True Luna Chapter 41: Relieved

Logan POV

I’d never been more relieved in my life than the moment I left the interrogation room drenched in Sienna’s blood.

Her screams were music to my ears. Her tears made me the happiest I’d ever been.

I really was a sick motherfucker.

But I would be whatever the f**k I needed to be to avenge my mate.

“You need to give her some food and water if you want to keep her alive.” Drake said as he closed the door to the room.

I pulled the key out of my pocket and locked the door.

“Give her something to eat and drink.” I said, turning to the guard. “If she refuses, shove a tube down her f*g throat.”

I turned around, not waiting for the guard’s response.

“Are you going back to the hospital?” Drake asked.

“As soon as we take a shower.” Andrew answered.

My friend was a sick son of a b***h. He enjoyed torturing Sienna even more than I did. The way he carved words into her skin was brutal to watch. He was smiling the entire time. If I didn’t know him like I did, I would be terrified of him in that moment. He looked feral. There wasn’t a place on his body that wasn’t covered in blood. Her blood even got into his mouth, making it look like he bit her. It was crazy to watch. But it made me happy because I knew that he would do absolutely anything for my mate. I knew that she would always be protected by him, and that is the most important thing.

“I need to talk to both of you before you leave.” Drake said.

“No.” Andrew growled. “I’m going back as soon as I can.”

“It’s important, Andrew.” Drake sighed. “It’s about the Rogue King.”

I clenched my fists and growled. “What about him?”

“Does he know about her?” Andrew asked frantically.

“Shower and then we will meet in Logan’s office.” Drake said, walking away from us.

“Drake!” Andrew yelled after him.

Drake ignored him and continued walking.

“f**k!” Andrew screamed and ran his hand through his hair.

“Andrew, is okay.” I said, trying to sound calm. “Go take a shower and meet me in my office.”

“Okay?!” he screamed. “It’s not f*****g okay, Logan! She is in danger! Somebody is trying to take her away from me again!”

I grabbed his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. He was freaking out.

“Nobody is taking her away, Andrew.” I said.

His eyes darkened. Asher came to the surface and growled.

“Nobody is taking your pup away, Asher.” I told him. “She is safe. We won’t let anyone hurt her ever again.”

His eyes flickered back to blue. I let go of his shoulders and Andrew sighed.

“How the hell did this happen?” he mumbled. “Just a few days ago, she was okay. She was a young she-wolf with not a worry in the world. Now she has been kidnapped and she has a psychotic fucker after her.”

“She did have a worry.” I sighed. “Sienna has been torturing her for Goddess knows how long.”

Andrew growled and looked back toward the cellar doors.

“We’ve done enough damage for today, Andrew.” I said, placing my hand on his shoulder and guiding him away. “If we continue, she could die, and we can’t have her die just yet.”

“I know.” Andrew sighed.

“Go take a shower and meet me in my office.” I said.

Andrew nodded and walked toward one of the guest rooms.

Wren? I mind-linked the doctor as I was walking toward my room.

Yes, Alpha? He responded immediately.

Is Emma okay? I asked.

She is still sleeping, Alpha. He said. Everything is okay.

Thank you. I linked him back. Andrew and I will be there soon.

Okay. Wren said. I will see you soon, Alpha.

I jumped into a shower and washed that b***h Sienna’s blood off of me. Showering felt so good, and I wished I could stay longer, but the need for my mate made me get out and get dressed as fast as I could.

I just couldn’t wait to see her. I needed to hold her. I needed to feel her body right next to mine. I needed to feel her lips on mine. I needed to taste her again. I wondered what it would feel like when I would finally be inside her. I wondered what my name would sound like coming from her lips while she orgasms all over me.

I took a deep breath and clenched my fists. My d**k was rock hard.


I didn’t need this right now.

I adjusted myself in my pants with a groan.

She was the only woman who could do this to me. I didn’t even have to see her to get f****g hard and ready.

I ran my hand through my hair and walked to my office.

Andrew and Drake were already inside. Andrew was sitting in one of the chairs, bouncing his left leg up and down nervously.

Drake was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

They both looked up at me when I entered.

“Talk.” I said coldly.

I walked over to my chair and sat down, glaring at Drake.

He better hurry the f**k up. My mate was waiting for me.

“I think that the Rogue King suspects that the White Wolf is in your pack.” Drake said, looking at me with a serious expression on his face.

He walked to the other chair in front of my desk and sat down.

“Fuck.” Andrew mumbled, grabbing a fistful of his hair.

“Why do you think that?” I asked.

“He has been attacking your pack more frequently than the others.” Drake said. “I’ve called other Alphas and they say that he has been laying off of them for the last couple of days.”

“Son of a bitch.” I growled. “How the f**k does he know?! Who the hell saw her wolf?”

“Your mom, Amy, Jacob, and I were there on her birthday.” Andrew sighed. “But we went for a run in the woods. Anyone in our pack could have seen her.”

“What about Jacob?” I asked, jealousy burning in my veins. “Could he be a traitor?”

“No.” Andrew said, shaking his head. “He loves her too much.”

I growled loudly. “She is mine!”

“I never said she was his, Logan.” Andrew sighed tiredly. “I’m just saying that he loves her. You know that already.”

I took a deep breath and ran my hand through my hair. “I know. I’m sorry.”

“Either you have a traitor in your pack, or the Rogue King has some other source.” Drake said.

“What other source?” Andrew asked, turning his head to look at Drake.

“Perhaps the Dark Witch who told him about the White Wolf found out something more.” Drake shrugged.

“We can worry about the way he found out another day.” I said. “I think the bigger issue right now is what are we going to do?”

“Emma can’t shift.” Andrew said immediately. “She has to keep Eliza hidden.”

“Your borders are protected extremely well.” Drake said. “Your patrol is handling the attacks without major problems. That is why your mom didn’t even need to inform you about the attacks while you were with Emma.”

“We need to be ready for a bigger attack.” I mumbled. “If he knows that she is here, he is going to bring an army. We need to prepare.”

“I have to talk to Emma.” Andrew said. “She has to know the truth.”

“I don’t think we should tell her.” I sighed, my heart clenching in pain just thinking about how scared she would be.

“I am not lying to her, Logan.” Andrew growled. “We are already on thin ice with her. How do you think she will react when she finds out we knew and didn’t tell her? You ready to say goodbye to your mate and watch her walk away with Jacob or Drake?”

I was up on my feet, growling in a second. I slammed my fist on the table. How f*g dare he?!


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