True Luna Chapter 47: Burning

Logan POV

I was pissed as f**k.

In just a few short minutes, that little mutt would be sitting on this couch. He would be looking at MY mate like she belonged to him. He would laugh with her, and he would touch her.

He thought that she would choose him. He thought that he would take her away from me.

‘SHE IS MINE!’ Leon growled so loudly that even I flinched.

‘I’m going to kill him.’ Leon continued. ‘He won’t touch her. He won’t have her. I won’t allow it. If you f**k up, Logan, I will stick my claws up your’

‘I won’t f**k up.’ I sighed. ‘Not again. I will not lose her. She belongs to me. She is mine, and mine only.’

‘I’m glad we are finally on the same page.’ Leon growled. ‘Too bad you didn’t listen to me when we found out she was our mate. There wouldn’t be other men after her right now.’

‘Shut the f**k up.’ I growled back.

I blocked him and took a deep breath. His words only fueled my anger and my jealousy. I knew that he was right. If I accepted her, like I should have, there wouldn’t be a Jacob or a Drake now. Sienna would have never been able to take her from me. She would be marked, mated, and mine. Nobody would have taken her away from me.

“Maybe you should leave, Logan.” Andrew sighed.

My eyes snapped to him. “Are you insane?!”

Andrew ran his hand through his hair and sighed again. “You are too tense. Your Alpha aura in the room is suffocating.”

“I’m not leaving my mate alone with another male who wants her.” I growled, clenching my fists so hard that it hurt.

“She won’t be alone.” he said. “I will be here the whole time. And Amy is coming as well.”

My nostrils flared and my anger kept rising. “I said no.”

“Fine.” Andrew said, raising his hands in surrender. “But try to calm down a bit.”

I gave him an angry glare and tried to listen to him. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

I heard Emma walking downstairs, and her intoxicating scent calmed me down instantly.

I turned around to look at her.

She was beautiful. She was wearing leggings and a hoodie. Her hair was lifted in a messy bun. She looked so f*****g amazing that I almost grabbed her and made her mine. Her scent was driving me crazy.

“Is everything okay?” she asked when she reached the bottom of the steps.

She could feel my Alpha aura in the air.

“Of course, love.” Andrew smiled at her. “Don’t worry.”

She opened her mouth to speak, but she was interrupted with a knock on the door.


My blood boiled, and he wasn’t even inside.

Emma walked to the front door and opened it.

Amy jumped on her, squealing loudly.

“Emmy!” she yelled. “I’m so glad you are okay! I missed you so much!”

Emma chuckled and hugged her back. “I missed you too, Amy.”

“Are you okay?” Amy asked her as she let her go and looked up and down her body.

“I’m fine.” Emma smiled.

My heart skipped a million f*****g beats. I wanted to k!ss her.

Amy moved away, and the fu.cker walked inside.

He was looking at my mate like she was his whole world. I clenched my fists, and I had to hold back from killing him.

“Hello, beautiful.” Jacob said as he pulled Emma to him, k!ssing her cheek.

I saw f*****g red.

I growled loudly and jumped up.

“Logan!” Andrew shouted, grabbing my arm.

Emma and Amy looked at me with wide eyes. The fu.cker smirked.

“Alpha.” Jacob said smugly.

“Keep your f*****g hands off of my mate!” I growled.

I was letting Andrew hold me back. If I wanted to, I could rip out of his hold and kill the fu.cker before anyone could blink.

But I couldn’t. Because of Emma. She would never forgive me if I hurt him.

Emma stepped away from Jacob, and he frowned.

“Alpha, Beta.” Amy nodded, breaking the tense silence. “I’m sorry. I was so happy to see Emma that I didn’t notice you there.”

“It’s okay, Amy.” I said as I sat back down.

“How are you, Amy?” Andrew asked her, giving her a small smile.

I have no idea what she said. My sole focus was on Jacob and the way he was looking at my mate.

Emma closed the door behind Jacob and motioned for him to sit down.

“Would you like something to drink?” Emma asked her guests.

“Coffee would be nice.” Amy smiled at her.

Emma nodded and smiled. “Jake?”

“Sure, beautiful.” the fu.cker said, smiling at her like she was the sole reason for his existence.

I hated the nickname. Only I got to call her that. She was mine. Her beauty was mine.

“Sit down, Em.” Andrew stood up and k!ssed the top of her head. “Hang out with your friends. I will get the coffee.”

“Thank you.” she smiled at him and sat down on the couch next to me.

I was so glad the fu.cker sat on an armchair. The only empty space was the one next to me. I reached out, placing my hand on her lower back. Touching her calmed me down. She stiffened and glanced at me.

“How are you, Emma?” Jacob asked her, leaning his elbows on his knees.

“I’m fine, Jake.” she smiled, looking back at him.

“Are you sure?” Amy asked, looking at her suspiciously.

“I’m sure.” Emma nodded. “My ribs are still sore, but it’s nothing compared to how it was a few days ago.”

“I am so sorry, Emma.” Jacob sighed. “I should have done something. I should have talked to your brother. I knew what she did to you before the kidnapping. I should have done something.”

“Stop it, Jake.” Emma said. “It’s not your fault. You wanted to talk to Andrew. I was the one who stopped you.”

“Well, even if I did talk to him, it wouldn’t have done much good.” Jacob said, sending me an angry glare.

I growled loudly. The pup had some balls. I was his Alpha.

“What is that supposed to mean?!” I growled.

“Logan?” Emma called me before the fu.cker could answer. “Can I talk to you in private?”

I nodded, glaring at the fu.cker. Emma and I stood up, and I followed her to the backyard.

“Can you please stop fighting with Jake?” Emma asked as soon as we stepped outside.

She turned to look at me and crossed her arms over her chest.

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. “It’s hard, Emma.”

“I know.” she sighed. “But please just try, okay?”

I looked at her, and all of my strength burned up in flames in a second. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I needed her more than my next breath.

I closed the distance between us in two long steps. I cupped her face with my hands and lowered my l!ps to hers.

Sparks. Tingles. The whole f*****g fireworks.

Her mouth on mine felt perfect. Her scent consumed my senses completely. Her taste was the best thing I’ve ever had.

My whole body buzzed with need. Her skin was like fire under my touch.

The sweet m0an that escaped her made my d**k so f*****g hard that it hurt. I gr0aned, placing a hand on the back of her neck and pulling her closer.

One of her hands gripped my shirt, and the other went to my hair, pulling on the strands, making my knees buckle. I almost fell down.

f*****g s**t. She was addicting.

Our mouths moved perfectly together. I never wanted to stop k!ssing her.

The need to mark right then and there was overwhelming. Leon’s possessive howls didn’t help one bit. I pushed him back earlier, but he broke through my barrier as soon as he felt our mate in my arms.

Emma broke the k!ss, panting heavily and staring at my chest.

I nuzzled my nose into her hair. “I love you, baby.”

She looked up at me but stayed silent. I didn’t expect her to say it back. I had a long road of forgiveness ahead of me before I could hear those words come out of her sweet, addicting mouth. But I needed her to know.

She was my whole word. She came before everything else in my life. I lived and breathed for her.

“We should go back inside.” Emma said quietly.

I nodded, bending my head and placing a small k!ss on her neck. She shivered, and I smiled.

“Let’s go, baby.” I said as I took her hand in mine and pulled her back into the house.

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