True Luna Chapter 77: We are here

Logan POV

I was standing in the middle of the forest, looking at the entrance to the cave systems.

My body was buzzing with the need to kill.

‘Are you ready Leon?’ I asked my wolf.

‘Let me out.’ He growled, clawing at my insides.

‘Soon.’ I said, taking a deep breath. ‘We need to wait just a little longer.’

Leon growled, and I felt a wave of rage hit me. He was more than ready.

“Anything?” Andrew asked quietly.

I shook my head.

We didn’t know how to handle the witches. We didn’t have time to find our own, and I didn’t want to wait. The dream where I saw Emma shook me. If it was real and if she was really ready to give up, I would never f*****g forgive myself if I waited around to find a f*****g witch who would be willing to help us.

I wouldn’t even have time to forgive myself. I would follow my mate. I wasn’t going to live without her.

We decided to wait until I felt Emma being tortured again. We decided to attack once the witches were occupied with Emma.

I am sorry, baby. I mind-linked her. I am so sorry. We are here, my love. We will get you out. I am so sorry that we have to use you like this. I am so f*****g sorry. I love you, baby. I am here, and I will get you out as soon as I can, okay? Just hold on a little longer. Just a little bit longer, baby.

I knew that she couldn’t hear me. But I felt better talking to her. Maybe, just maybe, she could hear me, but she couldn’t respond. I needed to give her assurance. I needed to give her strength. I needed her to hold on a little bit longer.

I looked at Andrew. He was on the edge. He looked f*****g feral. I knew that all hell would break loose once he let Asher out.

“How is Asher doing?” I asked my Beta.

“He is ready to kill.” Andrew growled, keeping his eyes fixated on the entrance to the cave systems.

“Same with Leon.” I mumbled. “He wants out.”

“I’m having trouble keeping Asher in.” Andrew growled quietly.

I could see his muscles clenching in an effort to stop his shifting.

“Are you trying to mind-link her?” I asked him.

He nodded, tightening his jaw.

“I keep talking to her.” he said. “I’m hoping that maybe she can hear me, but she can’t respond.”

“Me too.” I sighed.

Emma, I love you so much. I mind-linked her again. I’m here, baby. I’m just outside the cave. I’m coming for you. You will be back in my arms soon.

I stopped talking, hoping to hear back from her. I knew that I wouldn’t, but hope was a relentless b***h.

I will take care of you, baby. I opened our mind-link again. I can’t wait for you to get better. I can’t wait to taste you again. I can’t wait to be inside of you. I can’t wait to sink my canines into that sweet neck of yours. I can’t wait to make you mine in every way possible.

I was going to marry that girl. As soon as I had her back in my arms, I was going to tie her to me in every f*****g way possible. I was going to make love to her, f**k her, mark her, and marry her. She was mine, and I would make sure that everyone knew who she belonged to.

“What if she’s not here?” Andrew mumbled, clenching his fists. “What if we are in the wrong place?”

The anger exploded inside of me. I growled, narrowing my eyes.

“She is here.” I said, tightening my jaw. “She has to be here.”

Andrew took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair.

She had to be here. My baby would be back in my arms today. I would taste her lips today. I would feel her skin under my fingertips today. I would inhale her amazing scent today. I would f*****g see her today.

If not, I would burn the f*****g world down.

I was getting her back. Today.

I looked around the forest surrounding the cave. Mine and Drake’s warriors were hidden all over the place. If I didn’t know exactly where they were hiding, I would have thought that Andrew and I were here alone.

But we weren’t. All of mine and Drake’s warriors were here. Even some of my wolves who weren’t classified as warriors came along. Everyone was ready to fight the bastards. Everyone wanted Emma back.

I didn’t even know how much my pack loved her. She entered their hearts even before she became Luna. She volunteered at the hospital, she helped at the training center, she volunteered at the school, she helped Amy in the fields. Everyone knew her, and everyone loved her.

I was a complete i***t when I thought that she wouldn’t be a good Luna.

She was a Luna even before we knew that she was my mate. She didn’t even need me to become Luna. I needed her to be an Alpha.

I was her Alpha.

I wouldn’t be an Alpha without her. I f*****g had to bring her back. I f*****g needed her back.

I imagined myself slowly caressing her cheeks. I imagined myself looking into her eyes and placing a soft kiss on her mouth. I could taste her on my tongue. I could feel her soft lips against mine. I imagined myself touching her soft skin as I kissed down her body. I imagined her moaning and calling my name. I imagined myself entering her as my canines pierced her delicious skin.

A shiver went down my body. I needed it to happen. I f*****g needed her.

I clenched my fists and forced myself to focus.

I needed to kill the fucker first. I needed to show him what happens when you take something that belongs to me.

Suddenly, a wave of pain hit me like a train.

They were torturing her again.

GO! I screamed through the mind-link with all of my warriors. NOW!

I’m here, baby. I mind-linked Emma. I’m coming for you.

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