True Luna Chapter 84: I miss you

Logan POV

“Emma, baby, please come back to me.” I mumbled, burying my nose in her neck.

It had been five days since we had found her. Five days of waiting. Five days of praying to the Goddess to bring her back to me.

I missed her so f*****g much. I had her body back. I could touch her, I could feel her. But I missed her. I missed my Emma. I missed her beautiful eyes. I missed her voice. I missed her laugh.

Her lungs got better, and she was now breathing on her own. Her heart was stronger. She was physically getting better, but she just wasn’t waking up.

“Emma, baby, I love you.” I said, placing a kiss on her neck. “Come back to me, please.”

I looked up at her beautiful face, but her eyes were still closed.

How is she, Logan? Andrew mind-linked me.

The same. I answered immediately. She is still asleep.

Andrew was in the cellars, taking his anger out on Samuel and other prisoners. He was stuck mid-shift, and he just couldn’t push Asher back. He was in the cellars a lot.

I couldn’t go. I couldn’t leave her. Andrew and Wren barely managed to convince me to take a shower and change. I couldn’t leave my baby. I couldn’t leave the love of my life. I wanted to be here when she woke up. I wanted to be the first one she would see when she opened those beautiful eyes.

I ran my nose up and down her jaw, breathing in her scent. It calmed me down. It calmed Leon down. It meant that she was back with us. It meant that we had our mate in our arms.

‘Can you feel Eliza, Leon?’ I asked my wolf.

‘No.’ Leon whined. ‘When will she wake up, Logan? I miss her.’

‘Soon.’ I sighed.

Wren had a theory that Emma’s mind needed a break. He believed that she needed to heal not only physically but also mentally. He even thought that Eliza was keeping her from waking up because she needed to protect her.

It made sense. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what my baby went through. I still couldn’t understand why I didn’t feel everything they did to her. I felt only small parts of it, but not everything. She went through so much, and I understood that she needed to heal, but I missed her. I f*****g missed her.

Wren told Andrew and me to just keep talking to her. He told us to assure her that she was home and that she was safe. He couldn’t be sure if she could hear us, but if she could, it would help her to know that she was safe.

“Emma, baby, you are home.” I said. “You are back home with me, my love. You are back home with your brother.”

I always told her the same things. I wanted her to know that she was safe. I wanted her to know that she had a future with me. I wanted her to know that I was here and that I wasn’t leaving her side. I wanted her to know that she wasn’t alone anymore. I wanted her to know that her mate was right here next to her.

I needed her to know how f*****g much I loved her.

Because I did. I loved her more than anything. Looking back, I didn’t have a f*****g clue how I managed to reject her. How the f**k did I even manage to say those words?! I loved her even then, but I was blinded by duty and power. I was a f*****g i***t. It was a miracle she forgave me, and I wasn’t going to throw that miracle away. I was going to keep her. She was mine. f*****g mine.

“When you wake up, I will kiss the hell out of you, my love.” I continued as I ran my fingers through her hair. “I will take you home, and we will spend some time together. We can watch movies. We can eat whatever you want. We can do whatever you want. We will sleep in the same bed, my love. I will hold you close because that is all I have wanted to do ever since I first found out that you were mine. We will wake up together and have coffee together.”

I leaned in and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“I will mark you, baby.” I said quietly. “I will make love to you, and I will sink my canines into your beautiful neck where they belong.”

I traced her marking spot with my fingers. I pictured what her mark was going to look like, and a wave of possessiveness washed over me.

“I will marry you, Emma.” I continued as I ran my nose up and down her jaw. “I will tie myself to you in every way possible. We will have beautiful children. They will be pretty like you and stubborn like their father. We will raise them together. We will watch them grow up together. We will love each other forever, my baby.”

I placed kisses up and down her jaw, savoring the taste of her skin on my lips.

I needed more. I wanted more. I wanted to taste her lips. I wanted to taste her skin. I wanted to sink myself into her and never f*****g leave. She was paradise. She was my paradise.

I buried my nose back in her neck, taking a deep breath and letting her scent fill my lungs.

“I love you, Emma.” I said softly as I placed a kiss on her marking spot. “I can’t wait for you to wake up. I can’t wait to kiss you. I can’t wait to taste you again. I can’t wait to show you how f*****g much I love you.”

I shut my eyes tightly, trying to stop the tears from escaping.

I couldn’t believe that I almost lost her. I almost lost the love of my life.

“I love you too.” I heard a quiet voice say, and my heart stopped beating.

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