True Luna Chapter 30: Waiting

Logan POV

I was sitting in the f*****g waiting room, staring at a white wall.

I don’t think I have ever been in so much pain.

I don’t think I have ever been this angry.

I wanted to kill. I could taste Rolf’s and Sienna’s blood on my tongue. They would suffer.

When I saw Emma laying there, all beaten and covered in blood, with that fucker touching her, I felt a wave of anger like never before. Leon turned into a monster. He was no longer a wolf. He will rip Rolf and Sienna apart when I let him.

“Logan!” my mom’s panicked voice pulled me from my thoughts.

I stood up and hugged her. I needed it. I needed my mom to tell me that everything was going to be okay.

“How is she?” Amy asked with a trembling voice, looking at Andrew.

“I don’t know.” he sighed, leaning against the wall. “She was barely breathing when we found her.”

Amy sobbed, and my mom gasped loudly.

“She will be okay.” I said with a shaky voice. “She has to be okay.”

“She will be.” I heard a voice behind me say. “She is the strongest person I know.”

It was Jacob.

As soon as I saw him, a wave of jealousy hit me like a f*****g train. What the hell was he doing here? I narrowed my eyes at him and clenched my fists.

He walked over to Amy and hugged her. She was sobbing into his chest.

“It is okay, Amy.” he said. “She will be okay. She is my strong girl.”

I saw red.

“Your strong girl?” I growled loudly.

“All due respect, Alpha, she is mine.” he said calmly. “You had your chance and you ruined it. I asked her to be my chosen mate and I hope she will say yes.”

I was shaking and I was on the verge of shifting. What the f**k was he talking about? He wasn’t taking her away from me. She was MINE.

I growled loudly and lunged at him.

I was stopped by two strong hands. Andrew held me back.

“Stop!” Andrew growled. “Jacob leave.”

“Beta Andrew, no.” Jacob said. “My mate is inside, and I am not leaving.”

I was growling and Leon was in full control now. I would shift and rip him into pieces if he didn’t leave.

“Jacob, the mate bond between Logan and Emma is not broken.” Andrew said, squeezing me tighter. “Until Emma accepts you and you mark her, she is not your mate. She is Logan’s. And if you continue, I will not be able to hold him back. You know how possessive wolves are over their mates. And Logan is an Alpha. You are digging yourself a very deep grave by being here right now.”

I was taking deep breaths. I hadn’t stopped growling.

‘I am killing that fucker!’ Leon screamed. ‘He is not taking my mate! She is mine!’

“Jacob, honey, I know you love her.” my mom said and stood in front of Jacob. “But you need to leave. Emma wouldn’t want to hear you two fighting when she wakes up. Amy will let you know when you can come back and see her.”

“He is not going anywhere near her!” I yelled.

“Logan, he is her friend.” my mom said and turned her head to give me a stern look. “She will want to see him. You can’t forbid them from seeing each other.”

“Fine.” Jacob said. “I will leave. But I will come back.

I growled, and he gave me an annoyed look.

This pup had some balls. I was his Alpha. I could kill him for looking at me like that.

He hugged Amy and kissed her cheek.

“Link me when she wakes up.” he said before walking out.

Andrew let me go and I ran my hand through my hair.

“This pup has some balls.” I growled.

“He loves her, Logan.” my mom said, walking over to sit beside Andrew. “She is his friend. I am happy she has somebody like him to protect her. He stood up to an Alpha for her. He must really love her.”

I growled and narrowed my eyes at her, but before I could tell her what I thought about his love, the door to Emma’s room flung open.

I growled and narrowed my eyes at her, but before I could tell her what I thought about his love, the door to Emma’s room flung open.

The nurse came running out, her eyes roaming on all of us before she stopped on Andrew.

“Beta, we need your blood!” she said loudly.

Andrew jumped up and ran toward the room. The nurse ran behind him, but I stopped her.

“Wait!” I yelled. “What is going on?”

“She lost a lot of blood.” she said, turning to me. “She couldn’t heal from all the wolfsbane. I have to go back, Alpha.”

I nodded, and she ran back inside.

I sat back down, leaned on the wall, and closed my eyes.

There were no words to describe how I was feeling.

I was afraid of losing her. I was angry. I was jealous. I needed my mate. I needed to feel her. I needed to breathe in her delicious scent. She was the only one who could calm me down right now.

I felt somebody sit beside me. I opened my eyes and looked to my left.

“Everything will be okay, sweetie.” my mom said and took my hand in hers.

“I don’t know what I will do if she rejects me, mom.” I said quietly.

“She won’t reject you.” she said with confidence. “You are her mate. She loves you.”

“I haven’t been a very good mate.” I said.

“No, you haven’t.” she said seriously. “But you will talk to her. You will apologize. You will do everything you can to win her back. And you will wait as long as you have to win back her trust. And most importantly, you will respect her decision. Even if she decides not to be with you.”

My heart was breaking just thinking about not having Emma. My blood boiled thinking about another man touching her. My mom was right. I had to do everything I could to win her back.

She was mine.

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