True Luna Chapter 68: Dilemma

Logan POV

Of course I was going to mark her.

She was mine! Mine!

I growled at Drake, wrapping my arms around her even tighter.

“I’m marking her.” I said angrily. “She is mine!”

“I never said she wasn’t, Logan.” Drake sighed. “I’m saying that maybe you should wait. If he takes her…”

The growl that escaped me made the windows shake.

“He is not taking her away from me!” I shouted, standing up with Emma in my arms. “No one is taking her away from me!”

I wrapped her legs around my waist and held her as close to me as I possibly could. I started backing away from the table, eyeing Drake suspiciously.

Emma tried to lift her head, but I didn’t let her. I needed to feel her. I needed to feel every part of her as close to my body as possible.

Leon was going insane. The only thing that kept him inside my body was our mate in my arms.

“Logan.” Andrew called me, making my look from Drake to him. “No one is trying to take her away from you. It’s okay. Sit back down, please.”

Emma placed a soft kiss on my neck, and I almost melted into a puddle.

“It’s okay, Logan.” she said softly. “I am yours. No one will take me away.”

Leon whined loudly, and all of his anger disappeared in a second.

I adore her. He whined. I want to be with her, Logan. I want you to shift.

I understood him completely. Emma couldn’t shift right now, and he couldn’t be with Eliza. They never even got a chance to spend time together. They’ve never even seen each other.

Because of your stupidity. Leon growled.

I know. I sighed. I already apologized. I will shift and let you be with Emma as soon as I can.

Leon whined and focused back on our mate in my arms.

I took a deep breath and walked back to the table slowly. I sat down, glaring at Drake while I did so.

“I am sorry, Logan.” Drake said. “I know this is hard for you. But we need to talk about this.”

He was right, and I knew it. But that primal, animal, Alpha side of me couldn’t handle talking about it. Emma was mine. She was a part of my body and my heart, and no one could take her away from me. Just thinking about it made me want to burn the f*****g world down. Our connection deepened even more now that she accepted me. I could feel her. I could feel her emotions even when we weren’t in the same room. She belonged to me and me only.

“I think he should mark her.” Andrew said. “If what the rogue said is true, it will make her stronger. She will be able to fight him if he tries to take her.”

“He will not take her!” I growled loudly.

“He won’t.” Andrew nodded. “But he will try to.”

“There is obviously a lot we don’t know about her.” Drake mumbled. “He has an advantage over us. He is much more familiar with the legend of the White Wolf than we are.”

My heart clenched painfully and fear washed over me. I pressed her closer to me and kissed the top of her head.

I would die before I let him take her.

“He definitely knows more.” Andrew sighed, running his fingers through his hair. “There wasn’t anything about her in our library. It has to be some kind of witches’ tale.”

“Maybe that’s just what it is.” Emma said, looking at Andrew. “Maybe it’s just a tale and I’m nothing special.”

“You talked to your wolf while being under the influence of wolfsbane.” Drake said softly. “Other wolves can’t do that.”

“I could have imagined that.” Emma said. “I was convinced I was going to die. I was hurt, and sad, and alone. I needed someone to comfort me.”

My heart clenched painfully, and I wanted to stick my claws up my own ass. We did that to her.

Andrew’s jaw ticked, and he reached across the table, taking her hand in his.

“I am so sorry, love.” Andrew said softly.

“It’s okay.” Emma said, giving him a small smile.

It wasn’t okay. We were idiots.

“You are right, Emma.” Drake continued. “You could have imagined that. But how do you explain the fact that you survived? You should have died with that amount of wolfsbane in your body.”

Both Andrew and I growled.

But it was the truth. Wren said that she should have died.

“Drake is right.” Andrew sighed, squeezing Emma’s hand even tighter. “Wren did say that the amount of wolfsbane in your body was lethal.”

My baby almost died.

Just thinking about it made me so f*****g angry. I was ready to tear the world apart.

“That’s weird.” Emma mumbled.

“Not for you.” Drake smiled. “You are the True Luna. You can do what most wolves can’t.”

Emma looked up at him and gave him a small smile. Jealousy burned inside of me. She shouldn’t be smiling at him.

But what pissed me off even more was the way he was looking at her.

I could tell he wanted her. I could tell that he was in love with her.

And I wanted to kill him.

Calm down, Logan. Andrew mind-linked me. You look like you are about to explode.

He wants her. I growled back, not taking my eyes away from Drake.

He was still staring at my mate with a look of adoration in his eyes.

She is yours. Andrew said. She is sitting in your lap. You are the one who is holding her. Drake can keep wanting her, but he will never have her.

“I think you should wait, Logan.” Drake said, looking at me. “Don’t mark her until we deal with the Rogue King. If he takes her, he will want to remove the mark. It could kill her.”

I wasn’t surprised that he thought I shouldn’t mark her. Maybe he thought that he had a chance with her.


As if I would let him touch her.

MINE! Leon growled possessively.

“Emma and I will talk about it privately.” I said, trying to stop myself from killing him. “It’s our decision. Not yours.”

“I understand that.” Drake nodded, glancing back at Emma. “But I also know that the desire to mark her could cloud your judgment. Please think about it before doing anything.”

He still thinks he has a chance with her. I mind-linked Andrew. He doesn’t want me to mark her so he can take her away from me.

Andrew didn’t respond, but he glanced at me, and I could tell that he agreed with me.

“I will always put her safety first.” I said sternly, looking back at Drake. “She is mine and I will always take care of her. You don’t have to worry about that.”

Drake nodded, not taking his eyes away from Emma.

I was pissed the f**k off and wanted him to leave.

“Can Emma and I talk privately, please?” I asked as calmly as I could.

“Yes, of course.” Andrew said immediately, sensing my need for Drake to leave. “Drake and I could go to the library and look through the books again. Maybe I missed something the first time I was there.”

“Sure.” Drake said, standing up and smiling at Emma.

Andrew walked over to us, and I let Emma stand up, so he could hug her.

“I will be right back, love.” Andrew said as he kissed the top of her head.

“Okay.” she said, hugging him tightly.

“Take care of her.” Andrew told me as he and Drake left the kitchen.

Drake never looked away from Emma.

I pulled her back onto my lap as soon as they left the kitchen. My lips were on her neck a second later. My hand was squeezing her thigh as soon as I heard the front door close.

She moaned quietly, and I wanted to rip her clothes into tiny little pieces so that I could touch and taste every f*****g piece of her skin.

“f**k, baby.” I mumbled at her neck.

I needed her. I f*****g needed her. I needed to know that she was mine and not Jacob’s. She was mine and not Drake’s.

Mine, only mine.

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