True Luna Chapter 29: Red

Andrew POV

I was walking behind Logan and Drake was right beside me. My eyes adjusted to the dark and I could see cave walls around us. The smell is awful. I can smell rogues, dirt, and blood.

My whole body was shaking. I hadn’t slept for days. I needed my sister beside me. I didn’t know what I would do if she wasn’t here. But I knew that I would never stop looking for her. I would find her.

The further we walked, the stronger the smell of blood was. I could smell wolfsbane as well. It was burning my nose.

I could hear whispers. There was definitely someone here.

“Your skin is so soft.” I heard a voice say. “Maybe I could keep you. I could lie and tell Sienna I killed you, but have you all to myself.”

As soon as we heard that b***h’s name, Logan, Drake, and I started running, and seconds later we came to an opening. There was a fire burning in one corner, and the space had that soft orange glow.

What I saw there had me seeing red. Logan and I growled loudly. The sound was bouncing off of cave walls, making our growls even louder.

There was a small body lying on the floor, surrounded by dried and fresh blood.


Rolf was leaning over her, his hand was under her shirt, and his eyes were fixed on us.

Before he could blink, Logan and I ran into him, throwing him off of her. Drake grabbed him and pinned him against the wall.

I knew that my warriors were behind us, but I couldn’t hear anything except our growls and our fists hitting that fucker.

I saw red and I wanted to kill him.

The expression on Logan’s face was terrifying. I had never seen him this angry.

I was hitting him and I didn’t ever want to stop. He touched my sister. He took my sister away from me. I would make him pay. I would make him suffer.

“Alpha, Beta!” I heard someone calling me with a trembling voice.

I stopped hitting the fucker and turned around.

I was met with the worried eyes of one of our warriors. He was telling me something, but I couldn’t focus. I could only hear the blood pumping inside my veins.

I looked behind the warrior and I saw Jacob keeling beside Emma, holding her face in his hands. Tears were rolling down his cheeks, and he was telling her something.

I was pulled out of my trance and I ran to her.

“Emma!” I yelled and pulled her to me.

She was beaten and bloody. Her skin was pale and she was so cold. Her eyes were closed and she was not answering me. Her blood was running from her belly and her hoodie was soaked.

Why wasn’t she answering me?

“Andrew, she is barely breathing.” I heard Jacob’s trembling voice.

I looked up at him and he reached for her. I pulled her closer to me. He wasn’t taking her away.

“She is barely breathing and her pulse is weak, Andrew!” Jacob yelled. “We need to move her, now!”

Drake came to stand beside Andrew. He gasped when he saw the state she was in.

My whole body was shaking. I looked down at her and noticed that her chest was barely moving. She was dying. She was dying in my arms.


I took her in my arms and stood up. I started running outside, but Logan pulled me back.

“Give her to me!” he growled loudly.

His chest was rising and falling rapidly. His hands were reaching for her and his eyes were fixed on me.

I didn’t want to give her to him, but I knew that Leon would kill me if I didn’t. Logan was more like a wolf than a man right now, and he was dangerous. Another man was touching his mate. A mate he hadn’t seen or felt for four days. A mate that was dying. It didn’t matter that I was her brother. Leon didn’t care.

And I knew that the mate bond would help her heal. The mate bond might be the only way she could stay alive until we got her to the pack hospital.

I placed her in his arms and he pulled her close, breathing in her scent.

I saw a tear rolling down his cheek.

“Don’t leave me, love.” he whispered as he started running with her. “Please don’t leave me.”

I turned around and saw our warriors cuffing Rolf with silver chains. He was beaten and covered in blood, but the bastard was still breathing. Not for long, though.

“Take him to the cellars.” I ordered. “Dose him with wolfsbane. I don’t want him to heal.”

“I will stay and deal with him.” Drake said, looking pissed off. “I will meet you at the pack hospital.”

I nodded to him, turned around, and ran outside. Logan had already shifted and our warriors were securing Emma on his back. He would get to the pack hospital faster if he was in his wolf form.

I shifted quickly and I started running beside Logan. I kept glancing at Emma, making sure that she didn’t fall off Leon’s back.

I didn’t think we could run faster than we did when we were running to find her, but somehow we managed to arrive at the pack hospital in less than 45 minutes.

Emma was still barely breathing when we arrived. Her pulse was even weaker. I was sure that the only reason she wasn’t dead was the mate bond.

Doctor Adams came running toward us. He gasped when he saw the state Emma was in.

“Oh, my Goddess, Emma!” he yelled and pulled her from Leon’s back.

Leon started growling, but the doctor ignored him. He took Emma in his arms and ran inside.

A nurse came and handed each of us a pair of shorts.

Logan and I shifted, got dressed, and ran inside.

Emma was lying on a bed. Doctor Adams was cutting her hoodie with a pair of scissors. He was giving orders to the nurses that I couldn’t even hear. I could only focus on her pale face. Her pink lips were now white, her eyes were shut tightly. I needed her to open them. I needed to see how blue they are.

The nurse came to stand in front of us. She was speaking, but I couldn’t hear her.

“Beta Andrew?” her voice finally broke through.

“Beta Andrew, we need you and Alpha to wait outside.” she said. “We will take good care of Emma. But it is hard to focus when Alpha is growling at us. The doctor needs to touch her.”

Logan was growling?

I looked at him and he was shaking. He was on the verge of shifting. Deep, menacing growls were coming from him and he was staring at doctor Adams.

I grabbed his arm. “Logan, you need to calm down. He needs to touch her. He is helping her. Let’s go outside.”

“I am staying.” he growled at me.

“Alpha, please.” doctor said. “I need to focus, and it is hard to do that with your Alpha aura in the room. I won’t hurt her.”

Logan growled, but he let me pull him outside to the waiting room.

We sat down on the chairs, and I placed my head in my hands.

She couldn’t leave me. She couldn’t die. What would I do without her?

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