True Luna Chapter 16: Preparations part one

Logan POV

“Is everything ready?” I asked Andrew while looking at my calendar on my phone.

Alpha Drake should be here in a few hours.

“Yes.” he said. “Servants are fixing the table as we speak.”

“Patrols?” I asked, not looking up.

“I have increased patrol on all borders.” Andrew said. “I’ve talked to Lewis, and our best warriors are on standby if anything should happen.”

“If the Rogue King finds out about the purpose of Drake’s visit, he will attack.” I growled and looked up at Andrew.

“I thought about that.” Andrew said calmly. “That is why we will not have the meeting here. I was thinking of the interrogation room down in the cellars. It is soundproof. It is the safest room in the packhouse to discuss such a delicate matter. By the way, we should really soundproof our offices.”

This was the reason why Andrew was such a great Beta. He always thought ahead, and I could always be sure he would come up with a great solution to any problem.

I chuckled and nodded. “I will put it on the calendar.”

I stood up and walked to the window. Packhouse workers were coming in and out, carrying all the necessities for the dinner tonight.

“Great thinking about the interrogation room, Andrew.” I said and turned around. “Nobody can hear us. We can’t risk information leaking out.”

He nodded with a serious expression on his face. “I know. We can’t risk anything. We need to find out what that fucker wants. I want to stop him and rip his throat out.”

When it came to the rogue problem, no wolf was more invested than Andrew. He had been searching for information and coming up with ideas to deal with rogue attacks better than any other pack member. Rogues killed his mother and father. He wanted revenge. I wanted it to. My father died as well. But I think Andrew was so invested because of Emma. He hated rogues because they took Emma’s parents. He was practically an adult when they died, but she was a child, and she lost two of the most important people in her world. Andrew did a great job raising her, but he knew that she missed their parents. He couldn’t replace them completely.

“We will find out and we will end it for good, man.” I said and sat back down..

He smiled and nodded.

“How is Emma?” I asked the question I wanted to ask since I saw him this morning.

It was killing me that I couldn’t be with her. I haven’t seen her since yesterday, and I already missed her so much. I knew that I shouldn’t. But I did. And I really couldn’t help myself.

“She is okay.” he said and sighed. “Her ribs are still a bit sensitive, but she is much better. Amy is with her right now, helping her to get ready.”

“Good. I am glad she is better.” I said.

“We talked about Sienna again.” Andrew said.

I knew that Emma had a problem with Sienna. And it wasn’t just because I had chosen her to be my Luna. She had a problem with her long before that. Andrew told me that Emma complained to him that Sienna was being mean to her and calling her names. But Andrew and I never saw Sienna being mean to Emma. On the contrary, Sienna loved her. She always took care of her and showed nothing but love toward her. I really didn’t know why Emma hated her so much.

“What happened now?” I asked him.

“Same as before.” he sighed. “I guess it is worse now that you chose her as your Luna.”

“It makes me sad that Emma doesn’t like her.” I said. “Not just because she will be my Luna, but because she is our friend.”

“I know.” he said. “I agree completely. I love Sienna and I just wish Emma would give her a chance.”

“Maybe we should talk to her about it.” I suggested. “I don’t want other pack members to hear her say something like the other day. Especially after Sienna becomes our Luna. I will have to punish her. The pack law is clear on that matter. And I won’t be able to do that. She is my mate.”

“We will talk to her.” Andrew said. “But give it a few days. She has a lot on her plate right now, and I want to give her some time to accept everything.”

I nodded. “Sure. We will do it when she calms down a bit.”

Andrew smiled and got up. “I am going home to change. I will be back in an hour.”

I nodded. “Don’t be late. We have to welcome Alpha Drake together.”

“I won’t.” he said. “See you later.”

He left my office, and I went back to finishing a few things related to pack business before I had to go and get dressed.

Time flew by, and I was pulled away from my work by a knock on my office door.

Andrew peeked inside.

“You are still not dressed?” he frowned. “Alpha Drake will be here in an hour.”

“Shit.” I muttered. “I lost track of time.”

“Well, hurry up.” Andrew said and walked over to my desk. “Do you need me to finish something for you?”

“No, man, thanks.” I said and stood up. “Go downstairs and make sure everything is ready. I’ll be down in half an hour.”

He nodded and we left my office together. He was walking downstairs when I stopped him.

“Andrew.” I called him. “Is Emma here?”

“Not yet.” he answered, looking up at me. “But she will be here soon.”

I nodded and walked over to my bedroom.

I took a quick shower and went inside my walk-in closet to get dressed. I put on my black dress pants, black shoes, and white button-up shirt. I left the last two buttons open and rolled up the sleeves. I looked at myself in the mirror and fixed my hair. I looked good.

I walked downstairs and made sure everything was ready for Alpha Drake’s arrival.

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