True Luna Chapter 78: The door

Andrew POV

I jumped up and let Asher take control.

The force of the shift strained my muscles like never before. Asher was more than eager to come out.

Find Emma! Logan screamed through our mind link as we entered the cave. Let me deal with Samuel. He is mine!

Be careful. I linked him back. We don’t know what the fucker is capable of.

Just get my baby to safety, okay? Logan linked me.

I will. I said. Don’t worry. I’m getting her back.

I was going insane without her. I was worried, I was scared, and I was pissed the f**k off. I needed my sister back. I needed my pup back. Asher was constantly trying to get out. He wanted to turn the f*****g forest down until he found her.

‘Of course I did.’ Asher growled as we ran through the cave passages. ‘She is my sister. I watched her grow up. I raised her. I helped her when she was sick. I kept her warm when she was cold. I want my sister back.’

‘You will get her back.’ I told him. ‘We will get her back.’

Asher whined loudly and ran even faster than before.

The cave walls were a blur. I didn’t even pay attention to the other wolves surrounding me. I only glanced at Leon from time to time. He still looked like he was in pain, and that could only mean two things. Either they still didn’t figure out that we were here, or we were in the completely wrong place.

I was hoping that it was the first one.

If we were in the wrong place, I would go f*****g insane. I couldn’t go another day knowing that my pup was in pain. I couldn’t go another day knowing that the fuckers were hurting my pup.

I just f*****g couldn’t.

I could smell the humidity in the air. The further we ran, the worse the smell got. It was suffocating.

Logan was giving orders to our warriors to spread around and look for an entrance or any structure that looked handmade. It seemed like we ran for hours, but the further inside the cave we got, the slower we were. The passages were getting narrow, and we could barely run through them in our wolf forms.

Do you see anything? I asked our warriors through the mind-link.

No, Beta. They answered.

Leon growled and pushed himself to move faster.

My heart was racing inside my chest. I was so f*****g angry and so f*****g scared. I could see that Leon was in pain. I could see that they were still torturing her.

Are you okay? I mind-linked Logan.

I’m fine. He growled. This f*****g pain is fueling my anger like nothing else.

I believed him. He looked pissed as f**k. I’ve never seen him like this before.

My heart hurt just thinking about my sister being in pain. What were they doing to her? Logan said that in his dream, it looked like she was shocked. Was it true? What else were they doing? Was he touching her again?

Oh, I was going to enjoy killing the fucker. I was going to cut each of his fingers off one by one.

When Logan told me that he touched her, I saw f*****g red. I was going to become his worst f*****g nightmare. He didn’t know what kind of beast he had awoken. Nobody could hurt my sister and get away with it.

Alpha, Beta, I see a door! I got a mind link from one of our warriors.

Where? Logan growled as he stopped running.

To the North. The warrior said.

Logan, me, and all of our other warriors who were with us turned around and ran as fast as we could in the opposite direction.

We were right. She was here. My little girl was here!

Why else would there be a f*****g door in the middle of the cave system? The fucker had to have some sort of underground bunker built here.

I raced after Logan. I wanted to get to the door as soon as possible. I wanted to break it down and grab my pup. I wanted to take her away from here as soon as possible.

Our warriors cleared the path for us as we approached the door.

Drake was already there. He shifted back into his human form because he couldn’t mind-link with us. He wasn’t a part of our pack.

“It’s going to be hard to break through.” Drake said as soon as he saw us.

Leon growled. He rushed toward the door and slammed his whole body into it. The door didn’t break down, but there was now a huge dent in it.

I followed his lead, growling and running at the door.

It still didn’t budge, but the dent grew bigger.

Our warriors followed our lead, growling, running, and slamming their bodies against the door one by one.

We could hear the growls coming from the other side of the door. They were getting louder and louder.

They knew that we were here.

I looked at Leon. He was still in pain. He continued growling and slamming his body against the door repeatedly.

I growled loudly and followed Leon’s lead as I continued slamming my body against the door as well.

Emma, love, we are here. I mind-linked my sister. Hold on just a little longer, okay, little one? We are here. I am coming to get you.

The door finally broke under our relentless pressure.

The rogue wolves snarled and jumped at us. Our warriors were ready. Their razor-sharp claws and their pointed canines sliced through the rogues like they were made out of butter.

The doors were opened for only a few seconds, and I was already covered in blood.

Leon and I growled, jumped, and started running down the passageway, leaving our warriors to deal with the rogues.

Each and every rogue that tried to stop us ended up dead.

Asher and Leon were so f*****g pissed off that they killed other wolves before I could even realize what was going on.

The narrow passage we were running through suddenly became a large concrete room.

I was right. It was an underground structure.

I looked around, searching for a door that would lead us further, when a loud whine coming from Leon froze my insides.

My head snapped toward him. He was on the ground, whining and growling. He looked like he was seizing.

The amount of pain he was in could only mean one thing…

She died.



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