True Luna Chapter 6: Mate

I looked at my watch and saw that it was 11 pm. Who was here this late?

I removed the covers and went toward my bedroom door. I opened them in time to hear my brother’s voice.

“Logan?” he said. “What are you doing here?”

“Where is she? Where is Emma?” Logan asked nervously.

His voice was the most amazing sound I have ever heard. It was like music to my ears. What was wrong with me? It never sounded like that before. It must have been because I was tired.

But he sounded cold, rushed. I didn’t know why he was asking for me, but I had a feeling that I was in trouble. But I didn’t do anything wrong.

“Emma?” my brother asked. “She is sleeping. Why?”

I could hear surprise and confusion in his voice.

I started walking toward the stairs and was instantly hit with the most amazing smell, pine needles and snow. It smelled like a winter forest.

‘Mate!’ Eliza screamed in my head.

‘What?!’ I asked and froze.

‘It is Logan, Emma. He is our mate. Go to him.’ Eliza said, excited.

Logan? The Alpha? He is my mate? I am a Luna?

I had a million questions in my head. My feet started moving against my will. It was like something was pulling me downstairs. Well, not something. The mate bond.

“Wake her up.” Logan growled. “Now.”

He sounded mad. Why was he mad?

“I am awake.” I said and started walking down the stairs.

I stopped in the middle to look at Logan.

Everything shifted when I looked into his eyes. He was now the center of my world. He was everything. I felt this incredible need to touch him, to be in his arms.

I wanted to run to him, but I stopped myself when I saw how cold his stare was. What was going on?

“Logan?” my brother called him.

“She is my mate.” Logan said through his teeth.

My brother gasped and looked up at me. I nodded and looked back at Logan. He was standing there looking at me with a cold expression on his face. His fists were clenched, and his posture was rigid.

He didn’t want me. That’s why he was so angry. I was not good enough to be his Luna.

“Emma.” Andrew called my name. “Go to your room. Now.”

He must have seen how angry Logan was and wanted to talk to him about this. I turned away and walked back upstairs.

But there was no way I was going back into my room. I wanted to hear what Logan would say. I had a feeling I knew, though.

I heard them walking to the kitchen, and I sat at the top of the stairs. I would be able to hear them talk and, hopefully, they would be focused on their conversation and would not be able to hear or sense me. I just had to be very quiet.

I hugged my knees and waited.

“Talk.” my brother said coldly. “How did you know before you even saw her?”

“I don’t know.” Logan sighed. “I could sense and smell her. It happened about an hour ago. At first, I thought I was going crazy, but then I decided to follow that smell. I knew for sure when I came closer to your house. Leon started going crazy.”

“That is weird.” my brother said. “Mates usually know when they see each other. They can’t sense it before.”

“I know. But I did.” Logan growled.

My brother sighed. “Why are you angry?”

“She can’t be my Luna, Andrew.” Logan said.

My heart broke. I hugged my knees even tighter. I felt warm tears running down my cheeks. Nothing hurts like your mate’s rejection.

“What? Why?” my brother asked angrily.

“She is a child.” Logan said. “She is not strong enough to be a Luna. I need someone stronger.”

“You are kidding me, right?” my brother yelled. “You are going to throw away Goddess’ gift because you don’t think she is strong enough?!”

“It is for the pack.” Logan said calmly. “You know our pack needs strong leadership. Especially now that rogues are attacking even more frequently.”

“Alpha is always stronger when he has his Luna by his side.” my brother growled.

“He is. And I will have my Luna.” Logan said. “I am thinking about taking Sienna as my chosen mate.”

My heart stopped beating. He was choosing another she-wolf instead of me. And not just any wolf. Sienna. She wanted to get rid of me. And she will. She will become a Luna and she will exile me from my pack. Maybe she will even kill me when she finds out I am Logan’s true mate.

“Why didn’t you already do that if you think she will be a great Luna?” my brother asked angrily.

“I wanted to wait for my true mate.” Logan answered. “To see if I was gifted with a strong she-wolf. But now that I see that is not the case, I can freely choose somebody else.”

“I can’t believe this.” my brother said quietly.

“You know I am right, Andrew.” Logan said. “You know that you, me, and Sienna will be great leaders, and the pack will benefit greatly from our leadership. We can’t do that with your sister. She is only 18.”

My brother said nothing, and I think he agreed with Logan. He thought that I was not strong. I didn’t think my heart could break even more.

I’ve heard enough. I got up and walked to my room.

My heart was breaking into a million tiny pieces. I didn’t think that I would ever be able to put it back together. And he hasn’t officially rejected me yet. I didn’t know how I would survive when he does.

Mates can reject each other. It doesn’t break the bond, though. Nothing does. It is only words. But it lets you know that your mate doesn’t want you, and it is horrible. The bond is alive, but you can’t do anything about it.

Being exiled by Sienna and becoming a rogue suddenly didn’t sound so bad. It was better than staying here, watching them together. It would kill me slowly.

‘Eliza?’ I called my wolf. ‘Are you okay?’

‘No, Emma.’ She whined. ‘I am in pain.’

‘I know.’ I said. ‘I am sorry.’

‘His wolf wants us.’ She whined. ‘Leon wants us. It is Logan who is fighting the bond.’

I didn’t respond and I felt her going further back in my mind. I didn’t think I would hear from her again tonight. She needed to heal.

I couldn’t stay here. I couldn’t see my brother. I couldn’t see him.

I quickly put on my tights, a hoodie, and sneakers. I grabbed a jacket from my wardrobe and opened my window.

My room was on the second floor, but there was a roof just underneath it. I always sneaked out this way when my brother forbade me from going out with Amy. He never caught me. I hoped that tonight would be the same.

I carefully climbed out onto the roof and made my way down. I had to be really careful not to make any noise. I was in a house with an Alpha and a Beta werewolf. Their hearing was even better than other werewolves’. I just hoped they were still talking and focused on their conversation.

I climbed down and started walking toward the forest. There was a cave nearby where Amy, Jake, and I always went to hang out when we wanted to be alone. I needed to go there and think.

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