True Luna Chapter 19: Alpha Drake

Emma POV

I was still shaking. I could still feel his lips on mine and his hands on my body. Goddess, I never wanted him to stop kissing me and touching me. Nothing will ever feel that good.

When I sat down at the table, I could see Andrew eyeing me suspiciously, and I gave him a little smile.

I looked around the table and saw that Sienna was giving me a death glare. I kept thinking that everybody knew what we did outside.

I took a deep breath to calm myself. Nobody knew. I was being ridiculous.

My gaze stopped at a pair of brown eyes I haven’t seen before. They belonged to a huge man, and I instantly knew he was Alpha Drake. He was looking at me with a small smile on his lips.

“What is your name, beautiful?” he asks me.

“It is Emma, Alpha Drake.” I said and bowed my head in respect.

“Well, Emma, I was telling your brother earlier that I would gladly take you as my chosen mate. You are stunning.” he said.

Every wolf in the room turned to look at him. Everybody was shocked that he would publicly claim something like that. Mate issue, and especially chosen mate issue, was a private, family thing. It was discussed behind closed doors and announced publicly when the bond was forged.

I looked at my brother. Did he agree? I was terrified.

Calm down, little one. I am not letting him near you. I made it very clear to him. He mind-linked me, and I immediately relaxed.

I turned back to look at Alpha Drake, who was smiling brightly at me. Logan was staring at him, and I was pretty sure he would kill him if he continued talking about making me his.

“Don’t worry, little wolf.” Alpha Drake said when nobody else said a word. “Your brother told me you still haven’t found your true mate, and he wants to give you the opportunity to find him. But if you don’t, please come find me. It would be a great honor to have a Luna as beautiful and powerful as you.”

Logan was going to lose it. He was shaking, and I was pretty sure that he was seconds away from shifting. For Goddess sake, he would start a war.

Thankfully, Alpha Drake was staring at me, and he hadn’t noticed that Logan is ready to kill him.

Sienna was glaring between Alpha Drake and me, and I didn’t know who she would like to kill first. He wounded her ego when he called me beautiful and powerful. Not that I was, though.

I needed to calm Logan before he did something stupid.

Logan, please calm down. I mind-linked him. I will never be his.

His eyes snapped to me and I could see him relax. Thank Goddess. I didn’t want him to ruin an alliance because of me. And it was not Alpha Drake’s fault. I was an unmated she-wolf. I was fair game.

I averted my gaze back to Alpha Drake. “Thank you, Alpha. You are very kind.”

He smiled brightly at me and, thankfully, changed the subject.

I looked down at my plate and started eating.

From that moment on, conversation was mainly about pack business. Alpha Drake was interested in the way Logan was running things around here.

I could feel Alpha Drake glancing at me all night long. Logan was watching him like he was ready to kill him any second.

We had just finished eating dessert, when Luna Gloria called my name.

“Emma, honey, can you give me a hand with something, please?” she asked me.

I smiled and nodded. “Of course, Luna.”

I stood up and I could feel Logan’s eyes roaming all over my body. Even his gaze left tingles and sparks all over.

I walked behind Luna Gloria, wondering why she needed my help. She led me to the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

I looked at her confused. Why were we here, in the bathroom of all places?

She smiled at me and walked closer. “Are you my son’s mate?”

I froze and stared at her. What should I say?

“It is okay, honey. I know. I can tell.” she said and took my hands in hers.

“How?” I asked quietly.

“He is looking at you like you are everything in his world.” she smiled.

But then her face scrunched up and she sighed. “But I don’t understand why he took a chosen mate if he found you?”

I sighed and told her everything that had happened since my birthday. When I was finished, she was completely pissed off.

“That idiot.” she growled. “He is my son and I love him, but he is a complete and total i***t if he rejected you.”

I smiled and she continued growling.

“He thinks you are weak?!” she said through her teeth. “And that Sienna is stronger?! She will ruin him. Ruin this pack. She is going to be the worst Luna there ever was.”

I narrowed my eyes at her, confused. “You don’t like Sienna?”

“Oh, honey, no.” she said, looking at me. “I can see how fake she is. She is only after power. I tried talking to Logan, but he just didn’t want to listen.”

I sighed. Thank Goddess. I was not the only one that saw Sienna for who she really was.

“I tried talking to Andrew about her as well.” I told her. “No luck.”

She shook her head and wrapped me in a hug. “They are stubborn as hell. But they will see reason. Logan will come to his senses. He will realize you are what he needs. Not that b***h, Sienna.”

I laughed at Luna Gloria calling Sienna a b!tch. She was always so calm and collected. It was necessary. She was a Luna. Calling someone a b!tch was totally not a Luna thing. But it was nice to know that she agreed with me. Sienna really was a b***h.

“He made his decision, aunt Gloria.” I said, still wrapped in her hug. “He chose her and there is nothing I or anyone else can do about it.”

She let me go and took my face in her hands. She looked into my eyes and smiled.

“He will realize his mistake. Trust me.” she said.

I didn’t know what to say to her, so I just stayed silent. I didn’t think that would happen. The pack always came first to Logan, and he thought that she was better for his pack than I was.

Emma, we are going home. I heard Andrew’s voice in my head. Where are you?

I’m in the bathroom. I linked him back. I will be right out.

“I have to go.” I said to aunt Gloria. “Andrew is looking for me.”

She nodded and took my hand in hers.

We walked to the front door. Logan, Alpha Drake, and Sienna were saying goodbye to my brother.

When we approached them, Sienna gave me a murderous look. Alpha Drake smiled at me, and Logan was undressing me with his eyes.

I walked to my brother, and he took my hand in his.

We grabbed our jackets and my purse and went to our car.

I fell asleep on the drive home. The last thing I remembered was two strong hands carrying me to my bed. My brother kissed my forehead and covered me up. I fell into a deep sleep.

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