True Luna Chapter 21: The meeting

Logan POV

I was sitting in the interrogation room down in the cellars. Andrew was next to me, and we were waiting for Alpha Drake and his Beta Josh to arrive.

I was nervous about what he had to tell me. I just hoped that, whatever it was, I would have a solution for it.

The door opened and Alpha Drake and Beta Josh walked in.

They sat opposite us, and I walked over to lock the door.

“Don’t disturb us unless it is an emergency.” I told my guard that was standing outside the door. “Knock two times if you need us.”

“Yes, Alpha.” he said and nodded.

I closed the door and locked it. I walked back to the table and sat down.

“Okay, Alpha Drake.” I said seriously. “I am listening.”

“Well, as you know, we managed to capture a rogue that attacked my pack.” he started talking. “We got him to talk to us and what he said made me really afraid.”

I gulped and looked at Andrew. Alpha saying that he was afraid was considered weak and we all avoided it. An Alpha should be strong, dominating, and calm in dangerous situations. Drake admitting that he was afraid, especially in front of another Alpha, was making me nervous. Whatever the reason behind the attacks was, it had to be bad when Drake was afraid and admitting it to me.

I looked back at him and nodded. “Continue, please.”

“We all noticed that rogues are attacking those packs that have young, unmated Alphas.” he said, looking right at me. “Your pack and mine are one of these packs.”

I nodded and he continued.

“Rogue King believes that one of us has a true mate that is very powerful.” he continued. “Dark Witch told him that there will be a she-wolf mated to an Alpha, and they will be the most powerful mated couple. She will make his pack strong, and together they will create a new line of stronger, more powerful wolves.”

“Does she have magic?” I asked, confused.

“No.” he said and shook his head. “She will be the most charismatic leader ever. People will love her, as they never loved a Luna before. All the traits that a Luna has are more dominant in that she-wolf than any other. She cares more, understands more, and is willing to give herself for her pack more than any other Luna. Her power will come from the love her people will have for her. She is a True Luna.”

I gulped and looked at Andrew. He was staring at Drake, not breathing.

I gulped and looked at Andrew. He was staring at Drake, not breathing.

“What is his plan?” I asked and looked back at Drake.

“He wants that she-wolf.” he answered. “His plan is to take her and make her h is Luna. He wants to mate with her and produce descendants who will be more powerful, and he thinks he will be able to take over our packs.”

I was shaking and I couldn’t breathe. What if that she-wolf was Emma? Could she be strong and powerful? I never felt any power coming from her. I didn’t believe that she was strong. That was the main reason I rejected her and chose Sienna to be my Luna.

“Neither you nor I have found our true mates.” Drake continued. “But it makes me terrified that she is in danger, whoever she is. I don’t even know her yet, and it makes my blood boil that maybe my mate is the one and that fucker wants her for himself. I don’t even know what I would do if I knew who she was. I would probably try to lock her inside my body where I know she would be safe.”

My hands were shaking, and I couldn’t even look up at Drake. I could feel how tense Andrew was. If there was any chance that this was about Emma, he would rip everyone apart. He already hated rogues so much.

I completely agreed with Drake. I wanted to leave this room and find Emma. I needed her safe before I lost my mind.

“Do they know anything about that she-wolf?” Andrew asked, his voice trembling. “How will the Rogue King know that she is the one?”

Drake nodded. “The rogue we captured said that they were instructed to search for a pure white wolf.”

Andrew stood up, growling so loud that we had to cover our ears. He grabbed the chair he was sitting on and threw it into a wall.

I looked up at him, shocked. What the hell was going on? His reaction could only mean one thing…

I gulped and looked at Andrew. He was staring at Drake, not breathing.

No. Hell no!

He was growling, pulling his hair and hitting every surface his fists could reach. It was only a matter of time before he started hitting us.

Drake, Josh, and I stood up and grabbed Andrew. Drake was standing behind him, wrapping his hands around his chest.

Andrew’s eyes were pitch black, and his canines were on display.

“Andrew, calm down.” I tell him. “What is going on?”

Please tell me that I was wrong.

He was breathing heavily and still growling.

Josh picked up the chair Andrew threw and placed it back. Drake forced him to sit down, placing his hands on Andrew’s shoulders, keeping him seated.

“Andrew.” I called him. “Tell me.”

“It is Emma.” he growled. “She is a pure white wolf.”

My world stopped spinning.


Not her.

Please, Goddess, not her. If anything happened to her…

“But how?” Beta Josh asked, confused. “She is not your mate. You told us yesterday that you chose a mate because you couldn’t find your true one.”

Before I could answer him, two knocks on the door interrupted us.

“Alpha, I am sorry. It is an emergency.” my guard said.

I growled and walked to the door, unlocking it.

“What?” I asked, annoyed.

“Alpha, your friend Sienna just got attacked.” he said.

I gasped and turned around to look at Andrew. He got up and walked over to us.

“What?” he growled.

“I don’t know any details, Alpha and Beta.” the guard said. “She tried to mind link both of you, but as you were in here, she couldn’t. She linked Luna and told her what happened. Luna went to help her. They are in the pack house now.”

I turned to look at Drake and Josh.

“We will continue this later.” I said.

They both nodded.

“Go take care of your Luna.” Drake said.

Andrew and I walked away quickly.

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