True Luna Chapter 76: The dream

Logan POV

My heart was beating like crazy.

One second I had my mate in my arms, and the next I was jumping up and looking around my office.

I was in pain again. They were torturing her again. I could still hear her screaming.


No, no, no, no, no.


“What happened?!” Andrew shouted, making me look at him.

My canines were out, and I was growling. I didn’t even notice it.

“Logan?” Andrew called me again, placing the map down on the coffee table.

“I saw Emma.” I mumbled quietly.

“What?” Andrew asked, his eyes widening.

I looked down at my hands. I just touched her. I just felt her. I just tasted her. It was so real.

It couldn’t have been a dream.

The pain ripped through me, but I didn’t pay attention to it. I needed to move and find her. Right the f**k now.

“I saw Emma.” I repeated a little bit louder, staring down at my hands.

I just felt her skin on my fingertips. I just felt the warmth of her mouth on my tongue.

“You were dreaming, Logan.” Drake said, making me look up at him.

“No.” I said. “It was too real. It wasn’t a dream. I saw her. I felt her.”

Drake’s sympathetic eyes made me pissed as f**k.

“What did she say?!” Andrew asked, standing up and walking closer to me. “Did she tell you where she is?”


I didn’t ask her that. Why didn’t I ask?!

“No.” I mumbled, looking at my best friend. “Why was I asleep anyway? We have to find her.”

“You fell asleep 10 minutes ago.” Andrew explained, sitting on the chair opposite me. “We decided to give you half an hour to rest a little. We’ve been working, don’t worry.”

I felt another wave of pain that made my muscles clench. My body tensed up, and it was hard to keep the growl inside.

“They are hurting her again.” Andrew mumbled, his voice breaking.

I nodded, ignoring the pain. I stood up and started pacing around.

“She said that she was giving up.” I said, clenching my fists. “We need to go. I don’t give a s**t about researching the area anymore. We are going, and I am killing everyone.”

“She said what?” Andrew gasped loudly.

“I can’t hold on anymore, Logan.” I heard her voice inside my head. “It hurts too much. I want to let go. I want it to be over. I can’t take the experiments, I can’t take his touches anymore. I can’t.”

A loud growl mixed with a sob escaped my lips. I grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled on it.

“I can’t hold on anymore, Logan.” I repeated her words quietly. “It hurts too much. I want to let go. I want it to be over. I can’t take the experiments, I can’t take his touches anymore. I can’t.”

Andrew’s growl made the windows shake.

“f**k NO!” Andrew screamed, standing up and pacing around.

“We are going today.” I said, tightening my jaw. “I won’t wait any longer. I am going to get my mate.”

Andrew was shaking. The fur on his hands grew, and his claws were out. Asher wanted out, but Andrew was trying to keep him inside at all costs.

We knew what would happen if we let out wolves out.

I was saving Leon’s rage for the moment I entered that f*****g cave. I was saving it for Samuel.

I would rip the fucker apart.

He dared to take my mate away from me. He dared to hurt her. He dared to touch her.

I didn’t know what she meant by touch, but I would kill him even if he placed a finger on her shoulder. If he’s done more, I will chop his f*****g hands off and burn them while he watches.

Oh, I will enjoy torturing him. I will enjoy killing him.

“Are we sure that it’s the best idea to go there without the preparations just because of a dream?” Drake asked, making my head snap toward him.

Andrew and I growled loudly.

“It wasn’t a dream!” I shouted. “It was f*****g real, and I am going to get my mate!”

Drake raised his hands in surrender.

“I am sorry, Logan.” he said. “I am just concerned about the safety.”

“My people won’t be in danger once I let Leon out.” I growled. “Leon is so f*****g ready to kill.”

“Same with Asher.” Andrew growled.

“I understand.” Drake said calmly. “I am all in, guys. I want her back too. I will help. I just want you to take a breath and calm down a little before we do anything stupid. They have witches, remember?”

Of course I did. I knew that we had to be careful. I knew we couldn’t go blindly. But I didn’t want to waste any more time.

I couldn’t lose her. I couldn’t lose the love of my life. I couldn’t lose my baby.

I needed to go to her. I needed to save her. I needed to feel her in my arms and taste her again.

I f*****g needed her, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

“I know, Drake.” I sighed. “We won’t go in blindly, but we are going in today. We will be careful, but we are going. I can’t hold on without her much longer. I can’t let her give up. I can’t lose her.”

Andrew whined, making my heart break. I couldn’t even imagine the pain he was in. She was his little sister, his little pup.

“I mind-linked the warriors and everyone else willing to help.” Andrew said. “We are bringing my pup back home. Today.”

I clenched my fists and tightened my jaw. I walked out of my office, followed by Andrew and Drake.

I was going to get my mate back. I was going to find her and bring her home.

No one would ever hurt her again. Nobody would ever take her away from me again.

I would kill anyone who tried to.

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