True Luna Chapter 74: Three days

Andrew POV

It’d been three days since the fucker took her.

It had been three days since I last saw her. It had been three days since the last time I hugged her. It’d been three f*****g days since I last heard her voice.

Logan and I were both stuck in mid-shift. Neither Asher nor Leon wanted to retreat. My hands were covered in fur, and my claws were out all the time. Logan’s canines were always on display, and his claws kept slipping out. We just couldn’t contain our wolves.

It’d been even harder since Logan felt her pain. They were torturing her. They were experimenting on her.

On her. On my Emma. On my little sister. On my pup.

I will f*****g kill them all. I will rip them to f*****g pieces. Nothing would be left of them once I was done.

I would especially enjoy torturing Samuel. He took my parents from me, and he had the audacity to think that he could take my sister away from me.

No. f**k no.

I will get my little sister back. I will do whatever I have to do to find her.

“Anything?” Drake asked, running his fingers through his hair.

Logan growled loudly.

“f*****g shit.” Drake mumbled. “Where the f**k did he take her?”

Logan’s claws slipped out again, and a menacing growl escaped him. His eyes flickered, and his jaw tightened.

They were hurting her again.

No. Please no. My baby. No.

Asher whined loudly and started pressing me to shift. I held him back. I couldn’t let him out now. I didn’t have time to let him run wild, which is what he wanted to do.

Logan and I had trouble talking to our wolves. They couldn’t communicate with us since the fucker took her. All we got from them were growls. We could feel their intense emotions, though. We felt how f*****g angry they were. We felt how scared they were. We felt their pain. They couldn’t put it into words, though. Not now. Not when Leon missed his mate and Asher missed his pup.

“I AM GOING TO KILL THEM ALL!” Logan screamed, his voice a mixture of his and Leon’s.

The pain that I could see on his face made my heart stop beating. If he was in this much pain, that meant that my pup was suffering tremendously.

A loud growl escaped my lips, and I couldn’t stop myself once I started trashing Logan’s office.

I kicked and punched everything I could get my hands and legs on until a pair of strong hands wrapped around me, stopping me from destroying the whole f*****g office.

“Easy, Andrew.” Drake said, tightening his grip on me when I started trashing. “We will find her. We will find her. It’s going to be okay.”

Nothing would be okay. My pup was hurting. My pup was in pain. Nothing would be okay.

My eyes fell on Logan. He was pressing his hands on his head and growling.

This was the worst pain he felt coming from her. This was the worst pain she felt.

Drake let me go and I stepped away from him.

“This one is longer.” Drake mumbled, looking at Logan.

It definitely was. The pain usually lasted for a few seconds. This one lasted more than a minute.

Asher growled and pressed to come out, but I held him back. If I destroyed the office, Asher would burn the f*****g world down.

“We need to find her.” Logan said, his voice trembling. “They are going to kill her.”

My heart stopped beating.

“He needs her.” I mumbled. “He won’t kill her.”

“It won’t be on purpose.” Logan whined, looking up at me. “I can feel her. She won’t be able to take any more of this. She is tired. She is giving up.”


No, no, no, no.

Not my little pup. Not her. Please, Goddess, not her. Don’t take her away from me!

“She can’t give up.” I mumbled, my voice breaking. “Not her. Not my little girl.”

Logan’s eyes held so much pain that I almost threw up.

“I’m trying to connect with her.” Logan said, tightening his jaw. “I’m constantly trying to mind-link her and tell her that we did not give up on her.”

“Do you think that she can feel it?” Drake asked.

“I hope so.” Logan sighed, running his hand through his hair. “I won’t give up. If there is even the slightest chance that she can feel me, I want her to know that I am looking for her. I want her to know how f*****g much I love her.”

Drake nodded, clenching his fists, and looked down at the floor. Logan was right. Drake still thought that he had a chance with Emma.

I walked over to the maps I’d thrown on the floor in my fit of rage. I picked them up and looked at our scribbles of the areas we searched.

Suddenly, a thought came to my mind.

How the f**k didn’t I think of this before?!

I was such a f*****g i***t! I wanted to stick my claws up my own ass for being so f*****g stupid.

“What about caves?” I growled, looking up at Logan. “There are a shitload of cave systems just outside of our territory. That would be the perfect place for the fucker to hide. It would also explain why we weren’t able to find him.”

Logan walked over to me and looked at the area I was pointing at.

“Fucker.” Logan growled. “That would also explain how fast they disappeared from the f*****g forest.”

I nodded, and a small wave of relief washed over me.

We finally had a clue. We finally had something to grab onto.

“I mind-linked Jacob.” Logan said, looking up at me. “I’m sending our warriors to search the area.”

I nodded again, looking down at the map. The cave system was huge. The fucker could really be hiding there. The entrance was close to the spot where Logan lost her scent.

My pup could really be there.

We would find her. We would find my pup.

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