True Luna Chapter 32: In the hospital

Logan POV

I started pacing around nervously. My gaze was at the door the whole time. I needed that nurse to come out and take me to my mate.

“I will take care of the pack, honey.” my mom told me. “I won’t bother you unless it is an emergency.”

I nodded absentmindedly. Nothing was important at this moment. I just wanted my mate in my arms. I just wanted Emma.

The door finally opened, and nurse Rose came out.

“Alpha, Beta, please follow me.” she said and walked back inside.

Andrew and I ran inside. I could hear my mom telling me to link them when she wakes up, but I didn’t have time to answer. I rushed inside and headed straight to Emma’s room.

“Alpha, wait!” the nurse called me.

I stopped and turned to look at her with a menacing growl erupting from my chest. Andrew was right next to me. He was as annoyed as I was.

“You need to shower first.” the nurse said as she lowered her gaze. “We can’t risk an infection.”

“Shower?” Andrew asked.

“Yes.” she nodded. “The doctor didn’t tell you?”

Andrew and I shook our heads.

“I am sorry, I didn’t know.” she said. “You will need to shower, and I will give you scrubs to change into. If Emma catches an infection, it could kill her.”

I flinched at her words and glanced toward Emma’s door. My hotheaded behavior almost killed her. f**k.

“No, Rose, I am sorry.” I said and looked back at her. “I shouldn’t have growled at you. I am just on edge.”

“Can you please lead us to the bathroom?” Andrew asked as calmly as he could.

“It is okay Alpha, I understand.” she said with a small smile and turned around. “Follow me.”

We started walking away from Emma’s room, and my heart clenched painfully in my chest. I needed to see her. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. I needed to shower first. I couldn’t put her in danger.

Rose led us to the bathroom and handed us dark blue scrubs and a pair of new sneakers to change into.

“Don’t rush.” she said. “You need to make sure you are as clean as possible. The towels are already waiting for you. I will be right outside to take you to Emma when you finish up.”

Andrew and I nodded and rushed inside.

I made sure to thoroughly clean every part of my body. My hands were shaking with the need for my mate, but I tried to ignore it. I needed to do this right. I couldn’t put her in danger. Not again.

After I finished showering, I put on the clothes Rose gave me and stepped out of the bathroom.

Rose was sitting alone. Andrew was still in the bathroom.

“Alpha.” Rose said. “Should we wait for Beta Andrew?”

I nodded and sat down beside her.

A few minutes later, Andrew stepped outside, and I stood up immediately.

Rose led us back to Emma’s room. She grabbed the doorknob, but before twisting it, she turned around to look at us.

“Don’t freak out when you see her.” she said softly. “She is pale and covered in scrapes and bruises. There are a lot of needles and tubes attached to her. There is a machine to help her breathe and one to track her heart and blood pressure. Due to the blood transfusion, she will probably smell different for a while. Her normal scent will come back soon.”

Andrew clenched his fists and nodded. I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“I am telling you this so you can prepare your wolves.” she added. “They will be protective and will want to rip those things out of her because they will think it is hurting her. Control them. Also, the state she is in will be hard on both you and your wolf. So please do everything you can to remain in control.”

Andrew and I nodded, and she opened the door slowly.

What I saw inside broke me.

My Emma was lying in bed completely covered in bruises and cuts. There were different tubes attached to her small body. Her long, brown hair was sprawled all around her. She didn’t smell like herself. She smelled like wolfsbane, medicine, and Andrew.

Leon and I hated that. We hated another male’s scent on our mate, even if it was her brother.

I didn’t even hear Rose leave the room. My attention was on Emma and Emma only. But I couldn’t move. The sight of her in this state froze me completely.

I did this.

Andrew moved first.

“Oh, Emma.” he said, his voice trembling.

He walked over to her and carefully took her small hand in his. He caressed her cheek with his thumb and placed a small kiss on her forehead.

“I am so sorry, Em.” he said, leaning his forehead on hers.

His whole body was trembling, and I knew that it was hard for him not to shift. Asher wanted to see her and make sure she was okay. He was probably going crazy and whining right now, just like Leon.

“She is so cold.” he said quietly.

I forced my legs to work and walked to the other side of Emma’s bed. I looked down at the love of my life and my breath got caught in my throat. She looked so fragile.

I placed my hand on hers and felt addicting tingles spread through my body.

“Hi, baby.” I said quietly and leaned closer to her. “I am here. I will never leave you again. Please come back to me.”

I pulled up a chair and sat down next to her. I placed her hand in mine and rubbed small circles on her palm.

“I will kill them.” Andrew growled. “They will suffer.”

“Yes.” I nodded, not taking my eyes off of her. “We will make them pay for what they did to her.”

The door opened and the doctor walked inside.

“Nurses will bring one more bed in here.” he told us. “Unfortunately, we can’t fit more in the room, so one of you will have to sleep on the couch.”

“Not a problem.” Andrew said. “As long as I can stay here with her, I will sleep on the floor.”

Doctor Adams gave him a small smile and walked over to the bed to check on Emma. He checked the monitors around her and wrote something down in her chart.

“She is a fighter.” he smiled.

“She is.” I said quietly, looking down at her.

“Talk to her.” the doc said. “She can probably hear you.”

Andrew and I looked up at him and nodded.

He gave us a small smile and left the room.

I looked back down at Emma and sighed. I just wanted her to open her eyes. I wanted to see them again. I needed to see them again.

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