True Luna Chapter 42: Disagreement

Andrew POV

Logan’s eyes changed color. They were pitch black.

But I couldn’t give a f**k. I wasn’t lying to my sister again. I wasn’t going to risk losing her. Not again.

“How dare you?!” Logan screamed. “I’m your Alpha!”

“Right now, you are a man who wants to lie to my sister.” I gritted my teeth. “Right now, you are a man who wants my sister. And I don’t give a flying f**k about you being an Alpha!”

Logan growled, and Drake shot me a warning look.

“Andrew, calm down.” Drake said. “You don’t want to go there.”

I knew that what I said was dangerous. I was shooting at an Alpha’s ego and I could end up getting hurt.

But, like I said, I didn’t give a f**k. My sister meant more to me than a thousand Alphas combined. He wasn’t lying to her. He wasn’t making me go through the fear of losing her again.

Logan was shooting daggers at me and growling. His canines flew out of his mouth and fur started growing on his chest.

“Take. It. Back.” he growled, emphasizing each word.

“Take what back?” I growled back at him.

“She is mine!” Logan yelled, slamming his fist down on the table again. “She is not walking away from me with anyone, especially not with that fucker Jacob!”

I smirked. He didn’t even hear me say that I didn’t give a s**t about him being an Alpha. He was still stuck on what I had said about Emma leaving him.

I was probably wrong, but I swear I could hear Drake chuckle. I guessed that my sister was more important to Logan than his Alpha status. Well, it looked like somebody finally pulled their head out of their ass. Of course, she was more important. She was more important than anything else in this world.

“Andrew, take it back!” Logan growled again.

“I’m not taking it back until you agree to tell her!” I growled back. “You know that I’m right. You know that you could lose her if you decide to lie to her.”

Logan’s jaw twitched. His eyes flickered. I knew that he was discussing what I had said with Leon. I knew that his wolf was sometimes smarter than Logan. I just hoped that Leon agreed with me, and that he would manage to convince Logan.

‘Leon does agree with us.’ I heard Asher say. ‘And we are always smarter than the two of you.’

‘Not true.’ I said to him.

‘True.’ he growled. ‘Look at what happened with Sienna. Leon and I knew that she was a bitch.’

I ignored him. It was a touchy subject for me. My own wolf made a better judgment call than I did. What did that say about me as a brother, Beta, and a man? I let my childhood friend make a fool of me, and my sister almost died because of that. I was a terrible brother, a terrible Beta, and a complete wimp of a man.

“Fine.” Logan grunted as he buried his head in his hands, snapping me out of my thoughts. “We will tell her.”

“You made the right choice, Logan.” Drake said. “Andrew is right. Keeping this from her isn’t right. She would be pissed.”

“You would love that, wouldn’t you?” Logan growled and looked at Drake. “It would be a perfect opportunity for you to jump in and take her.”

Drake smirked. “I’m not going to lie to you, Logan. I would give everything to have her. She is beautiful and kind. But she isn’t my true mate, she is yours. And I won’t stand between the two of you. But that being said, if you screw up again and she needs a new mate, I would be more than happy to make her mine.”

Logan growled and claws came flying from his hands. Drake didn’t even flinch.

“Relax, Logan.” Drake said. “I’m not a threat. Your biggest problem right now is that handsome, young warrior of yours. Jacob, is it?”

“Goddess, Drake, shut up.” I mumbled. “He is going to tear the whole house down.”

I wasn’t far off. Logan looked murderous. He was probably thinking about the ways he could get rid of Jacob without breaking any pack laws.

“Logan.” I called him, and his black eyes snapped at me. “Drake is messing with you. Jacob is not a threat. Please, calm down.”

“He is a threat.” Logan growled, his voice mixed with Leon’s. “We will kill him.”

“You see what you did?” I glanced at Drake before returning my gaze to Logan. “You can’t kill him, Leon. You know that. Calm down, please. Nobody is taking your mate away from you, okay?”

Logan let out a growl so loud and powerful that I could feel the house vibrating. I tried staying calm. I needed to be alert if he decided to go on a murderous rampage. Right now, he looked like a coiled spring, ready to go off at any moment.

Not long after Logan’s terrifying growl, his mom barged into his office.

“What happened?” she asked, frantic. “Is it Emma?”

“No, Emma is okay.” I said with a small smile. “Logan and Drake had a disagreement.”

Aunt Gloria looked at Logan with a worried expression on her face. “Are you okay, honey?”

“Fine.” Logan gritted his teeth.

Logan continued talking, but I ignored him because Wren mind-linked me.

Beta Andrew. He said. Emma is awake and asking for you.

My body tensed up. She was awake, and I wasn’t there! f**k!

I’ll be right there! I mind-linked him back.

I jumped up and ran toward the door.

“Andrew!” Logan’s voice stopped me. “What’s wrong?”

“Emma is awake.” I said, opening the door. “She asked for me.”

Logan stood up immediately and wanted to follow me, but his mom stopped him.

“Logan, honey, can you stay for a while?” she asked him. “There are some pack matters we need to discuss.”

“Emma is awake.” Logan growled lowly. “I’m going to see my mate.”

“Logan, honey, please.” his mom said. “It won’t take long. I know you want to go to her, but you are the Alpha, and your pack needs you as well.”

Logan clenched his fists and took a deep breath. I could tell that he was struggling.

“It’s okay, Logan.” I said. “I will stay with her. She won’t be alone. Come back when you and your mom finish.”

Logan stared at me. I could see the pain in his eyes. A few moments later, he reluctantly nodded and walked back to his seat.

“Tell her I will come back soon.” Logan mumbled, his voice broken.

“I will.” I nodded and closed the door behind me.

I raced down the stairs and through the doors of the packhouse. A few minutes later, I was rushing into the hospital and toward my sister’s room.

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