True Luna Chapter 20: Taken

Emma POV

I woke up feeling really uncomfortable.

I groaned and turned on my back, removing the covers from my body.

I looked down and saw I was still in my dress. s**t. Andrew didn’t wake me up to change into my pajamas.

I got up and headed to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and removed my makeup. I took off my dress and hopped under the shower. The warm water soothed me, and I didn’t want to leave.

Memories of Logan’s kiss came rushing back. I felt tingles spread through my body and the area between my legs started throbbing. s**t, Logan. Why did you do that? Why did you show me how good it can be when I know I will never have it again?

I sighed and turned the shower off.

I got out, dried my body with a towel and put lotion on. I went back to my bedroom and got dressed.

I can’t train yet, but I decided to go to the training grounds, watch Amy and Jake train, and hang out with them after. Just like we always do. I need it. I need a sense of normality.

I put on black tights, my favorite gray hoodie, and sneakers. I let my hair fall down freely and put a little bit of lip gloss on my lips.

I couldn’t hear Andrew. He has probably already left for his meeting.

I decided to grab a cup of coffee before leaving. I don’t want to eat anything. My appetite is not great still.

I walked downstairs to my kitchen and froze as soon as I walked inside.

Sienna was there with an evil smirk on her face. She looked behind me and nodded.

Before I could turn around, I felt something cold wrap around my wrists. Silver handcuffs. I instantly lost my connection with Eliza. I couldn’t use the mind-link anymore. Before I could scream, a large hand was roughly placed over my mouth.

It is a rogue wolf. I could smell him. They have a unique smell.

“Well, hello there, little Emma.” she said, smirking. “It is time to get rid of you.”

The rogue wolf chuckled behind me, and I could feel his nose in my hair.

“Goddess, Sienna, do we really need to kill her? Can I keep her? She smells fantastic.” he growled.

My stomach twisted and I felt bile rising.

“You can’t have her until Logan marks me.” she said calmly. “He will feel it if you touch her or kill her. After he makes me his Luna, you can do to her whatever you want. After that, kill the little brat.”

I sobbed and tears started to fall on my cheeks and rogue’s hands.

Sienna reached into her purse, pulled the duct tape out and gave it to the rogue.

He tore off a piece and taped it over my mouth. It was so quick I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t even take a breath. Sobs wrecked my body, but they were muffled by the tape over my mouth.

Rogue threw me on the floor, and I fell to my knees. I looked up at Sienna.

“I know you are probably thinking that your brother and Logan will look for you.” she said with a smirk. “But you are wrong. You see, each time you complained about me or insulted me, you dug your own grave. Rolf here will hit me. He will take you away, and after a few hours, I will mind-link Logan, telling him you attacked me and ran away, saying you would rather be a rogue than have me as your Luna. After your apparent hate for me, they will have no reason to doubt my words.”

She is right. A panicked sob ripped through my body. They will never look for me. They think I hate Sienna and will believe her. I will die. I will never see my brother again. He will think I have become the one thing he hates. A rogue. He will think I became the thing that killed our parents.

I looked at Sienna, my eyes wide, my heart beating painfully in my chest.

My heart is breaking in my chest, and I can’t breathe. My vision is blurred with my tears.

“You should be glad.” Sienna said. “Your brother and Logan will be free of you. You are only a burden to Andrew. He was so young, and he was left with you. He hates that. You ruined his life. He told me he never wanted to take care of you. He only did it because that b***h Luna Gloria told him he had to. He will be happy you are gone, trust me.”

I sobbed quietly and lowered my head. I don’t want to believe her. My brother loves me. I know he does. She is lying. But it still hurts like hell. What if she is right? Did I really ruin his life? He was so young when he started taking care of me. He couldn’t live like a young wolf should. He had a responsibility. Me.

“And Logan will be thrilled.” Sienna continued. “He thinks you are weak, but he can’t fight the bond and it is making him furious. Now he will think you betrayed him and his pack, and he will hate you. He will finally be mine and you will be gone.”

I didn’t even look up at her. I will die and everybody that matters to me will hate me. I will leave this life being hated by the people I love most. They will never know the truth.

Dying doesn’t scare me. But being hated by my brother, my only family in this world, does. I wish I could tell him I love him one last time. I wish I could tell him the truth. I wish he wouldn’t hate me.

But I know he will.

I just hope Logan marks her soon. I don’t want to be in the presence of this rogue wolf. I don’t want to live with this pain for long. I want it to end.

“Goodbye, Emma.” Sienna said coldly. “I will take care of your brother and Logan for you.”

I felt a needle stab my neck and I fell into darkness.

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