said.

I cut our mind-link. I couldn’t bear to hear his voice in my head anymore. It hurt my heart too much.

I got off the floor slowly. My ribs felt better this morning, but now they hurt even more than yesterday. Maybe she broke them again.

I walked to my desk, where Andrew had left my painkillers, and took two pills from the bottle. I took a cup from my nightstand and went to the bathroom to fill it with water.

After I took the pills, I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes. Maybe I could sleep again. There was no way that I was going downstairs. That b***h was probably still here, and I didn’t need her to attack me again.

A few minutes later, I heard the front door open and close. Two sets of heavy footsteps walked upstairs and into my room.

I opened my eyes and saw a worried Andrew and Logan standing in front of me.

Andrew walked over and sat next to me.

“Let me see.” he said and pulled my shirt up.

Logan growled when he touched me. Really? Even my brother?

I didn’t even look up at him, and Andrew ignored his growl.

“s**t. It is bruising again.” he said. “When I checked you this morning, the bruise was mostly gone.”

“We should take her to the clinic.” Logan said.

I looked up at him. “No. I am fine. It will heal again.”

“Why did you get up?” Andrew asked me and pulled my shirt down. “You should have waited for me.”

“I had to go to the bathroom.” I said. “It was an accident. It won’t happen again.”

Andrew and Logan frowned at me.

“Do you think you will be able to attend a formal dinner tomorrow night?” Logan changed the subject.

“Yes. I should be okay by then.” I nodded. “Who is coming?”

“Alpha Drake of the Blood Moon Pack.” Logan said. “As Beta’s sister, you should be there. But maybe you should rest.”

“No.” I shook my head. “I will go. I will be fine.”

Logan nodded and turned to Andrew.

“Stay in today.” he said. “Take care of her. If I need you, I will mind-link you.”

“Are you sure?” Andrew asked.

“Yes.” Logan nodded. “She is more important than work right now. If anything comes up and I need your help, I will link. Don’t worry.”

“Thanks man.” Andrew said.

Logan started walking to the door. He turned to look at me before he left.

“If you need me, mind-link me, please Emma.” he said. “I will see you tomorrow.”

I nodded. “Goodbye, Alpha.”

He looked at me with a sad expression. “It’s Logan.”

I didn’t respond. He sighed and walked out of my room.

Andrew walked out behind him, and I heard them talking about the dinner with Alpha Drake before Logan walked out of our house.

I sighed and closed my eyes.

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