True Luna Chapter 22: Rogue

Logan POV

I walked inside the living room and saw Sienna sitting on the couch. My mom was sitting on the sofa with a frown on her face.

“What the hell happened?” I growled and sat beside Sienna.

I took her face in my hands and saw that she had a huge wound on her head. It started healing slowly, but it was still bleeding.

Andrew sat on the other sofa and looked worriedly at Sienna.

“Who did this?” Andrew asked her.

Sienna sobbed quietly. “I am sorry, Andrew.”

“Why are you sorry, Sienna?” he asked. “What happened?”

“It was Emma.” she said quietly, looking down at her hands.

I froze.

What? Emma did this? Why?

Andrew growled loudly. “What?! Why would she do that?!”

I looked at my mom and she was frowning at Sienna. Why was she looking at her like that?

“I went over to your house to try and talk to her.” Sienna started talking. “She was leaving to go somewhere, and she got terribly mad when she saw me. She yelled at me that I took Logan away from her. I tried talking to her, letting her know it wasn’t my intention to do that, but she refused to listen. She insulted me a couple of times, and I got angry as well. I told her she shouldn’t talk to her future Luna like that. She lost it then. She hit me and said she would rather be a rogue than have me as her Luna.”

Both Andrew and I looked at her with a shocked expression on our faces. Emma wasn’t a violent person. I couldn’t believe that she would do that.

My mom growled quietly, her gaze fixed on Sienna.

“Where is she?” Andrew growled.

“She ran away into the woods, Andrew.” Sienna said sobbing. “I think she crossed the border. I think she is a rogue now.”

I gasped loudly. No!

Andrew was frozen. He was staring at Sienna, and I didn’t think that he was breathing.

“She wouldn’t do that.” I said. “She wouldn’t become a rogue. She knows what that would do to Andrew. We have to find her. She couldn’t have crossed the border.”

I rambled on. I didn’t think anybody was listening to me.

“She is missing?” a voice interrupted me.

I turned around and saw Drake and Josh standing behind us. They were furious.

“She is not missing.” Sienna said angrily. “She attacked me, her future Luna, and ran away to become a rogue.”

Andrew growled loudly and stood up. He started pacing the room and pulling his hair.

“That doesn’t sound like Emma.” Drake said.

“You met her yesterday.” Sienna said, annoyed. “You don’t even know her!”

“Maybe I don’t.” he growled at her. “But I am a great judge of character, and Emma is good and kind, and she would never attack you! I don’t believe a word you are saying!”

I stood up and growled back at Drake. “Be careful. Do not speak to my future Luna like that.”

“All due respect, Alpha Drake, but Emma is not as kind as you think she is.” Sienna said quietly. “She recently insulted me. Ask Andrew and Logan. They heard it.”

She was right. Emma did yell at Sienna.

“I wonder what you said to her to deserve it.” Drake spat back at her.

I growled at him but was interrupted when Lewis walked through the door.

“Beta Andrew, you called for me.” he said.

“Yes, Lewis.” Andrew said quickly. “I need you to take every man in our pack and search the entire forest for my sister.”

“Emma?” he asked, surprised. “What happened to her?”

“We will explain later.” I said. “I need you to go now. I need you to find her and bring her back. Go outside the territory as well.”

He paled slightly. He understood immediately that she might be a rogue now. Going outside the pack’s territory without a valid reason and Alpha’s approval meant that you chose to be a rogue.

He nodded and quickly left the house.

Drake growled and turned to his Beta. “Get our warriors. We are going after her.”

Josh nodded and went outside. I could see his eyes clouding. He was using a mind-link to talk to his warriors.

Drake turned to me. “She is your mate, isn’t she? Your true mate?”

I nodded, and he frowned at me. “You rejected her?”

I nodded again. I couldn’t even speak now. My heart was clenching painfully. I couldn’t even reach Leon. I didn’t want to look at my mom. I could feel her eyes digging a hole in my head. She was furious.

“Why?” he growled.

“Because she is a weak wolf.” Sienna answered for me. “Logan knew she wouldn’t be a good, strong Luna, and he chose me instead.”

Drake’s eyes widened in shock. “Is she serious?”

“Yes.” I finally spoke. “I thought she wouldn’t be a strong Luna. I had to think about my pack, and I decided to reject her.”

Drake turned to Andrew. His face was a mixture of shock and anger. “And you let it happen?”

Andrew stayed quiet, but I could see his pain. I didn’t think that I had ever seen him this distraught. He was clenching his fists, shaking and breathing heavily. If something happened to her, I didn’t know how he would react. I didn’t know how I would react. I couldn’t live without her. She was my world. I needed her here.

When Andrew didn’t respond, Drake chuckled darkly. “You two are incredible. I met her yesterday and I saw what she is better than you ever did. You had the purest, kindest soul right in front of you and you both took her for granted. I just hope she is okay.”

He stormed out and slammed the door shut.

What he said hit me hard. Andrew as well. I could see a tear falling down his cheek.

“I am sorry she ran away, Logan.” Sienna said, looking up at me sadly. “But should we really look for her? She decided to become a rogue.”

Andrew growled. “We will find her. She is not and will not become a rogue. Over my dead body. We will find her, and she will be punished for attacking you. But I will not let her make herself a rogue. That is not the punishment I want for her.”

“You should go home, Sienna.” my mom said coldly. “Go get some rest. You really need it.”

“Thank you, Luna Gloria.” Sienna smiled at my mom. “Logan, will you assign a guard for me? In case Emma comes back.”

My mom growled and frowned at Sienna. I looked at her confused. What was wrong with her? Why was she growling and frowning at Sienna?

“Of course, Sienna.” I said. “But you don’t have to worry. Emma will not hurt you again.”

She smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. She walked over to Andrew and gave him a hug before leaving the packhouse.

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