True Luna Chapter 79: Dying

Logan POV

The pain was horrible.

It was something I’d never experienced before.

I felt like I was being ripped apart. I felt like I was dying. I wanted to die.

I wasn’t going to live without her.

I could feel our bond ripping. I could feel her soul leaving. I could feel my mate, the love of my life, dying.


No, no, no, no, please no!

Not my Emma, not my baby. Not her, please, not her.

I wanted to touch her. I wanted to feel her. I wanted to see her and hear her wonderful voice. I f*****g needed her. I needed her to live. I needed her to breathe. I needed her to exist.

I couldn’t lose her. Not her.

I wanted to stand up and fight. I wanted to run to her and save her. I wanted to kill the motherfucker, but I couldn’t move.

The pain had me whining and thrashing on the floor.

‘EMMA!’ Leon was screaming inside my head. ‘NO, BABY, NO!’

I could see Andrew shifting back, kneeling next to me, and grabbing a fistful of my fur.

“IS SHE DEAD?” he screamed, tears falling down his cheeks.

I couldn’t respond. I didn’t f*****g know.

It felt like she had died, but I could still feel our bond. The bond was still there. It was ripped, but it didn’t break.

She was still alive. She had to be.

I can still feel the bond. I mind-linked Andrew. She is dying, but she is not dead.

Andrew’s head snapped up. He looked around the room before his eyes stopped on something.

“Get up.” he growled, standing up and shifting back.

There is a door there. He continued talking to me through the mind link. We need to get to her.

The pain was still mind-numbingly strong, but I lifted myself off the ground and turned toward the door. The growl that escaped my lips was bone-chilling. I’d never growled like that before.

I’d never felt the need to kill anyone as much as I felt the need to kill Samuel.

Andrew and I rushed toward the door. Asher slammed his body against it, and it opened.

It led us to a new hallway. I could hear the growls of our warriors behind us.

I started running so f*****g fast that the hallway became nothing but a blur.

I could now hear growls in front of us as well.

Kill them all. I growled through the mind-link with my warriors. I don’t want to see that you left any one of those pathetic motherfuckers alive.

Yes, Alpha! My warriors growled back in unison.

I focused on my bond with Emma. It was still there, but I could feel it slowly fading away.

Emma, baby, don’t leave me. I cried through the mind-link. Please, baby, please. I am here. Hold on, baby. I’m coming to get you. Don’t leave me.

I couldn’t even think about Emma dying. She had to stay alive. She had to stay with me. I couldn’t even think about not hearing her voice or her laugh anymore. I couldn’t even think about not touching her soft skin anymore. I couldn’t even think about not tasting every part of her anymore. It couldn’t happen. It just couldn’t. I would go f*****g insane.

‘She is not dying!’ Leon screamed, quickening his pace. ‘I am not losing her! I am not losing Eliza! I will rip them to f*****g pieces!’

Leon growled loudly just as we ran into another huge room. This one wasn’t empty, though. There were rogues waiting for us. They were snarling and ready to fight.

They looked like pathetic little shits to me right now. My anger was flaming inside of me, and I knew that I would be able to kill them all by myself.

But then my eyes fell on the one person I wanted the most.


He was still in his human form, and he had a smirk on his stupid face.

I shifted back and stood up straighter.

“Give me my mate back right the f**k now!” I screamed.

I could hear snarls and growls behind me. I saw Asher standing next to me. He was like a coiled spring, just waiting for me to say the word so that he could start killing.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, Logan.” the fucker laughed. “The only she-wolf in here is Emma, and she is my mate.”

Leon growled so f*****g loudly that even the rogue wolves took a step back.

Samuel’s smile wavered for a second.

That’s right, fucker!

“Give her back to me right the f**k now, and I might let you die faster.” I growled, taking a step closer to him.

“I can’t let you have her, Logan.” the fucker pouted. “How could I give up my mate just like that? How can you just take another wolf’s mate? Do you know how much that hurts?”

Anger exploded inside of me. Leon was pressing to come out. He was ready to rip the motherfucker into unrecognizable pieces.

‘Let me out.’ Leon growled menacingly.

‘Wait.’ I growled back at him.

The fucker smirked.

“I gave you a chance, motherfucker.” I growled, narrowing my eyes at him. “You should have taken it.”

Kill them all. I ordered my warriors.

In a second, all hell broke loose around me.

I shifted back and let my anger and Leon take control.

I saw Samuel shifting into his wolf. It was so much smaller than mine. Killing him would be easy as f**k.

I glanced around the room quickly. The witches were nowhere in sight. I could still feel Emma’s pain. I could still feel our bond disappearing slowly.

The witches had to know that we were here. That meant that they couldn’t stop doing whatever they were doing to my baby. It had to be some sort of ritual or some other disturbing s**t.

Go find Emma! I mind-linked Andrew. We can’t waste any more time. Take Drake and Jacob with you. They are killing her!

Asher let out a growl mixed with a whine.

I could see him motioning for Drake to follow him. I could see them running toward the door leading out of the now blood-soaked room we were in.

We are coming to get you, baby. I mind-linked Emma. Your brother is coming for you. Hold on, love, hold on.

Our bond broke a little bit more, making the pain increase.

I whined, took a deep breath, and turned around to find Samuel.

I would turn the pain into anger, and I would kill him.

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