True Luna Chapter 59: The new guard

Logan POV

I couldn’t believe that I agreed to do this.

I blamed the mate bond. Emma convinced me to let Jacob guard her while we were going to be out there searching for the Rogue King. I didn’t know how she did it, though. She was sitting on my lap, working her mouth perfectly against mine, and I was gone. All my free will was gone. I would really have to find a way to stand up to her. I couldn’t let her control me like that.

I nuzzled my nose into her neck, taking a deep breath of her scent.

We were waiting for Jacob to arrive.

“We won’t be gone for long, Emma.” Andrew said. “We can do most of our work from here anyway. Jacob will be with you for only a couple of hours, and it won’t be every day.”

“Can Amy come as well?” Emma asked. “We should tell her. She will want to see me. How will I explain the house arrest?”

“It’s not a house arrest.” I sighed.

“I know.” Emma chuckled, looking at me. “I just don’t know what else to call it.”

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea, Emma.” Drake sighed. “The more people know, the more danger you are in. She would also be in danger. You know that.”

“Maybe is not such a bad idea, Drake.” Andrew said. “Emma is right. Amy will want to see her. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to have someone else with her. Amy could be here all the time without Logan freaking out. And she is a great fighter.”

Emma bit her lower lip and started fidgeting with her fingers. I rubbed her back soothingly.

“What are you thinking, baby?” I asked her softly.

“Drake is right.” she mumbled. “I don’t want to put her in danger.”

Before anyone of us could respond, a knock on the door interrupted us.

“We can talk about that later.” Andrew said to her as he stood up to open the door.

I pressed Emma closer to me. Alarms were blaring in my head, and it was hard to ignore them. Jacob wanted her, and I wasn’t sure if he would stay away from her.

“Hello, Jacob.” Andrew said politely as he opened the door.”

“Beta Andrew.” I heard his voice.

“Come on inside.” Andrew said and moved so Jacob could walk in.

Jacob stepped inside and his eyes immediately went to Emma. He smiled at her, making me growl.

“Alpha Logan, Alpha Drake.” Jacob said, bowing his head in respect.

“Hello, Jacob.” Drake said as he motioned toward the armchair. “Sit down, please.”

Jacob walked to his seat with a confused expression on his face. He sat down and looked at Emma. I turned my head to her and kissed her temple. I wanted him to see that she was mine.

Andrew sat down next to Emma and took her hand in his.

“You are here because we have a job for you, Jacob.” I started talking sternly.

“A job?” Jacob asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“We need you to guard Emma.” Andrew said.

Jacob’s eyes widened and he looked at Emma. I could feel her tense up.

“Guard her?” Jacob asked. “Why? Is everything okay, beautiful?”

I growled. “No nicknames, Jacob.”

“The Rogue King wants her because she is a powerful wolf.” Andrew spoke before Jacob and I could start an argument. “He is planning to take her as his chosen mate. He wants to mark her and he wants her to give him children because he believes he could take over the packs using her and their children.”

I gripped Emma tighter. The only children she would have would be mine. The only d**k inside of her would be mine. The only canines piercing her delicious skin would be mine. She was mine.

To say that Jacob was shocked was an understatement. He was staring at Andrew with wide eyes. His mouth was opened and he looked kind of funny, to be honest.

“He wants what?” Jacob mumbled.

“He wants to take her and make her his chosen mate.” Andrew repeated slowly.

Jacob’s eyes flew to Emma. He was terrified.

“No f*****g way!” he growled. “He is not getting to her!”

A mix of jealousy and relief flooded me. Relief because I knew that he wouldn’t let her get hurt. Jealousy because I saw the way he was looking at her. He wanted her for himself, and it made me want to rip his heart out.

“He doesn’t know her name.” Andrew continued. “He knows what she looks like and that is why she needs to stay inside. Logan and I can’t be with her all the time. We need to find the fucker before he attacks our pack and tries to take her away. We need you to guard her while we are not here.”

“Of course.” Jacob agreed immediately. “I will guard her with my life.”

“It won’t be for a long period of time, though.” I said sternly. “You won’t be with her all the time.”

Jacob nodded, but I could see he wasn’t happy. The fucker really thought that I would let him be with her all the time. No f*****g way.

“Does Amy know?” Jacob asked Emma.

“No.” she shook her head. “We were just discussing if we should tell her. I don’t want to put her in danger.”

Jacob stayed silent for a moment. I could tell that he was thinking about something.

“She will kill us both if we don’t tell her.” Jacob said after a few moments of silence. “You know how much she loves you. She is a great warrior as well. It would be great to have her around. Also, I would never let anything happen to her. She is like my sister.”

Emma glanced at Andrew. “What do you think?”

“Like I said earlier, it wouldn’t hurt to have her around as well.” Andrew said, looking at Jacob.

“I will talk to her with your permission, Alpha and Beta.” Jacob said, looking from me to Andrew.

“Do that, Jacob.” I nodded. “But you can only tell Amy. No one else can know about this.”

Jacob nodded and looked back at Emma. He gave her a warm smile, and she smiled back. Jealousy stabbed me again.

“That would be all, Jacob.” I said coldly, tightening my grip on Emma. “You can come back tomorrow at 7 am.”

Jacob glanced at me and gave me a stiff nod. He stood up and walked to the front door.

“Bye, Emmy.” he said, turning to look at her. “I will see you tomorrow morning.”

“Bye, Jake.” she smiled at him, making me want to growl.

“Alpha, Beta, Alpha Drake.” Jacob said, bowing his head in respect.

“We will see you tomorrow, Jacob.” Andrew said.

Jacob nodded, glanced at Emma one last time, and left the house.

I relaxed immediately. I turned my head toward Emma and kissed her shoulder. I had no idea how I was supposed to leave her alone with him. It would be the hardest thing I ever had to do.

“I am going to bed.” Emma said, smiling at us. “I will see you tomorrow morning.”

I kissed her temple and reluctantly moved my arms so she could stand up. She hugged Andrew and smiled at Drake before going upstairs.

I was watching her until she disappeared from my sight. I decided to go to her room before I went to bed. I needed to taste her again.

“I think we need to talk to Sienna.” Drake said as soon as her bedroom door closed. “I interrogated one of the rogues we captured. He mentioned her.”

My head snapped toward him and I growled.

What the f**k did that b***h have to do with the Rogue King?

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