True Luna Chapter 23: Who she really is

Andrew POV

It had been a few hours since we started our search for her. We found nothing. Not a damn thing.

It was going to get dark soon, and it was cold outside, and I didn’t want her to be out here all alone.

I was going crazy. Asher was whining and growling, and he couldn’t calm down. His sister, his little pup, was missing. I couldn’t control him or talk to him. He couldn’t manage to form a meaningful sentence.

I kept wandering about Sienna. Everything Emma ever said about her was coming back to me. Was Emma telling the truth? Was Sienna lying about what happened today?

I hoped not. Because that would mean I let her bully my sister for years and I never realized it, never believed her. That would make me a terrible brother, and I didn’t know how I would live with myself if that was true.

Logan couldn’t sense her wolf, but he knew that she was alive. That was the only thing that was keeping me sane.

I didn’t know why Leon couldn’t sense Eliza. Maybe because of the distance? Their bond wasn’t complete, and the distance was making it hard for Leon to find Eliza. Distance shouldn’t matter, but it was the only thing that made sense.

Logan and I were walking next to each other. We couldn’t shift into our wolves because we feared that we wouldn’t be able to control them right now. They were both hurt and aggressive, a deadly combination. I felt like I could kill somebody just by looking at them right now. Asher could do so much more. It was better that I had control.

Beta Andrew? I heard a voice in my head.

It was the guard that stayed at the packhouse.

Yes, Mark? I linked him back.

Amy Johnson is here looking for you. She says it is urgent and she needs to talk to you right now. He said.

Does she know something about Emma? I asked, my heart rate picking up.

They were best friends. Emma could have told her something. Amy might knew where she was. I couldn’t believe that we haven’t talked to her or Jacob already. We totally forgot about that. All I wanted to do was run to the forest and follow her scent.

When we searched the house, we found Emma’s phone and all the important stuff. She didn’t take any money or her credit card with her. She ran away with the clothes she had on her. She didn’t even have a jacket. I knew because I counted all her jackets. She was out here somewhere, and she was cold.

She says yes, Beta. Mark answered.

I grabbed Logan’s arm, startling him.

“Mark linked me.” I said, excitedly. “Emma’s friend Amy is at the packhouse. She wants to talk to me. She knows someth ing about Emma.”

His eyes widened, and we both started running back to the packhouse.

It felt like we had been running for hours, but it had only been about 15 minutes. We weren’t that far out in the woods.

We both ran inside.

Amy was sitting on a couch, talking to aunt Gloria.

They looked up at us, and I saw sadness in their eyes.

“Sit down, boys.” aunt Gloria said quietly.

Logan and I exchanged looks, and did as she said.

I was shaking and I could see Logan clenching his fists.

“What do you know, Amy?” Logan asked. “Where is Emma?”

“I don’t know where she is.” she said quietly. “But I do know who took her.”

Logan and I looked at each other, confused.

“She wasn’t taken, Amy.” I said. “She ran away.”

Amy shook her head. “No. She would never do that. She would never do that to you, Andrew. Even if she had hit Sienna, she would have stayed and taken her punishment. But she didn’t hit her, and she didn’t run away.”

Did the Rogue King find out about her? Did he take her?

I looked at Logan and I knew he was thinking the same thing.

“It was Sienna.” Amy said after neither Logan nor I spoke.

I narrowed my eyes at her. Logan growled.

“Be careful, Amy.” Logan said. “You are accusing a future Luna.”

“I know, Alpha.” she said calmly. “And I still stand by what I said. Sienna is a terrible person. She has been bullying Emma for a very long time now. It started with insults and hurtful words. But after she found out that Emma was Alpha Logan’s mate, she took it to another level.”

I started shaking. Asher was growling. My heart was beating a mile a minute.

“What do you mean, Amy?” Logan asked, his voice trembling.

“Do you remember that day when we were at the diner, and you walked in, and Emma was covered in bruises and scrapes? Those were from a training session. But she also had a big bruise on her hand. Do you remember that?” she asked.

Logan and I both nodded.

“She didn’t get that at the session” Amy said. “Sienna slapped her that day, and when Emma fell down, Sienna stepped on her hand with her heal.”

Logan and I started growling so loud that Amy and aunt Gloria had to cover their ears.

I saw red. I would kill Sienna.

“That is not all.” Amy said.

We focused back on her, but we continued to growl quietly. What else did that b***h do to Emma?

“She threatened to kill her if she didn’t back away from Alpha Logan.” Amy said, tears falling down her face. “The day after she broke her ribs, Sienna came to her room and attacked her. She lied to you. She didn’t walk into her desk. Sienna grabbed her left side, breaking her ribs all over again.”

I couldn’t breathe.

I couldn’t think.

She tried to tell me, and I didn’t believe her.

If Sienna really did something to her, it was completely my fault.

“Alpha Logan, Beta Andrew, please don’t believe Sienna.” Amy said, sobbing. “She did something to her and if we don’t find her, she will kill her. I know it.”

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