True Luna Chapter 40: The first visit

Andrew POV

My heart was pounding like crazy. It felt like it was going to jump out of my body any second.

She actually thought she was dead. She didn’t think it was possible for us to search for her. She thought we hated her.

I looked down at my pup and tightened my hold on her. I felt her relax into my embrace.

“Sleep, little one.” I mumbled as I kissed the top of her head. “I love you.”

I leaned back on the headboard and placed Emma on my chest. I rubbed small circles on her back, hoping it would put her to sleep. It always worked when she was little.

“I would like to give her something to help her sleep and another dose of antibiotics.” Wren said. “She still has wolfsbane in her body and the infection isn’t gone yet. She needs rest. She will be less confused when she wakes up.”

I nodded, not moving my gaze from my sister. I could feel her even breaths on my chest, indicating that she had fallen asleep.

I looked up at Logan. He was staring at Emma. I could see pain and anger clearly written on his face. His fists were clenched tightly, and his nostrils were flaring.

“I am going to kill her.” he growled. “I will rip her to f*g pieces!”

I covered Emma’s other ear, the one that wasn’t pressed up against my chest. I was afraid his growls would wake her up.

“Logan.” I said sternly. “You will wake her up.”

His eyes snapped toward Emma and softened immediately. He unclenched his fists and took her hand in his.

“I am so sorry, baby.” he mumbled quietly.

I looked down at her and she looked so peaceful. I wish she would always be this way. I wish I could take away all the pain. I wish I was the one Sienna hurt. My Emma should never have gone through that.

“Alpha, Beta, you can leave for a while.” Wren told us. “I gave her something to help her sleep, so she won’t be waking up for a few hours.”

“I am not leaving her.” Logan and I both growled at the same time.

“I know it’s hard.” Wren sighed. “But it will do you good. Go take a shower, eat something, change your clothes. She will never know that you left.”

I glanced at Logan. He was staring at Emma, kissing her hand repeatedly.

“I wouldn’t mind visiting Sienna.” I mumbled quietly as I kissed the top of Emma’s head.

Logan looked at me and smirked. “That sounds a lot better than showering.”

Doctor Wren looked up from the chart he was reading. “You will still have to shower before coming back.”

“Of course, Wren.” Logan looked up at him. “We will have to take a shower after we are done.”

Wren smirked and looked back down at the chart. “Throw a couple of punches for me.”

“Will she be safe here?” I asked nervously. “I am afraid to leave her alone.”

“Don’t worry, Beta.” Wren looked up at me and smiled. “She is safe here.”

“I mind-linked four of our best men.” Logan said. “Two of them will be stationed in front of her door and the other two at the entrance to the pack hospital.”

I nodded and looked back down at Emma. She was sleeping peacefully.

“I will be right back, little one.” I mumbled and ran my hand through her hair.

Logan kissed her hand again and stood up.

I lifted Emma carefully and placed her down on the bed. I covered her up and kissed her forehead.

I turned to Logan. “Let’s go.”

“If something happens, link us immediately.” Logan said to Wren.

“Don’t worry, Alpha.” Wren nodded as he followed us out of the room. “She will be okay, but if anything changes, you and Beta will be the first to know.”

Logan and I nodded and hurried out of the hospital.

The members of our pack kept looking at us worriedly. I am sure that everybody knew what happened with Emma. However, nobody dared ask us a question. I am sure that the pissed-off look on our faces stopped them from talking to us.

The first person we saw once we arrived at the packhouse was Drake.

“How is she?” he asked, hurrying toward us.

“Not now, Drake.” Logan growled. “We are here to see Sienna.”

Logan continued walking toward the entrance to the cellars.

Drake looked at me. “Is she okay?”

I sighed. “She will be. She is sleeping.”

I wasn’t in the mood to talk. I was in the mood to beat the s**t out of Sienna.

Drake and I followed Logan. He opened the door to the cellars so forcefully that he broke the hinges.

“Fix it.” I ordered the guard who was standing at the entrance, looking at us with wide eyes.

He gulped and nodded. I ran after Logan, who was standing in front of the door to the interrogation room. He was digging through his pockets, searching for the key to the room.

The guard standing in front of the door eyed him nervously.

“Did anyone enter the room?” I asked him.

“No, Beta.” the guard shook his head. “Alpha ordered us not to.”

I nodded and looked at Logan. He found the key and he was unlocking the door.

The smell inside the room was awful. I could smell dried blood and urine. It almost made me throw up.

Sienna was tied to the chair with her head on the table. When she heard the door open, she looked up at us. Her eyes were puffy and red. Her hair was a mess and there was dried blood smeared all over her face.

I smirked. It was a very pretty sight to see.

“Is the b***h dead?” she asked, smirking up at us.

I growled, and Logan chuckled darkly. He walked to her slowly, bending down to look her in the eyes.

“She is alive and safe.” he said slowly. “Your plan failed.”

Sienna’s eyes widened, and a growl escaped her. She looked frantically from Logan to me, trying to see if we were lying to her.

“No!” she screamed. “You are lying!”

“We are telling you the truth.” I said, faking calmness. “She is back home where she belongs, and we are here to start the first of many torture sessions you will have to endure before I let you die.”

Logan chuckled darkly. “We are going to have so much fun.”

Sienna’s breathing picked up. She kept glancing from Logan to me. I could see fear in her eyes, and it only made me happier.

“You can’t do that!” she yelled. “I am your friend! I am your chosen mate, Logan!”

“Are you shitting me right now, Sienna?” Logan chuckled darkly. “I couldn’t have been more wrong when I chose you over Emma. I was a complete i***t. But I am about to make up for that. Starting with torturing the s**t out of you.”

Sienna’s fearful eyes snapped at me. “Andrew, please help me! I am your best friend! We grew up together! Think about all the happy memories we have together!”

I laughed aloud. “You took away all of those memories the moment you decided to hurt my sister.”

Sienna gulped loudly, and a satisfying smirk spread across my face. I was ready to enjoy her screams for the next couple of hours.

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