True Luna Chapter 62: Make you feel good

Logan POV

I missed Emma like crazy.

I was so f*****g happy when Lewis and I finally finished our talk. We’ve increased the border security and the number of patrols around the pack territory.

I was happy with the outcome and more than ready to go back to my mate. I needed to feel her. I needed to taste her. I needed to hear her sweet moans.

How’s it going, Andrew? I mind-linked my Beta as I walked out of my office.

He isn’t talking. Andrew sighed.

Take your time. I said. I am going to your house right now. Don’t worry about Emma.

I always worry about her. Andrew growled. She is my pup.

You know that’s not what I meant. I sighed.

I do. Andrew said. I am just on edge.

Take it out on the fucker. I chuckled. Pay a visit to Sienna and Rolf. I will take care of Emma until you come back.

I will do that. Andrew said. I will be home in an hour.

Perfect. A whole hour alone with Emma, a whole hour to taste every f*****g part of her, a whole hour to listen to her sweet moans.

My d**k was already rock hard.

Mind-link me if you need anything. I said, hoping he wouldn’t bother me for the next hour.

I cut our mind-link and hurried toward Emma’s house. I needed that fucker Jacob as far away from her as possible.

I still couldn’t believe I agreed to let him guard her and spend time with her alone. My mind kept coming up with images that had me ready to burn the f*****g world down.

Jacob kissing Emma.

Jacob touching Emma’s soft skin.

Jacob kissing the spot where my mark should be.

Jacob tasting her skin.

Jacob making her moan.

A growl escaped me, and I ran toward her house. I was ready to end his miserable life.

I was entering the house in less than a minute.

I growled and looked around. I calmed down a little when I saw them sitting on the couch, watching a movie.

Emma was wearing her clothes. There was no mark on her neck. She didn’t look like she’d been touched.

Both of them stared at me, wide-eyed. Emma moved first.

“What happened?” she asked as she stood up and walked toward me.

I closed the distance between us and pulled her to me. I took a deep breath of her wonderful scent.

f*****g finally.

“I missed you.” I said softly, running my hand up and down her back.

I felt her shiver, and a small smile appeared on my face.

“Did something happen, Alpha?” Jacob asked me, making me look at him.

“No.” I said. “You are free to go, Walters.”

“Okay.” Jacob nodded, looking at Emma. “I will talk to Amy today. We will visit you tomorrow.”

I loosened my grip on Emma so she could turn around. She smiled and nodded.

“Okay.” she said softly. “I can’t really leave the house, so I will definitely be here when you decide to visit.”

Emma chuckled, making my heart skip a beat.

f**k, Walters, get the hell out!

“Okay, Emmy.” Jacob smiled. “I will see you tomorrow.”

“Bye, Jake.” Emma said as Jacob closed the door behind him.

Thank f**k.

I immediately moved my lips to Emma’s neck, gently sucking on the spot I would sink my canines into.

She moaned and arched her back. I grabbed her and turned her back around. My mouth covered hers, and I traced her lips with my tongue. I picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Her hands found their way into my hair and she tugged on it, making me groan.

I started walking upstairs, not breaking the amazing kiss we were sharing.

“Where are we going?” Emma mumbled into my mouth.

“Your bedroom.” I said. “Your brother won’t be home for an hour. I want to make you feel good, baby.”

I moved my mouth up and down her jaw, making her shiver. I could smell her arousal, and it was driving me f*****g crazy.

We were already upstairs, and I was walking toward her bedroom.

“Maybe we should talk first, Logan.” Emma said, panting hard, as she moved her head so I could kiss even more of her neck.

I smirked, sucking on her neck. I opened her bedroom door and laid her down on the bed. I laid on top of her, trying not to put too much of my weight on her.

“You don’t look like you want to talk, baby.” I said, kissing her hard. “You don’t smell like you want to talk.”

Emma lifted her hips, pressing herself against my d**k. I almost burst in flames.

“f**k, baby.” I growled, biting on her lower lip.

Yeah, we weren’t talking. Not right now.

“Can I take your shirt off?” I asked softly.

Emma nodded, and I almost died of happiness. I pulled her shirt up over her head, and the sight of her in a black bra only almost made me c*m in my pants.

She was f*****g perfect. Her breasts were perfect. I could even see her hard n*****s straining against her bra, and it made me want to cry from happiness. This perfect little thing was mine. She was perfect, and she was mine.

I lowered my head and placed a kiss on her collar bone.

She moaned and arched her back slightly, brushing her hips against my painfully hard d**k.

“Emma, baby?” I called her as I licked up and down her collar bone.

“Mhm.” she mumbled, unable to speak.

“I am going to make you c*m, baby.” I said, itching to taste her. “If you want to stop me, just say the word, okay?”

I could hear Emma’s heartbeat pick up. She has never done anything like this before, and I was so f*****g happy. Everything was mine.

“Don’t worry, baby.” I said, looking up at her. “I am not going to do anything you don’t want me to do. I am going to suck on those pretty little n*****s of yours.”

I rubbed my thumbs over them as I spoke, making her gasp.

“Then I am going to use my fingers to rub that pretty little p***y that belongs to me until I hear you screaming my name.” I said, watching as her pupils dilated.

I smiled, and Emma gulped.

“If you don’t agree with any part of that, tell me and I will stop immediately.” I said, kissing her softly.

Her heart was going a mile a minute, but she wanted it. I could tell.

“I’ve…” she mumbled, staring at me wide-eyed. “I’ve never done something like that before. I don’t know how…”

She stopped as she looked away, embarrassed.

“Oh, I know, baby.” I said, making her look back at me. “I can’t tell you how f*****g happy I am that I will be the first one to touch and taste you. I don’t want you to know these things. I want to teach you.”

I lowered my lips to her neck and sucked once more.

“Now, do you want me to stop?” I asked in between kisses.

She shook her head, and I almost exploded from happiness.

I kissed down her body until I reached her bra. I moved it aside, revealing the most perfect little n****e I’ve ever seen. I groaned, placing my mouth on it and sucking gently.

She squirmed under me and giggled. I looked up at her with amusement in my eyes.

“It tickles.” she said softly.

I smirked, placing my hand on her belly. I knew just what she needed to make it stop tickling.

I slowly reached under the waistband of her sweats, making her gasp and look at me wide-eyed.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, moving my attention to her other n****e.

She shook her head again, and I smiled.

I reached under her panties to find her f*****g soaked.

Holy s**t.

“f**k, baby.” I groaned, bringing my lips back to hers.

She kissed me hard, moaning into my mouth as I touched her clit.

“Do you want me to stop?” I asked, knowing that it would take a f*****g bulldozer to rip me away from her right now.

“No, please.” she moaned, arching her hips toward my hand.


I started moving my fingers in a circular motion, making Emma cry out. I smiled and moved my mouth back down to her n*****s. I sucked on them gently, and she arched her back.

“Not tickling anymore?” I asked, smiling.

She looked down at me, her pupils wide and her mouth slightly open. She shook her head.

“Good.” I said, closing my mouth around her n****e again.

She moved her hips in a steady motion, brushing against my d**k at the same time. I was going to c*m. I was going to c*m in my f*****g pants like I was a f*****g teenager.

She was close. Her breaths became shorter. Her whole body trembled. She grabbed my shirt with her fists and moaned my name.

I covered her mouth with mine. That was the only thing I wanted to hear. My name on her lips as she came.

“Come for me, baby.” I mumbled, biting her lower lip.

“Logan.” she moaned my name as she fell apart.

I felt my d**k twitch inside my pants, and I exploded like a f*****g volcano.

This was the best f*****g day of my life.

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