True Luna Chapter 27: The search

Logan POV

It had been four f*****g days since Emma went missing.

We have been searching the area where Sienna said that the rogue took her. We found nothing.

I was going insane. I haven’t slept since she went missing. I was angry and irritable. My pack was leaving me alone, and the only time anyone spoke to me was when they had news about the search.

I attacked one of my warriors the day after she went missing. It was an accident, of course. He was fine. A couple of broken ribs that healed quickly. But it was enough for everybody to keep their distance now. Everybody except Drake and Andrew.

Andrew was as pissed off as I was. He hadn’t been sleeping as well. We were out there in the woods, searching, and we came home once a day only to eat something.

Leon hadn’t been talking to me at all. He was either growling or whining, but he refused to talk to me. I knew that he would love to stick his claws up my ass. He blamed me for Emma’s disappearance, and I didn’t think he woul talk to me until I found her.

“We still haven’t searched here, I think.” Drake mumbled and pointed to a location on a map.

Drake, Andrew, and I were in my office, looking at a map of the area and trying to figure out a location we still hadn’t searched.

“This would be so much easier if we could catch just a whiff of her scent.” Andrew growled.

“Sienna said he is dosing her with wolfsbane and he is probably using a masking spray on himself.” Drake said. “We won’t be able to smell her.”

“I know.” Andrew sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

I walked up to Drake and looked down at the location on a map he is pointing at.

“We searched that area yesterday.” I frowned.

“Shit.” he said and sat down. “We have to find her.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. I was grateful he was helping us, but his worry for my mate was getting on my nerves.

“Why are you so worried about her?” I snapped at him. “She is mine.”

He looked up at me and frowned. “Since when? The last time I checked, you rejected her.”

I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth together. I would kill him.

“Enough.” Andrew interfered. “Logan, we are lucky he is here. He helped a lot. Drake, you know damn well that rejection doesn’t erase the bond. So, unless you want Logan to lose it, don’t challenge his claim on her.”

Drake and I glared at each other.

I knew that Andrew was right. Drake being here was really helpful. He had great ideas and he was the only one with a clear head.

“I am sorry, Logan.” Drake sighed. “Andrew is right. I am just protective of her. I don’t know her well, but I can tell she is an amazing she-wolf. She grabbed my heart as soon as I met her. If she really is a white wolf, she will be Luna to all of us. And that means she will be my Luna as well. And I will protect her, always.”

She is amazing, isn’t she? I wanted to tear myself apart. How did I not see that sooner? How could I ever think she was not strong enough?

“I am an idiot.” I mumbled.

“Yes, you are.” Drake said. “You better hope she forgives you.”

“She will.” Andrew said quietly. “She will forgive you and she will forgive me. If she doesn’t, I don’t know how I will continue on.”

“She will forgive you, man.” Drake told him. “You are her brother.”

Andrew closed his eyes and leaned back on the chair he was sitting on.

Would she ever forgive me? She could always choose someone else. She could reject me. She could accept Jake’s proposal. Or Drakes. I was sure that he wasn’t kidding when he said he would take her as his chosen mate.

Just thinking about other men touching what was mine made my blood boil. I would do everything I could to make sure that she forgave me. She was mine. Over my dead body will another man ever have her. I will not let that happen.

Loud knocking interrupted my thoughts.

“Come in.” I growled.

One of my warriors rushed inside. He was out of breath, and he was looking at me wide-eyed.

“What?” I snapped at him.

“Alpha, Beta, Alpha Drake.” he greeted us, breathing heavily. “Our trackers spotted a rogue wolf in the forest while they were searching. They said he disappeared into the ground. They think there could be an underground hiding place. They are there, waiting for your orders, Alpha.”

Andrew and Drake bolted out of their seats. My heart started beating faster. Leon started pacing nervously. That had to be him.

“Where are they?” Andrew growled.

The warrior walked to the map and pointed at the location.

We had been searching there for days and she was right under our feet. f**k.

The three of us ran out of my office, my warrior following behind us.

We shifted immediately and started running.

We had quite a distance to cover, but at the pace we were running, we should get there in half the time normal wolves would take.

As I was running, all I could think about was having her in my arms. It has been five f*****g days since I last saw her, last smelled her, last touched her. I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed her. I needed to see her. I needed to touch her.

I will rip that rogue apart for keeping her away from me. I will kill Sienna for taking her away from me. They will regret the day they decided to hurt her.

After an hour of running, we arrived at the location. We shifted quickly and put on the shorts that my warriors handed us.

“Alpha, Beta, Alpha Drake.” one of my warriors addressed us.

“Sam.” I nodded. “Show us where he disappeared.”

Sam walked further away, pointing at the forest floor. At the first glance, there was nothing. But when I looked closer, I saw a handle made of rope. It was well hidden. Leaves and branches were covering it, making it look like there was nothing there.

I turned to look at Andrew. He was nervous, and I could tell that Asher wanted to take over.

“We go inside quietly.” I said to everybody. “Do not kill the rogue. I want him alive and taken to the dungeons. Andrew and I will take care of Emma. Nobody else touches her. Understood?”

I heard a bunch of “yes Alpha” before turning around and pulling on the rope handle.

The door opened, revealing nothing but darkness. I ducked inside and let my eyes adjust to the darkness.

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