True Luna Chapter 73: Insane

Logan POV

I’d never felt pain like this before.

I’d never felt fear like this before.

I’d never felt rage like this before.

As soon as the vines loosened around my body, I jumped and shifted.

I couldn’t control Leon even if I wanted to.

Your Luna has been taken. I opened the mind-link with every member of my pack. I want everyone capable to go out and search for her. You have my permission to leave the pack grounds.

The howls that followed after my order made me shiver. I heard multiple thuds of paws all around me. I saw Asher running next to me. He looked feral, and I wondered if I looked the same.

Can you feel Eliza? I asked Leon desperately.

I can. He growled back. She is okay. But I don’t know where she is.

Oh, my baby. I wanted her back. I needed her back. I would do absolutely anything to have her back in my arms. I needed to feel her. I needed to taste her. I needed her. I f*****g needed her.

We will get her back. Leon growled. I will burn the f*****g world down. I will find her. She is mine. MINE!

Can you follow her scent? Andrew growled through our mind link. I’m losing it.

I could, but I was losing it slowly as well. As her mate, I could find her scent more easily than any other wolf. It was stronger for me than it was for them. I would be able to follow it for a while, but I would eventually lose it as well. Following a scent was tricky. The more time passed, the more scents mixed together, and it was harder to track the one you were looking for.

Yes. I mind-linked him back. But it’s fading away.

They couldn’t have gone far. Andrew said. We haven’t been restrained for that long.

He had to be right. I had to find my mate. I would go f*****g insane without her.

Emma, baby? I tried mind-linking her, even though I knew it was pointless. I love you, baby. I love you so f*****g much. I am coming for you. I will find you, baby.

I knew she couldn’t hear me. I knew it. But I had to try. I just had to.

I could tell the exact moment when the other wolves lost her scent. I felt their eyes on me, and instead of looking around, they were following me.

If you see the fucker, kill him. I growled through the mind-link with all of my wolves. I want your Luna back unharmed.

I wanted her back right the f**k now. I needed to feel her body next to mine. I needed to taste her lips again. I needed to be inside her again. f**k, I just needed her.

I could feel Leon’s anger and possessiveness. I could feel how f*****g unhinged he became.

Of course I’m unhinged. He growled loudly. My Emma isn’t with me! Eliza isn’t with me. I want them with me!

I know, Leon. I growled back. I want them with us too. I want Emma.

If he hurts her… Leon whined. If he touches her…

He won’t! I growled angrily, running even faster than before.

Goddess, Logan, she is so small. Leon whined. He could really hurt her. He could kill her!

Shut the f**k up, Leon! I growled at my wolf.

He will not touch her! He will not hurt her! I will f*****g kill him before he puts a hand on her!


Suddenly, I couldn’t feel her scent anymore.

A loud growl that escaped me made the trees around us shake.

I was f*****g furious!

I shifted back in a second, making all the wolves behind me stop abruptly.

“EMMA!” I screamed, clenching my fists, and looking around the forest.

My eyes bulged out of my head, and I thought that I would explode.

“EMMA!” I screamed again.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Andrew shift.

“What the f**k are you doing?!” Andrew screamed at me. “Follow her scent!”

“I can’t!” I screamed back. “It’s gone!”

Andrew’s eyes widened, and he started looking around frantically.

“Emma!” he screamed.

She didn’t respond. The forest was quiet.

My baby. I needed her. I f*****g needed her more than my next breath.

“We should go back to the packhouse and make a plan.” I heard Drake’s voice.

I growled loudly. Was he f*****g insane?!

“Are you shitting me right now?!” I screamed, looking at him. “I am not leaving this f*****g forest without her!”

“Think like an Alpha, Logan.” Drake said calmly. “We don’t know where he took her. You are just wasting resources by wandering aimlessly around the forest. We need a plan.”

I had a f*****g plan. Find the fucker and rip his heart out for ever laying his eyes on my mate!

But Drake was right, as much as it pained me to admit it. He was right. I needed to go back and think. I needed to find someone who knew where his f*****g lair was. I needed to narrow down the search area and use my wolves strategically.

“Jacob!” I yelled, clenching my fists.

“Yes, Alpha?” he responded immediately, walking closer to me.

“Choose your best warriors.” I said, tightening my jaw. “Continue to search through the forest. Report back immediately if you find something out.”

He nodded and shifted back into his wolf form. He ran away, followed by several other warriors.

I looked at Andrew. He was staring into the distance with his jaw clenched tight. I could feel the pain he was in.

“Let’s go back, Andrew.” I said quietly. “We need to make a plan.”

“Will she be okay, Logan?” Andrew mumbled, his voice breaking.

“Yes.” I said. “We will find her and bring her back home.”

“She is my pup.” Andrew said quietly. “I need my pup back.”

His voice was a mixture of his and Asher’s. I could only imagine how much pain he was in. She was his whole world.

“We will bring your pup back home, Andrew.” I said. “I promise. We will bring her home.”

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