True Luna Chapter 80: Chained

Andrew POV

I was running through the corridor like a f*****g maniac.

They are killing her!

They are killing her!

They are killing her!

They are killing her!

Logan’s words kept repeating in my mind.

Not her, not my pup!

Hold on, love. I mind-linked her. I am here. I am close. Please don’t let go. Please don’t leave me. I can’t lose you, love. You are the most important person in my world. Don’t leave me.

I could hear Jacob and Drake running next to me. Our warriors were behind us. I could barely hear the battle going on inside the room.

I could hear a few rogues following us, but our warriors dealt with them before they got too close to us.

The passageways were a complete blur. I wasn’t even looking where I was going. The only thing I was focused on was trying to hear or smell something.

I didn’t even want to think about losing my sister. If she died, I would go f*****g insane. My life wouldn’t have any sense anymore. I didn’t have a mate, I didn’t have children. I had her. I loved her more than anything else in this world. I couldn’t lose her. I couldn’t.

I remembered her laugh. I remembered her voice calling my name. I remembered each and every time she ran into my arms when she was little. I remembered how her little arms would wrap around my neck. I remembered how she would snuggle into Asher’s fur when she was cold. I remembered how she would always come to me when she was sick. I remembered how she would seek comfort in me. I remembered each and every time I made her laugh. I remembered how we spent time together and how much we loved being with each other. I remembered everything, and I couldn’t lose that.

I couldn’t lose her.

Asher whined loudly.

‘My Emma.’ he cried out. ‘My baby sister.’

‘I know.’ I said. ‘We are going to find her, Asher. We are getting our pup back.’

I glanced at Jacob. He had a look of determination on his face. He looked like he was ready to kill. I was glad. I needed someone who was ready to rip the witches apart.

Suddenly, a hint of her scent hit me.

‘Emma!’ Asher whined loudly as he started to run even faster.

I see a door! Jacob mind-linked me.

I saw it too. I could see the light flickering inside the room, and I knew that Emma was there. They were doing some f****d up s**t on her. They were experimenting on my sister!

I let out a loud growl and slammed my body against the door.

I wasn’t ready for what I saw inside.

My little pup was hanging from the ceiling. Her hands were above her head, and there were chains around her wrists. Her head was hanging low. Her clothes were barely there. The hoodie she was wearing was ripped, and I could see most of her upper body. Her jeans were filled with holes. Her body was covered in bruises, cuts, and burns. Her hair was soaked in blood.

Her eyes were closed. She didn’t even notice that we came in.

Was she really gone?

No, no, no, no. Please, no!

Not my beautiful little sister!

I growled and focused on the four witches in the room.

They shifted their focus on us, but I could tell that they weren’t fully present. Their eyes were milky white, and their magic was focused on Emma.

Kill them! I growled through the mind link with my warriors.

We jumped at them, but they had created a shield around themselves and Emma.

I growled, slamming my body into it. It didn’t break, but I did feel it bend a little. It wasn’t as strong as I suspected it to be.

I guessed that they couldn’t break whatever the f**k they were doing to Emma. They couldn’t end it and focus on us completely.

We need to bring the shield down! I screamed through the mind link. We need to kill them before they complete the spell!

My warriors and I started slamming our bodies against the invisible shield. Each time we did, a small buzz of electricity shocked our bodies. I was so f*****g angry that I didn’t even feel it. I didn’t give a f**k if it was a full blown electric shock. I was getting to my sister. I was getting to Emma.

I didn’t move my eyes away from her the entire time. I tried to figure out if she was breathing or not. I could have sworn that I saw her chest rising and falling, and that was enough for me not to crumple under the immense pain I was in.

I glanced at the witches. They were weak. They were focused on Emma and the ritual they were preforming. It looked like they couldn’t stop the spell. They tried to focus on us, but it was too hard for them.

This was our chance. We needed to bring the shield down!

Emma’s body jerked as the bitches hit her with another electric shock. Her eyes remained closed.

I growled loudly, slamming my body against the shield even harder than before.

Andrew! I heard Logan’s voice in my mind. Did you find her?

I did. I mind-linked him back immediately. There is a shield around her and the witches. We are trying to break through.

Is she alive? Logan asked, his voice trembling. I can still feel the bond, but it’s slipping away…

His voice broke, and he stopped talking through our link.

I looked at Emma. I looked at her chest. There was a small movement.

Andrew?! Logan screamed.

She is breathing. I mind-linked him. Get here as soon as possible.

I’m coming. He growled. We are almost done here. I almost killed the fucker, but I changed my mind. We are going to play with him a little before I let him die.

I growled and slammed my body into the shield again.

It started to crack.

Harder! I screamed through the mind link with my warriors.

They did as I told them, and we heard the electricity zipping through the air as the shield disappeared.

The witches looked at us, trying to focus.

One of them lifted their hand and pointed it at us. I felt a spell hit me, but it was too weak to do any damage.

Kill. I ordered through the mind link.

I heard a very familiar growl behind me.

Leon was here.

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