True Luna Chapter 24: Denial

Logan POV

I didn’t want to believe that what Amy was telling us could be true.

Sienna was a good person. She would never do these things.

I looked at Andrew. He was staring at Amy with a pained expression on his face.

I knew that he didn’t want to believe it either.

We didn’t want to believe our friend was a bad person.

I couldn’t let myself believe it. That would mean I put my mate in danger. And I didn’t do that. I could never do that.

Amy was wrong. She had to be wrong.

“Logan, honey, look at me.” my mom spoke.

I looked up at her. She was crying.

“Honey, I know you don’t want to believe it.” she said. “I know you will blame yourself for not seeing it sooner. But it is not your fault. She fooled all of us.”

She turned to Andrew. “Andrew, sweetie, it is not your fault either. You have been the best big brother. Your parents would be so proud of you. You made Emma into the amazing person she is today. Sienna tricked you. She played her part perfectly. You couldn’t have known.”

I didn’t think my brain was working. I could hear my mom. I could see her. I could hear Amy sobbing. I could see Andrew shaking. But it felt like I was looking at all of them through thick glass.

I couldn’t clear my mind.

“Amy!” I heard a man’s voice behind me.

I turned around and saw Jacob.

Amy ran to him, and he hugged her tightly.

His cold, angry gaze was going from me to Andrew. He walked toward us, clenching his fists.

“If something happens to her, I want you to know it is your fault.” he growled, looking at both of us. “How many times did she try to tell you about that b***h? You didn’t believe her once. If she is dead, her blood is on your hands!”

I was staring at him, frozen, speechless. He should be punished. I was his Alpha. He couldn’t speak to me like that.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Andrew getting up. He walked up to Jacob and punched him straight in the nose. I heard bones breaking.

My mom and Amy gasped loudly. Jacob was growling, blood coming out of his nose.

“Take that back!” Andrew is yelling. “She is not dead!”

I ran to him and grabbed him from behind, locking my arms around him.

“She is not dead.” I tell him. “I would feel it. She is alive, Andrew.”

He was breathing heavily and shaking. He was growling and his whole body was vibrating. I let go of him and he walked away from Jacob.

“What the hell is going on here?” Alpha Drake asked as he walked in.

His Beta and his five warriors were right behind him.

“Sienna kidnapped Emma, Alpha Drake.” my mom said, her voice trembling.

Drake clenched his fists, and I could see his jaw twitching.

“I knew it. She is a lying b***h!” he growled loudly.

Do you believe them, Andrew? I mind-linked my Beta.

I don’t want to, but I do, Logan. He answered.

She told me that Sienna would make a mistake and slip up. She knew something like this was going to happen. She knew and I didn’t listen. He continued.

I froze in place. I let Sienna manipulate me. I wss an Alpha and I didn’t see a threat that was right in front of me. And my mate was in danger because of it.

My shock and denial were quickly replaced with pure rage.

I was going to kill Sienna. I was going to rip her apart.

“I will kill that b***h!” I growled loudly, startling everyone.

“Alpha Logan, I know you are in a state of shock.” Drake said, walking up to me. “But we need to be calm and collected. You are a great Alpha. Remember that. I know this is about your mate, but we can’t let Sienna know that we are on to her.”

“Alpha Drake is right.” Andrew said, taking a deep breath. “I have been trying to think like a Beta. She couldn’t kill Emma because you would know right away and her story about Emma running away wouldn’t be believable. She is keeping her somewhere.”

“And she probably has help.” Drake added. “Someone is with Emma. You can’t feel her wolf and that means they are dosing her with wolfsbane. They are waiting for Sienna’s orders. She is planning on killing her, but she is waiting for something.”

“She is waiting for Logan to mark her.” my mom said. “He wouldn’t be able to feel Emma dying if he marked another she-wolf.”

My heart started beating painfully. My Emma. My mate. I will find you, love. I will do anything to find you.

“We need to capture her and make her tell us where Emma is.” I said.

I pushed myself to pull my head out of my ass and start thinking like the f*****g Alpha I was. My mate was in danger, and she needed me.

“But we need to make sure she doesn’t tip off the fucker who is helping her.” I added. “I need to get her here and take her down to the interrogation room. She won’t be able to mind-link from there.”

“You think her accomplice is a member of the pack?” Andrew asked, raising his eyebrows.

We could only mind-link with pack members.

“I don’t know. It could be a rogue. But I am not risking s**t. She is going down there.” I growled. “Andrew, Drake, and I will interrogate her. Jacob, you search Sienna’s house. There has to be something there that will tell us where Emma is. Take her parents to the cellars. Question them as well. Cuff them with silver. I don’t want them mind-linking anyone if they are on it.”

“Josh will help him.” Drake said, and his Beta nodded.

My mom and Amy were sitting on the couch, holding hands. They were both wiping tears from their faces.

“Good.” I said. “Let’s go. We are bringing her home.”

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